Chapter 2 – Parallels Book

Enjoying amazing daytime in the new flower garden – that opened up nearby my place. It is quite Grande!

Thus, I do enjoy the flowers and taking care of them, although, I am not as good at it as I’d like. I do have a feeling that there are a lot of us – who are really enthusiastic about flowers and plants, but at times it just doesn’t work out.

Such amazing opportunity to go and take a look at new breeds of flowers and bushes and trees – also just to greatly enjoy the flora itself. For me it’s art. Each differs from another, but all seem so much in peace together.

There are even architects specializing in creating landscapes that change each season – using plants, knowledge and imagination.

Usually I’m alone during my walks, but today I had Orchid accompanying me.

Orchid wanted to take some time to understand my point of view regarding flowers. She is not fond of the whole idea and process. She said it is too time consuming – that you have to care for it. Also – interesting point of view.

As we were pacing through the arch of irises, which hung above us, like the garden of the mythical goddess – guiding us with this passage to meet the goddess herself, Orchid struck a question. Once again – not minding the joy I had, or the feeling around us.

“Why is that humans are so much into not liking differences? Why do they have problems with how they look or where they live? Even with their preferences in love? Does it not come as weird to be pointing out the differences and disliking them without understanding them?”

This girl had to bombard me with diverse questions when I was feeling all good and fuzzy.

Orchids question was making her worry in a way. Not that she looked like it, it’s that she had this odd habit of getting me uncomfortable. Perhaps it was somehow related to her – the questions she asks. Not that I mind a lot that she gets me off guard with this, making ma feel like lecturer time and again.

To gasp some ideas I had to think a bit. We found a little stand – bought bottle of flower wine and in silence walked to a bench that was conveniently hidden at the entrance corner of next passage.

Whiff of chrysanthemum scent caught us. We sat down, getting out two glasses that seller gave us with wine bottle, and after a little struggle opened the wine. The deep maroon was poured into two glasses.

“Not really sure how to approach such topic.” – I took a deep breath, looked at passing by creatures of this world, gulping bit of wine. Marvelous taste… – “In human world, when person is born, he is born into the world that already has this toxicity – which is being taught and burned into the brain from the moment he appears.

Such happens due to the fact that the ancestors were through experiences that lead them to believe that differences are bad. People with another color are pinned with some sort of specific criteria or stereotypes. Then there’s another sort of preferences in love or bounds – all looking atrocious and heretic to the previous generations. Elders teaching you that only your place of birth is one to be prayed for and only one that shall accept you.

“Unfortunate path for the adventurer it might seem, but there are brave souls, who, despite the words they heard and took in, allowed their soul and heart to seek the answers to all differences on their own – so they travel.

“These adventurers take it upon themselves to look with their own eyes and listen with their own ears, for what these others, who are different, have in common with each other and reasons why they made their decisions.

“During the time spent with the rest of the world, they learn to see that different skin color is nothing to be frightened of. They all remain same human beings within one race. They share the fact that they have goals in life. They also breathe and hope, believe and work, possess the body and communicate.

They care about their families, even if the family is whole good town or country – it does not matter. They all have needs, they eat and sleep. So why are they still viewed by some others as a threat?

“Ones who are not afraid to express themselves – become a cause of threat for their open soul and wish of being there with others, or just someone they love or care for. When it was all about conquering the land and showing strength, it seemed appropriate for male to have a male as lover, and it was quite a strange occurrence if a man did not select another man for lover.

Women were just same as men then, allowed to love one another and it was all a part of norm. Then as it took a different flow, the changes started to occur. Then men were meant to only stay with women, to be a pair within despair, who on the side, hiding in shadows, were available to gasp the joy of same sex love and intercourse.

As such move is viewed as not normal, something out of stories of the devils and angels… Religion came to pressure people – to make them look in the direction which satisfied someone above. I can openly call it rubbish.

No one, not a single soul besides yours can judge your decisions or choices – judgment from others is the learned “norm” of acceptance and obedience. They were not teaching logical sense and integrity the way they really are.

“Then time came and people started rejoice with being able to, alas, not hide their love and family, which may consist of same sex couple. It is not bad, or hideous – it never was.

But as some started to accept the norm of living creatures again, there just are those who still frighten such norms of life in nature. They lack the vision and understanding that rules which were made in history were made by Humans.

There are no creatures that control us or judge us from aside. There’s only soul – possessed by each and every one of us. And actions which we take and make are only to be judged by us, based on the love, logic and common sense of basics: where you shouldn’t harm or kill another.

“So in the sense… When differences are viewed as natural, when strange is being part of life, when others stop to make up rules which nature did not provide, stop trying to conquer world, stop making up the horrid stories of the encounters you haven’t faced, which then become the awful lot of new toxic rage of rules against the others; instead, just live together – then it is getting closer for them to be back to the natural norms.

I can’t deny the natural selection. Yet there are weaklings that end up being the toughest ones. Not always physical strength overcomes the mental strength.

Wise men and women are the ones who keep the sanity in mad world, being told they’re possessed by evil of some sort. I always see that, so highly referred evil, is just hatred or abyss of your own self, so then, the light is love and it is also you, and no one else.

We, just like them, in our world have hate and love. It’s just that our teachers make us learn that work, ideas, free mind and love are ones for making progress. Yet there is whole endless abyss – which is within us and it is proven greatness to know and understand the dark, but chose the light.

With these components we’re made and that’s what makes us ourselves – choices we make. Thus each decision is your own. You make your life and you are the one to live it.

The things that differ should only let us get closer. Learning and understanding them strange things and making them become a part of what we all are.”

My throat was dry from all this yapping; therefore I downed whole glass of wine. Amazing potion.
Brain short circuited again, reminding me of Darkness and beloved Light. The fuzzy feeling again. I can’t remember what or who “Light” is and why it keeps reappearing in my head.

This strange sadness and sentimentality is really frustrating.

Orchid looked up, at the irises that hung above.

Out of nowhere rain poured down. The petals fell with raindrops on all that was underneath. As they fell – they looked magical.

The shower of the blue and purple. Felt like dream – felt like a part out of my memory – like I’ve seen something similar before. Yet it was my first time seeing this.

“We should go home.” – exhaled Orchid. She looked dissatisfied with rain. Seeming to know something about it.

We stood up and walked through this flower rain back home.

The petals felt like kisses all over my face. My coat got soaked, nape of my neck collected petals. Somehow I felt like this rain was giving me its blessing. Like before… Before?

“So, ones who nag the differences are simply afraid or taken over by hate. Tthey fail to understand why is such occurrence taking place. That makes its sense.” – Orchids voice appeared out of nowhere. I really forgot that she was with me. She sounded like robot. Stating end idea.

“It’s not the best of explanations, but that is one I see as true.” – I said that as we were out of park. Roads leading to nowhere, roads leading back home, but that was not really my home anymore.

She smiled, as we were walking. Her thoughts were at satisfactory conclusion – finally that robotic feel disappeared. Then I noticed – rain stopped. Still blue sky hung above – not a single cloud, yet there was rain just seconds ago. Nature sure has a strange soul, with her own perks. Just like most of us.

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