[2] Seven Deadly Cardinals – Gluttony/Temperance

Authors Note:
Original work
Rating – NC 21  / R – [Psychological gore]

This is a work of fiction. Enjoy.

His devotion to the surrounding life was admirable. He was the perfect neighbour, the really appreciative son, great friend, the irreplaceable worker, the most pleasing person on a train, the nice helpful stranger and the biggest hearted human one could possibly ask for.

Friends were absolutely loving him – he was the host of dreams. Every meetup, gathering, event or simple tea time was always requested to be hosted by him. He managed to please every person attending. Each of these events were leading to his increase in popularity. Girls were in awe from his gallantry and mindfulness of them.

Ladies kept on asking  him to become their boyfriend, lover, best friend. There were even ones so desperate that proposed – but he kept on saying that no matter how fond he is of them, there will be a better suitor for the amazing ladies they are.

Each day after long work he’d come to his studio flat on tenth floor with a fantastic view towards the river that separated his housing block and a new built area.

Even though all were praising his hard work and he even was managing to sort out the quarrels, issues and help the staff – he, as far great as they keep seeing him – was absolutely exhausted.

Today was even harsher day. He was asked to come after work and sort out the event plans for the fiance of his best friend. As he did guess – it was more of a “pushing girl onto him” situation. He absolutely hated that.

Thank heavens the best friends already gave up in pushing candidates on him, they even stopped that nonsensical “It’s about time for you to get married” crap. The same one his parents are whining about.

Taking time to sort out everyone else was killing his time to sort himself out. And the biggest challenge was that he not in least liked girls.

With one darn trauma from young age, when in third grade, abused by girls older than him – he was almost killed – all that he liked about girls before – died with that accident.

He did not turn the lights on. In full dark he went to grab the bottle of beer from freezer. He opened it and went to the balcony – the view soothed his pains.

He sat down on the floor – eyeing the night sky, the new built houses across from him, the lights in there that shimmered and felt like endless dazzling universe whim.

Half beer in – phone rang. He pulled it out of his jeans pocket – “Unknown Number”. Usually he’d never answer these unknown numbers. Not ever. But today, the exhaustion and faint curiosity took over. He swiped to answer.

“Hi. Sorry to bother you so late.” – spoke a beautiful man’s voice on that end.

“No worries.” – He breathed out.
“I see you’re back from work. Sure tired from all that madness. Does the chilled beer help that much?” – Subtle and sweet man’s voice went on, like he was a friend for eternity.

“This unknown caller – can’t recognise the voice. Yet it’s soothing. But I’m sure I don’t know the guy.” – Thought the exhausted soul.

“Yeah, actually it does cool me off once in the system. Long day you know..” – Voice tailed off. It’s not that he felt much like chatting, but the familiarity of that soothing voice was really the needed “something”.

“I get it. Another time with the forever concerned bunch that try to get you hooked up. That’s really too pushy.” – The voice keeps on. – “Ehh, the breeze is nice. Guess the summer heat is dying down. Quite good that near the river you get more of the freshness of breeze.”

The man on that end now made Troys (our main hero) heart sink. How the hell this guy knows where Troy is? “Is he watching me?” – darted in the head.

“Ah, don’t worry. Sorry if I said something wrong.” – the voice kept on, just a bit upped a notch for the apology part.

“Um, sorry,” – Troy began, – “I must apologise, but I forgot your name. Mind telling me?”

Troy tried to pinpoint this mysterious caller at least with the name.

“Oh, right. We haven’t met before. I’m from across – floor elleven. Name’s… “ – the voice shut up before giving up the name. – “Sorry. Have to go. Chat later!”

Call cut off. Troys heart was thumping mad. The guy from across? But the new apartment structure is kilometre and a half away from this building. How the hell?

With worries building up he got up, went in and closed the curtains.

“How the hell? Is he mad or something?” – Troy mumbled as he went to bath.

Already in bed – trying to fall asleep, yet having the same question rotate – “Who was that?”

Morning seemed relaxing. The sun in the window, the chirping of birds and a fine morning coffee with breakfast pancakes whilst checking out the morning news.

This was Troys day off. The day when he was excused from everyone and everything. A free-from-worries day.

Doorbell rang – making Troy get off the chair and go check. Behind the door – courier.

“Um, Is this Flat 514 Mr. Feyour?” – Courier checked the address and name on package.

“Yes, the one and only.” – Troy replied.

“This is for you, could you sign the paper please?” – courier pushed onto Troy a medium sized box and a form that got signed, then left.

“What could this be? I did not order anything.” – Troy put the box on kitchen counter and reached for the scissors to open it up.

Inside on top was stacked the packing foam, but as he took it out – deeper in was a set of books he was willing to buy, but had no time for it. Also there was a nice tea cup and a short note that read “Thank you. Enjoy your day. S.” .

“Maybe someone at work overheard Troy having a thought or two about the book set – maybe they’re being nice.” – Troy brushed off the awkwardness.

In the evening came in another package – delivered by concierge this time. Inside was a fine red wine and a note “Enjoy your evening. S.” .

Now the curiosity was slightly piqued – who was this mysterious S?

Days went on – the presents kept on being sent to his flat.

It was now 18 days since it started. On this day – Troy received the parcel at work. It was brought in the middle of the presentation for the staff meeting. Which for a moment disrupted the flow of the process.

Once done with the explanations and reviews, Troy went to his office to open up the parcel. To his really big surprise he found a collar with a dog tag that had letter “S” on it. Then he read the note – “To my dear – I’m really happy that you’re enjoying my little presents, but I’d like to give you something really special. Meet me at 6pm inside mens lavatory on the 7th floor. Cubicle – last, by the window on the left side. Take the collar with you. S.” .

Now that is something really unexpected. This guy – is he working here as well? Have he met me before? Maybe the staff dinners? Or drinking party? What the hell?

