“Announcement” aka Enjoy Free Read

Hey there great people!

I’m here to do a crazy thing – to give you a joy of free read of the book I’ve written. This is already with last editing stages, so I am slowly and surely willing to post a chapter from the “PARALLELS” every few days (3-4) for your joy of free read.

So, as many have no clue what the book is about, let me give you a “Blurb” in the INKITT term, or as it is called a “SHORT DESCRIPTION”.

Book “PARALLELS” (first of the series)

In mundane life of Erick appeared a new and really strange house mate. She is troublesome, asking many questions and not making life easier. It is her job to find out why Erick is causing the disturbances in the local governing system.
That “trigger” of disturbances is mainly from something or someone by the name “Niko”.
Eventually the curiosity leads to meeting that being and falling into many unfortunate events, turning the life of a mediocre investigator into a whirlpool of madness.
The life is not as it seems any more. The world as is known is no longer making any sense.
It’s a battle of science and unimaginable forces.
Will they be able to survive? To get back and return to normal life?


The answers to that you’ll know in the series of “PARALLELS”

Today I’ll start with PROLOGUE and then all other 25 CHAPTERS of BOOK 1 will follow.


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