Thoughts darted back and forth. Now these presents were giving the air of trouble. The really big trouble. Troy checked the watch – it’s still 2:47 pm daytime, the shift ends at 5:30 pm, then many leave the building and only the research department on the third floor is working, with the resources on the 8th floor and back.

I this “S” from the research dept.?

With all the madness whoozing in – he had to postpone the questions. Once door opened he had a little moment to hide the parcel in the drawer and accept the emergency at one of the branches where he had to go asap.

He returned by 6:40 pm to his office. The issues that went on in that branch had to be sorted out fully, before the inspection came in.

In the next 5 minutes or so he was getting his belongings and was ready to go home, when he remembered the note and the parcel. He stood next to the desk for a moment, then took out the collar and put it inside the case.

It was late, but the curiosity asked to be pleased.

“If it’s a gift – it should be staying there…” – With these thoughts he boarded lift and went up to the mens lavatory on 7th floor, the last cubicle it was.

When he went inside – he saw noone. Felt like the whole building was absolutely empty. Floor was empty – everyone left.

Then he walked to the cubicle, his steps echoing. Standing right outside it, his hand touched the handle, as he was about to open – he heard muffled mewling from inside.

“That sounds rather like…” – Troy could place it quite well – moans.

Hands began to shake a little, but curiosity now was at it’s pique. He opened the cubicle door.

Inside was a young man, gag in mouth – seemed like rolled underwear, pants down. He sat on the toilet, with legs up and what appeared to be happening – he masturbated.

When the boy saw Troy he mewled loud, his hazy look at Troy.. Then the eyes closed, his body meek – he passed out.

“The hell is this shit?” – Troy gasped inside his thoughts.

Then he looked over at the wall above the boy – a note – “Take this humble present. S.”

Ok, now that is over the border of normal on many levels beyond.

Troy ripped off the paper from the wall and stuffed it in the rubbish bin. He looked at the awkward man – “Guess I must help him.” .

After cleaning him up, then returning the clothes to where they have to be, he took the man that by now was deeply asleep on a piggy back.

As they reached reception – Troy had to make up a bit of a story of this colleague being overworked and out as a light, so that there’d be no odd questions.

Troy had no idea what to do with this guy. The thought of leaving him was a bad one – someone might rob him of belongings, but taking him along… Taking him back to apartment? Sketchy, really bad idea – but that was the best out of the worst ideas that he had.

He put the young man in his car and drove home.

Taking this man up to his apartment and dumping on the couch – yet that man was really sound asleep.

“Just what the hell was he doing?” – mumbled Troy as he covered the man with a blanket.

Troy made dinner – a fine fried crispy meat and a mashed potatoes. It was now 9pm – the man on a couch still asleep. Troy decided to wait a bit and then wake up the youngster to eat. It was late to go anywhere – so Troy prepped some spare clothes for changing so that this guy will be at least decent after shower to sleep more.

At closer look – this man had a really exhausted look. The eyes seemed that this person was not sleeping for days. What was he up to?

Whilst thinking of origins of this man, Troy out of habit got a beer and went to the balcony.

It was a fine breeze, it was still light, the sun was setting down slowly, still keeping the city going.

The phone rang – “Unknown Number”. Troy swiped to answer the call.

“Good evening.” – Familiar relaxed voice greeted Troy. – “I presume you found my present. Have you used it yet?”

“I am completely out of whack to where that came from. I still don’t know you, not your name, not what you want. I do appreciate small gifts of yours, but this is just out of hand now. What did this boy do? Who is he?” – Troy babbled on.

“Oh, apologies!” – Voice sounded surprised. – “ I thought that you’d guess that that present was meant to be sent.Oh my. All the presents lead to this one. Oh my, oh my… And here I thought I’d be a useful one. You can ask him yourself about who and what. I’m sure he’d be delighted to speak to you.”

“Wait, but who are you?” – Troy sounded worried. – “Why are you doing this?!” – Troys voice snapped into slight hysteria.

“Oh dear. No no no no no. I did not wish to upset you, no no. I want you only the best there is. Anything for you. Anything. No matter what you ask for – I’ll make it happen. You shouldn’t worry I’m not going to harm you. I can really make any wish of yours come true. Please. I just want the best for you.” – The mans voice on that end sounded a bit worried, like he genuinely was trying his best. Troy was absolutely confused. He could not understand a single thing.

“Why? Why me?” – Troy asked, as the body felt really heavy, as he felt tired.

“You seriously asking me that? Because You are who I want. I want all the best for you. Anything you desire. I’ll make it happen.” – The voice sounded slightly cheerful.

“Ehh, you’re mad. Really mad. You have issues man. There is no way in the world that you’re that almighty.” – Troy breathed out and gulped beer.

“I see, I see… “ – The voice repeated, – “You are tired, I see that. Again drinking beer. You know that it’s not really good for the health? You should treasure yourself more. Although I can do that for you.” – He paused, – “So you got him a spare change of clothes and made dinner. How really kind of you. Just like I know you.” – Voice sounded sentimental. – “I’ve sent you the extra needed item for today. Hope you enjoy.”

Troy felt defeat. Everything that he did, it seemed that the voice on the phone knew all.

“Should I expect more calls from you?” – Troy looked at the river below, as he drank more beer.

“Uh! You’d like that?” – Voice sounded surprised.

“I just feel that… At least I’d know. Just, your voice… “ – Troy stared at the water, than his gaze went up to check the apartments on the other shore. – “It somehow just makes me listen.”

Slight pause. The other end seemed to exhale with happiness.

“I’ll call more. Enjoy tonight.” – Then the call was cut off as suddenly as it happened.

“I must be getting insane.” – Muttered Troy under his breath.

He went back in, then woke the youngster up, made him go to shower and return to eat. The youngster was obediently following all instructions.

As they sat down at the table and were about to eat – doorbell rang.

This time again – medium sized box brought by concierge. Inside – full of sex toys, bondage and anything to tie person up with. “What a perv that guy.” – Thought Troy to himself.

He went back to eat. Boy has gobbled up the portion.

“One more?” – Troy asked.

“Yes please.” – His face beaming with light of happiness, – “This is so delicious!”

“Good to know that you’re enjoying this.” – Troy went to make another portion for him.

With a full plate again – the youngster dug in and ate up. Finishing another plate with ease. He then leisurely laid back in the chair.

“Thank you. It was really good. I’m so full now.” – He breathed out.

Troy cleaned up.

It was around midnight – they both sat on the couch, having some beer.

“Tell me your name. It’s quite hard to call you “Hey” all the time.” – Troy spoke to the youngster.

Eyes looked at Troys profile, slight hesitation ran down the spine.

“My name is Nate.” – his voice had a slight tremble.

“Nate… I see. Nate,” – Troy looked at him, – “ What was that in the men’s room? I am not sure you’re even working for C-Corp.”

Nate smiled and drank beer some more.

“It was a request to be there at the specific time and day. I was asked to wait there. But, I was sent a little candy gift. That got me really pent up in pants. So I just waited and waited, and nobody came, then I decided to ease up the built-up. That took a while, but I eventually made it. And before I went limp you appeared.” – Nate smiled.

“Request? Where from?” – Troy raised his eye brow in surprise.

“Where from… I don’t know. After I was bought online, I received the message with the instruction. It said that I’ll have a great new master. So I went.” – Nate shrugged.

Troy sat in disbelief. “What the hell? Bought online? A human? That bloody S is a maniac!” – endless questions darted back and fro.

“So, you’re my master, mister Troy Feyour. I have been instructed to obey your requests. All of them.” – Nate smiled.

He said all that with a smile. All of that WITH A SMILE. Troy was at loss of directions or options what to do. If he throws out this guy – there might be things done to him… Bought… He might be kidnapped and sold again, exploited or worse. Option of kicking him out was out of question.

“Oh…” – Nate looked at panicking Troy, – “So, you were unaware. Oh! Ahahaha!” – Nate began laughing, – “You look too worried. Geez. It’s not the end of the world! Ahahaha!”

Such reaction made Troy stop in his thought tracks and look at Nate.

“Ok, ok, Mister Feyour, I assume I must tell you the whole story, so that your concerns are at peace.” – Nate spoke as he kept laugher down, then turned to face Troy as he sat and began a long story.

This story was a really disturbing one. Born in family of drunks, sold to the mobsters, used as a male prostitute, then put out in the auction online as a sex toy for anyone willing to pay. As he was bought he only once had a call from unknown number. That was when he was provided clothes, documents and IDs, a list with things to remember about new master and few little presents that included watch and candy.

Once he received all that, some butler-like chauffeur drove Nate to the beauty salon where he had a proper clean-up, shave and haircut. Then with all done he was straight up brought to the C-Corp with instructions on where to be and a fake pass.

He told that he’s 24, that he has only Troy now and really, really enjoys the warmth of the new home, new master and sense of belonging.

“Mister S said that I need you just as much as you need me, master Troy” – Nate smiled again.

Troy breathed out, as he digested the whole thing. Now the idea of pushing Nate out was absolutely not a way out. He only can stay. For now.

“Let’s agree on one thing for now – call me Troy. Just Troy. No master, no mister. Just Troy.”

“Thank you, Troy” – Nate said those words with such softness, such sweetness, that Troy felt like it was the most real “thank you” he ever heard in his life.

“We better go to sleep, Nate.” – Troy spoke as he stood up.

Nate grabbed his hand.

“Wait, can I sleep with you?” – Nate asked softly, – “I would be happy more. And less afraid… from nightmares. Please.”

Troy, seeing this boy plead to him in such a sweet way had given into it.

The two undressed and went to bed. Together.

Next weeks were like out of a family romance series – Troy would come home from work, Nate would cook food, clean up and act like a housewife, then in the evenings there would be sometimes a call from “S” who’d ask how day was, tell in short, leaving out details how his day was and ask “What would you like?” every time, then Troy would reply “maniac” and end the call.

Troy began enjoying being at home with Nate. It was really nice having someone there greeting you once you’re back, saying that they missed you. It was really nice. But then “S” decided to push Troy more.

Day at work, Troy in his office working on new designs and papers for the directors, when door opens and Nate walks in.

This was not optional – Nate had no pass. He threw it out. Also – the clothes were new suit, new shoes new everything. This was not bought by Troy.

“How the…?” – Troy stopped work and looked stunned.

Nate closed the blinds, and approached Troy.

“Um, the others seem to be out for lunch, there is no one who saw me, don’t worry.” – Nate whispered. – “I got a parcel for me, at the apartment… “ -Nates breathing was heavy, he slightly shivered. – “It… It had instructions. So, I came over.”

Troy trying to put it together, then understood that it’s “S”.

“Um, Troy, thing is, I was also asked to um… To prep and get the toy in.. I’m at my limit.” – Nate unbuttoned the jacket, then unzipped pants, revealing leaking boner and a string from behind that dangled. – “I need your help. I was asked not to touch self. Only you.”

Nates breath was heavy, mewling he stood open towards Troy, shaking.

“But you could have not followed the instructions.” – Troy tried to reason.

“He wrote that it would be bad if I and you not comply. “ – Nate trembled barely standing. – “Please… Master…” – Nate whimpered.

Troy touched the body before him, he could see how he’s sopping wet from both sides. Nates mewling was really charming, sexy and somehow unbearable. Inside Troy welled up heat.

Watching this was new to him, experiencing this – absolutely unimaginable.

Nate took Troys hand, leading it to the back where the toy was.

“Touch me here, Troy…” – Moaned Nate, eyes half closed, clouded by the urge of desire.

Troys fingers felt the buzzing of the toy inside, how wet it was, he took the string and began pulling on it.

“Mmmm, please, I want your dick, master…” – Nate, with tears coming up mewled for something that Troy would never agree on. – “Pleease…”

The look on the Nates face, the trembling of body, the way this situation was beyond control was mad.

Then something snapped inside Troy. He stood up, pulling his pants down, revealing the already standing boner, then turned Nate around, pulled his toy and shoved the dick in.

Such sudden change made Nate whimper loudly. But that somehow excited Troy. It was new – feeling of the flesh in such way, being in this situation…

Harsh sex. It was absolutely uncalled for, unexpected, but that’s how it went. Once again at the end – Nates body went limp on the floor.

That’s when Troys senses began coming back. He started hearing voices behind the office walls. People were coming back from lunch.

“Holly shit!” – Groaned Troy.

That’s when the phone rang – “Unknown Number”.

“What the hell was that for? What do I do now?” – in a more hushed voice Troy began to angrily lash out at S.

“Oh, so you finally did it. Congratulations.” – Very pleased voice replied. Troy could sense the smile on that mans face, as the words were spoken. – “I loved it. Beautiful performance on Nates side.”

“The hell?” – Hissed Troy.

“Did you not like the great pleasure? And here I was sure you really enjoyed it for the first time in life. Oh my… I must improve.” – S was calm as a lake on a sunny day.

“What should I do? What if they see me?” – Troys anger started to grow into panic.

“And what if they will? You are sure to deal with all by yourself, no matter how much I offer my help. Are you not the hypocrite sometimes?” – Caller was a bit upset, by the tone of voice.

“Ok, ok! Help me. I don’t want them to see this. What if I lose the job?” – Troy was becoming really stressed out.

The situation made him so, as the footsteps were closer and around his office. With the blinds closed – it was mainly not seen what was inside, but the sheer knowledge that anyone can walk in at any moment – in need of papers, to tell something or else – would see sweat stained Troy with his pants covered in love juices, with Nate passed out on the floor that had nothing but the top on and all covered in cum and a floor rugs covered in same mush of substances.

“So, Troy, do you want me to help? What would you like me to do?” – The voice on that end spoke in way that Troy knew – S grinned.

“I want me and Nate to get back home unseen by anyone. And fast.” – Said Troy in trembling from stress voice.

“Understood. Your request is granted.” – Said S and call cut off.

Just as the call cut off – there was someone arriving to the office floor, Troy could not hear – but there was a sort of announcement and all the staff was recalled somewhere.

Seconds later as it died down – there were footsteps to the office door where Troy was. Someone stood behind the door.

“Mister Feyour, as requested I brought some long coats for you and your friend. You’ll be escorted out of the building by the back door. The car awaits you outside. If you don’t mind – I must come in to help you and your friend prepare.”

Without waiting of the answer the tall man, strongly built, looking like a bodyguard, walked in and went straight for Nate – covering him in the coat. Then another coat was given to Troy.

As that ended – he, as promised escorted the two out to the car. They drove right to the apartment. Then same bodyguard helped getting Nate in the apartment. When all was done the bulky man said plainly “Have a good day, mister Feyour” and left.

Once Troy and Nate were alone in the apartment – phone rang again.

“I accomplished your request. Anything else?” – S seemed really proud of himself.

“That was mad. It’s all mad.” – Troy went to the shower, put the phone on a speaker, as he undressed. – “Why… why… why…” – He mumbled like mantra as the clothes ended up in laundry basket and we went under the hot shower.

“Ah, you seem really stressed out, “ – S was speaking, his voice subtle, soft, like he was talking to a child with love, – “You see, I did tell you that any of your wishes will be granted. But you kept on shooting me down. Therefore I thought that I should push you a bit, so that I’d have your requests finally. See Troy, you keep on trying to manage it all alone. Well, I do things in a really different manner. And today was a good example on showing you that escaping me is not really the option. I want you to make requests, you see. I thought that you were warming up to me as we started to have more chatty time over the past weeks. Guess you just had your ideas… Oh well, now I’ll make sure to give you a little push now and again so that we can cooperate in a needed manner. I did tell you – it’s for your good. I wish for you only the best.”

Water poured over Troys body. He was listening to the S. It was now that he understood – Troy was like a mouse in a trap with S controlling his actions. This was a trap. A really mad trap by a really mad man.

“You’re a lunatic. You are a fucking lunatic!” – Troy shouted. – “This could end my work life that I built so long! Why are you trying to screw up my life so much? Who the fuck are you?!”

The voice on that end of the call just let out a deep sigh.

“Troy, I told you before that… “ – S stopped and breathed out again, – “Cool down. We’ll talk later”

Call ended.

After shower Troy went to the kitchen – he needed a drink. Still a bottle of beer, but it in a way always gave him some relaxation.

Troy was trying to sort out the mush of thoughts. Halfway through the bottle – Nate woke up.

“How are we home?” – Nate quizzically looked at Troy.

“It’s all S.” – Troy replied whilst staring at the dot somewhere on the balcony door.

Nate checked himself, then got up and swiftly took shower and dressed.

As he got back – Troy still stood on same spot, still looking at the same dot somewhere. Absolutely spaced out.

Nate took a bottle of beer for himself.

“That bad, huh?” – Nate spoke as he sat on the couch. – “Are you about to snap out and give a fine plan or are you just that hard to figure out a “thank you”? “

Now the voice of the youngster seemed that there was more to information that was given to him.

“What did he tell you? What has he given you? Are you even real with your story? It’s just that much unbelievable, now I do see how stupid I was to believe. You must be with him, right? Same card dealt. Just playing me, right?” – Troy began speaking whilst still being in same bubble.

Nate looked at Troy.

“And what if I say that you’re right?” – Nate’s look cold, piercing.

This question made Troy look at Nate, the glimpse of worry and madness flashed through his face.

“Am I right?” – Troy looked like if Nate would admit to charges now – that would solve a piece of puzzle.

In return Nate breathed out and changed the look to a softer one.

“I assume you’re just panicking. And no, I am me. And the story about the dysfunctional family and being used are real. What can I add? Ok, my full name is Nathaneel Jaces. And yes, I am 24. I have been schooled by the people who I managed to persuade well. I was bringing enough money for brothel up until some point – when my body was abused by the customer – then they traded me for a new substitute. I’m here because I was bought by someone who calls himself “S”. He said to call him Samael. I have no clue who this guy is, but I am grateful that he gave me a chance to life a life. I owe him because he saved me. You – you took me in. Even as I am. With not many questions, with no remarks – just accepted. Now you are being crawled over with mad bugs because I did something that my buyer, saviour, requested. Although you are someone who I supposedly belong to, but I more appreciate the person who pulled me out of that hell. So in case you’re willing to ask – I wish to answer – yes, I will do what he requests. That’s least I can do to repay him.”

Nate laid down on the couch.

“You’re lucky, Troy. You have never been in hell. You know how harsh it is in there? It’s scary, cold and lonely. You have family to return to – unlike me. You have job that is assumed “normal” – unlike me. You are a decent human, “ – Nate looked at Troy, – “ Unlike me. So now you’re having knickers in a twist because someone loves you to mad extent? Really? Where is your gratitude?” – He laid back down.

Troy was unsure what to say. Or what to add. So he did one thing that always tended to help him – he went to sleep.

Nate was cooking dinner, then ate alone. Troy was still out cold. Seemed like he had nightmares.

A slight knock on the apartment door made Nate come over to open up. Behind it was a galant man, in his forties, business attire, looking like a real big deal.

“Hi Nate, great to meet you in person. I wish to speak to you.”  – Said business man.

“Excuse me, you are…?” – Nate squinted his eyes, as he held door.

“Oh, apologies, you wouldn’t really recognize me. Guess it’s hard when you only even heard my voice once. It’s Samael, my pleasure meeting you.” – Samael reached out his hand.

Nate held it in a handshake.

“I must say thank you. Um, please come in. “ – Nate showed Samael inside.

Next hour consisted of the two – Nate and Samael exchanging information, chatting about all and lastly – getting to know each other more.

Nate was really happy to be able to express his gratitude in person. Samael was happy to come in and share a chat. After the hour finished – Samael left. Saying he will contact Nate directly next time, if anything occurs and gave Nate a smartphone.

“My number is the first in contact list. I’ll let you know when I reach my decision. Keep it from Troy for now. Well then, “ – Samael was now outside the apartment door, on his way out, – “have a good evening.”

“Good night Mister S!” – Happily said Nate and closed up.

Waking up in the morning of the next day – it smelled like fine breakfast of gourmet food. Troy had stomach rumbling.

Once dressed he went out of the room – Nate sat at the table full of great breakfast.

“Did you make all of this?” – Troy asked.

Nate shrugged.

“Would that be a crime?” – He replied as he stuffed his mouth with pancakes.

Troy shook his head, then came over to sit at the table – he already had all the needed items set for him.

“Guess not…” – He breathed out and began morning feast.

Once the breakfast was over – they enjoyed coffee.

“I’m sorry for what I did yesterday. I didn’t mean to…” – Troy was trying to apologise, but as he looked at Nate, he in a way meddled.

Nate was beaming with happiness.

“Don’t mind – don’t mind. Happens to the best of us.” – Nate replied as he kept on smiling.

“Did something really good happened and I missed it?” – Troy felt doubtful.

“Oh no! I mean, in a way. “ – Nate stumbled in words, – “It’s that the news said today will be a great day – they said that there will be parade. I checked – it is supposed to be even seen from here!” – Nate sounded hyped.

Troy was not sure if it was because of parade or something else did occur.

“Oh, I was wondering if we could go there?” – Nate looked at Troy. – “It would be a waste of a day otherwise.”

Troy agreed to go and check out the event after a bit of persuasion from Nate. It was indeed a good day.

Few messages on a phone suggested Troy that his work for now was dealt with. But there is still few calls he has to make – so that friends and family would not get overly concerned.

Right as he thought that – he had phone ringing – it was one of his best friends – Eva.

“Hey Troy, geez, where are you these past weeks? I’ve been trying to get a hold of you, but well, guess you were swamped with work or something.” – Her high pitched voice and bubbly way of speaking was really one to survive. But Troy just got used to it since childhood. – “So say, I have prepped few girls to come today with me for a bit of an outing, there will be Mike and Jake with friends – you have to come! Such a fine day! Like, I really want you to be there. And I won’t take “No” for an answer. So, Sending you details now then and see you soon.” – There were girly voices on the background, – “Oh, gotta go!”

Call got cut off and Troy was left a random issue to deal with. Usually he had a moment or two to insert his replies, but she just rained on him with no back thoughts.

In the typical circumstances – he’d go and follow the flow, but today he was not feeling like the type of obedient friend he usually was.

He and Nate were walking by the river – opposite side was with a new built living area. “That’s where supposedly S is.” – Thought Troy.

Meanwhile as they walked – Nate was happily chatting about something, Troy was absolutely not listening. Nate suddenly stopped and grabbed Troys hand.

“Hey, I was calling your name!” – Nate looked at Troy, brows knitted, really having a bit of that “I’m not happy” look going on.

“So what?” – Troy replied and tried to yank his hand out of the grip – no luck. Nate surprisingly was stronger.

“Troy, you have a crappy mood, I get it, but try to play nice a bit. Your moodiness is killing the fun.” – Nate pulled Troy closer and gave a hug. – “I’m here you know. Even if you’re spaced out and not realizing it, but I’m here.”

These sweet words gave a warm feeling.

The show was about to begin – they stood in the crowd of people that gathered ‘round the stage. The small streets around were buzzing with livelihood of people and children.

It was a good seasonal event – many planned for it. Then Troy thought about that gathering with Eva. Should he bring Nate along or leave him at home? He was uncertain.

Then the performers got up on the stage and traditional dances and music started to give a vibe of jolly event. Troy was long ago on such event. Few years ago he tried to come, but the work made him rethink it.

Right now the situation made Troy smile – Nate began trying to dance like the guys on the stage – that was really like a monkey on coals. Absolutely no-good. Troy laughed.

The two then enjoyed the evening with more positivity. Nate did his best to make Troy laugh more.

The time flew by as it became more joyful. They had great fun! Tried food from street sellers, small carts that gave out samples of sweets, the interesting brewed flower beer. They somehow even bought a couple of key chains for them. With mascots of the event.

Once they were on the way back, pacing slowly towards apartment – Troy received message from Eva: “I have surprise for you!” . No clue what she meant.

Nate got somehow bubbly from all the adventures and persuaded Troy to hold hands. That’s how they walked back home. Like a couple – holding hands.

When they reached the apartment door – something seemed off. There was rustling inside.

“Is that what I think it is?” – Troy sounded like someone tried to leave rubbish in entry way.

“Not my doing.” – Nate looked at Troy and squeezed his hand more. – “I better hold onto you.”

They opened the door to see a random bunch of people and Eva – “Surprise!” – they greeted Troy.

Then they saw Troy and Nate holding hands – a pause in the action. Eva was surprised. Genuine surprise on her face.

From aside the two absolutely looked like a couple. Nate even came closer to Troy to whisper “Who are they?” in his ear.

“Eva? What is this?” – Troy forgot that he held onto Nates hand. He was too preoccupied with the unexpected arrival of Eva and the random bunch at his home.

“Aaah! Troy! This is a surprise party for you! And the friend of yours here..?” – Eva tried to get the event back on track.

“I’m Nate.” – Nate’s mood became foul in an instant. He released Troys hand, left shoes and went to Troys bedroom, on a way hitting with his shoulder a couple of people inside.

“Some manners that one! Apologize!” – A girl, friend of Evas, that was pushed by Nate got mad and tried to stop him, but he closed the doors to bedroom faster, locking it.

“Who is that?” – Eva looked at Troy, who by now also was on the way to the kitchen.

Troy grabbed beer from freezer. He then eyed the situation – the apartment prepped to be a party place – booze, snacks,random people out of whom many girls and only Eva he knew. Some guys that were there apparently came over because they were asked by these girls.

“Eva, a moment please?” – Troy growled.

Eva came closer, standing arms length away now. Troy leaned on kitchen counter.

“What the hell Troy? Who is that rude imbecile? Why were you holding hands?” – Eva looked at Troy – concerned, but also really annoyed.

“What do you mean? Do you now monitor my friends and people I live with?” – Troy briskly repled.

The foul mood that Nate had really rubbed off on Troy. Seems like weeks living together did made them become more than just two random people. All the time spent talking, sleeping, enjoying time together – they did already become more. And after the first encounter in that mens room – the feelings of Nate being just a flatmate would be impossible. Troy already had seen him as a more sexual partner. As the trauma did the impression, and the way there was no disgust when touched by Nate. Troy had ideas.

Eva was really annoyed. She slapped Troy across his face.

“Dare you! I spent my dear precious time to prepare such a great surprise for you! And you give me some shit? Are you out of your mind? You were never like that! Where is the appreciation of all my hard work, hm?” – Eva was now being over the top.

“GET OUT NOW! ALL OF YOU! TAKE WHAT YOU BROUGHT AND FUCK OUT OF HERE!!” – Troy shouted in reply. – “As for you, Eva, if you once more say such hypocritical, egoistic crap – I won’t tolerate it. Leave the keys from my flat – you don’t need them.” – Troy was mighty pissed off. This was really a fat big pile of unwanted.

The people hastily got all with them and started to leave. Eva took out the keys and left them on the counter.

“Rude maniac!” – She threw the words as she slapped the door closed behind her.

Moment of silence. Room was coloured red from the sunset – it was the beauty and the peace. Nate got out of the room – by the looks of his wet hair – he’s been in shower.

“So you actually spoke up.” – Nate came closer to Troy.

“Why would I not. She did not take in account what I felt or how I was. She is always like that. Today I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut and play it off, like I usually would. I’m just too tired for that.” – Troy spoke calmly.

“You even defended me.” – Nate came in closer – bodies touching, his hand softly cupping Troys cheek.

“Was I supposed to just let it play out then?” – Troy looked Nate in the eyes.

“Nop. I rather like it if my master would speak his mind.” – Nate said, his voice sweet, then he pulled in closer – their lips touching.

This was the first time they’d actually kiss. Troy hugged Nate tight, deepening the kiss. Nate grabbed on, feeling more of the Troys body.

They enjoyed such company for some time. Their bodies lit by the red sun light that withered in shadows. Nights darkness slowly envelope them. Slowly, passionately they felt each other, they made love.

On the balcony, beer in hand, phone besides, Troy looked at the apartment block opposite – trying to understand where would that S be.
Nate was sound asleep. His body sure is frail still – when it comes to pleasures.

Phone buzzed – “Unknown number”.

“That sure was a spectacle today. I’m really proud that you and Nate made up. Makes me happy to see that you’re using my presents well.” – S sounded quite busy, although had time to call like that.

“Eva just did something stupid. Nate… I just feel that I don’t mind. I actually enjoy it. And how was your day?” – Troy looked at the stars.

“My day. Busy. Still busy, actually. For a fine man like me – work really never ends. But I do have you to keep me… interested.” – S did for a moment there search for the right word. It seemed that he was about to say “entertained” really.

“I still think you’re a maniac. A sick bastard.” – Troy breathed out.

“I’d expect nothing less. But really, such a fine man, looking like an angel when asleep can produce such treacherous words out of sweet mouth of his. That sure is interesting. Have you thought about what you want to ask for?” – S did smile, the way he spoke it could be felt.

“I want to be set for life then. With Nate. I still want to keep working, but someplace where I’ll be the owner. Make it happen.” – Troy just went for the maddest pick of idea he could get.

“Your request shall be granted. It’s great to finally have you comply.” – S happily said. – “Goodnight, Mister Feyour. May you have sweet dreams.”

Call cut off.

For a moment there Troy looked across on the building opposite – there were lights in the windows, people going on with lives. And someone out of that bunch was S.

“Should have asked to see his place.” thought Troy as he went in and to bed.

Morning was astounding! Nate woke Troy up at 7:30. Although Troy did not really have to go to work, but Nate made sure that they wake up. “I don’t want to lose out a day!” Nate rumbled as he prepared breakfast.

Troy turned on the news – and that’s where he got nervous.

“C-Corp appears to have a rival group! New and fierce company with Troy Feyour as CEO had stated to take on the C-Corp and become national number 1 in the field. The statement by the head office was sent today morning to the main office of our station. Well Mr Feyour, we’ll be watching how you take on C-Corp.”

Troy was stunned. He was shocked. At loss of words. “What the hell did S do?” – just flashed in his mind.

“Oh wow! Troy, you didn’t say that you became the CEO of a company! Congrats!” – Nate was happy and smiley as he put the pancakes on the table. Then he noticed Troys expression. – “Wait, is something not right?”

Nate took Troy by the chin and pulled to look him in the eyes.

“It’s all S.” – Troy replied in amazement. He was unsure what to say.

“Oh, but then again – Congratulations! You’re now the head of a cool company!” – Nate smiled. – “Let’s eat now. I suppose we’ll have a really busy day.”

“That is impossible. I was sure that it was mad in every sense. How is it possible?” – Troy was thinking back and forth, but no solution came up.

“Maybe Mr Samael will join us at some point to celebrate?” – Nate randomly threw out.

“What?” – Troy snappe out of the long thinking.

“You know – to commemorate.” – Nate was really serious.

“No clue.” – Troy ate up breakfast.

Nate was right – from around 9 in the morning there were few businessmen, lawyers and few workers coming into the apartment to sort out the paperwork, the signatures and the first assignments – all was fallen like a surprise of a rain. Summer “monkey wedding” type of rain.

By the lunch time around 14:33 Troy received the parcel containing the cheque book and the account details with more money one could spend in a lifetime. All for the account created by S.

“Should we get some good lunch outside? I really would like to go to a restaurant of sort.” – Nate was pacing around, touching stomach like a kid who’d ask mum for food.

This little childishness made Troy feel the warmth of the love. Like guardianship over the kid.

Walls decorated with red wood, tables fine and beautiful, shiny finish. With room all for themselves in a fine chinese restaurant they were already awaiting the food.

“To work, man has to eat.” – Said Nate as he poked the table with chopsticks.

“That indeed is true” – Spoke a voice from the entrance. – “Many apologies.”
Waiter brought food and placed it on the table. Lavish selection of marvellous food.

Troy and Nate felt so heavy once they were on the way back home. Even the ride in the car seemed to be a lot of excess movement that troubled really stuffed stomach.

“Are you ok with detour?” – Troy asked as he took another direction.

“You are the one to choose. I really don’t mind.” – Nate looked outside the window.

People on the streets, it’s buzzing with life, the cafe staff are serving cakes and asking customers if they’re enjoying the stay. There are ladies with dogs, businessmen with ties pulled down, school kids going to arcades or shopping centres.

The life continues to go on.

“Am I selfish?” – Troy asked.

“Not in least. In my humble opinion – you should be more selfish. You deserve it.” – Nate smiled at the driver.

The arrival point was the mountain top – with the view over the city and the park that stretched around and below.

“Whoa! So beautiful!” – Nate exclaimed and jumped out of the car to feel the soft breeze and sun, enjoying picturesque sight.

“Glad you like it.” – Troy got out and sat on the car hood. – “I kind of want to make more… Things, events, life to not run away. To be with you… “

Nate kept on gazing ahead. “That’s sentimental, Troy dear.” – thought Nate to himself. – “Just wait until Samael gets on his horse of wishes again.”

Since then they had some peaceful few months. Mr S was really busy at the time to even call Troy more.

In late October, as the colds were rolling in, winds were giving chills and the working months were giving pressure – happened biggest present from Nate.

At home, in the fine apartment, where they’ve always stayed. A fortress, that was deemed safe by Troy. Evening arrived. The two were having dinner, when the electricity shut down.

Moments later – two were apprehended, sacks on heads, sedatives injected.

They woke up in a room with faint light. Walls plastered with photos of Troy – at work, in shower, shopping, changing clothes in gym, staying at friends, being in club… The amount of the madness was really beyond imagination. Near the closed curtains – telescope.

The voice resounded from the hall:

“Oh, you’re finally awake”

Troy heard this voice enough times to know that it was S.

“Show yourself!” – Troy grunted in anger.

“Oh no no no. I must not hurry the events.” – Voice of S calm and subtle. – “I have been preparing you for such a long time before having you over. I can’t charge in. All must be in due order.”

It sounded like he leaned on the wall, as he shifted balance from leg to leg.

Troy could feel restraints on his hands and feet, he looked to his right – there was a curtain separating him and the person with whom he spent so much time – Nate. By the muffled sounds – Nate was also restrained and with a gag in his mouth.

“Have you enjoyed all the presents I sent?” – S really calmly asked.

“Mhmph! They could be better. Where are we?” – Troy tried to sound as cold as possible, trying tactics.

“I thought you might say that. You see, I was really working hard for you to enjoy your presents. And you never really thanked me. But that’s ok, it’s not that I expected you to.” – S had made few steps, his feet shuffling against floor,- “I was wondering if you ever thought of me. Well, about who I might be. Or maybe, I was wondering, how you perceived me. But I was happy that you enjoyed each present I sent. I do still care that you have the best there is. It saddened me when you denied to move to a mansion I got for you.”

“Because I was working hard and more to it – I enjoy the apartment I’m in.” – Troy replied.

“I do enjoy that too, up to some extent. I can’t really see more when you’re there.” – He breathed out. – “I was really looking forward to seeing each move you make in mansion, but you denied me that. Well, I must deny something to you too then. It’s not healthy to keep me upset, you know.” – S stared at Troy. That could be felt, as the burning sensation swelled on Troys cheek.

“Well then…” – S concluded. – “Let’s see how we can rectify that saddened state…”

There was a click and the curtain fell. Troy finally saw Nate. He was naked and dondaged, on a wooden triangle horse. In his mouth – gag. Tears were rolling down, his eyes hazed, body trembling.

“Let him go! He is not at fault!” – Troy exclaimed.

“How do you know if he’s not at fault?” – S spoke softly. – “I’m sure he didn’t tell you of my visits to your apartment when you were asleep. Did he?”

Troy stopped for a moment. What did S just say?

“Oh yes, you didn’t know. Well, it was my incentive for Nate to keep it secret. He does still feel that he owes me life for his freedom, you see.” – S took few steps closer to the light, his outline now could be made out in that shadow hall.

“He wouldn’t do that.” – Troy tried to deny with trembling voice.

“But he did. Oh and, he told me something more – all I wanted to know. About how you took him, where you like it and how. I do enjoy all them little details. From how you drink your coffee, to how you have your sex. It’s thrilling to hear the advancement from what you were just half a year ago. Don’t you agree?” – S now came out to light.

S looked like a really common man you can meet outside. He was slim, weared pair of glasses, wore jeans and shirt. He looked really exhausted, had under eyes blue from overwork and really looked like he was workaholic of sort.

Troy had met such types of people – they were contractors for C-Corp that went through HR. Those contractors were the main source of the outwards information of other companies that would somehow try and overtake the info. They were expendable pawns. Troy only few times saw them face to face, as the rest of the time the only person that dealt with them was Keiran, head of HR. What exact information they withheld was unknown to even section leader. These were the really shady business characters.

“So, let me introduce myself finally – my name is Samael. I was the one person to contact you in such an odd way. Hope that did not ruin much of fun, but I do hope that you enjoyed my vast selection of presents.” – Samael sat on a chair opposite Troy.

Troy kept silent. He was not sure now what this mad maniac might conclude and do. One glance at Nate again – it looked like he was injected with something. Most likely to keep him obedient.

Samael noticed the glances Troy was giving Nate.

“Oh, you’re worried about him?” – Samael smirked, – “Must say, he is indeed stuffed from both sides right now, enjoying the fullest out of this situation. You shouldn’t worry. He was made in such a way to be able to survive this sort of thing, as well as something more… Elusive.”

Troy angrily glanced at Samael.

“He is not a toy to anyone! He no longer is a part of that horrid life! He has a fine new living! Let him go!” – Loudly growled Troy.

“Oh, so you think he is still such a victim and such an innocent lamb… Hm, how troublesome. I’d hoped that you’d be alright with his….” – Samael shook his head, – “I hoped you’d understand, I hoped you’d know what I meant. Seems i was wrong.”

“The hell are you mumbling about?!” – Troy was shouting mad. The shouts made Nate whimper and straighten up in fear.

“Oh nonono, you shouldn’t lash out like that, if you’re planning on keeping him.” – Samael smiled.

No matter the situation he kept his voice subtle and soft. With his insane words he still sounded caring. Like a dear friend that keeps your spirits up when you feel down. This calmness started to seep into Troy like a plague – making him fear for own life bit by bit, more and more.

“I still want you to keep making the requests. Any kind of requests. I found it that if I do something for someone, it’s more fun to me. It makes me feel that all what I do is making someone happy. In a way – I do feel good from it. Especially if at times I get to hear a sweet “thanks” from the mouth of the person to whom it’s all addressed.” – Samael looked Troy in the eyes, still with same calm voice, smiling, – “You see, I want you to become more selfish, but you keep on losing track of how it actually is. You don’t really know what it is to be selfish, so I’ll teach you. That’s why you’re here.”

Samael took liberty to get up and turn the screens on – they were near Troy, then he walked over to the window and drew curtains open. Telescope still facing somewhere.

“So, here, on this monitor is everything that the scope is seeing, there is also the streaming of the CCVT in all the block and around. As you can see – I have been monitoring you for a while now.” – Samael moved a bit, so that Troy could see what was on the screens.

Cold shiver ran down the spine – the man was indeed watching everything. The apartment, parking, the balcony, office where Troy worked, each corner of that office – that included every toilet in the building, every staircase, all there is.

“You see, right now in your apartment there is Eva and her friend.” – Samael spoke, poking to the screen where now Troy could see that there they were – Eva and Sylvie. The two looked around the apartment, most likely trying to find Troy. Sometimes they’d do that, but that was back when she had the key and they were not in a fight. Why were they there?

“Why..??” – Troy was really puzzled.

“Why? Hmm, to teach you the great way of selfishness. You see, I invited them there. To reconcile with you and her. Also asked to take along a friend that she so wanted to introduce to you. You know – typical marriage proposal viewings? So she agreed. Now they’re there. Must add – apartment door is locked now. Even though they have key – it won’t save them. They must do 100 selfish requests of yours to be let go out of there. And I know that you’ll try and pull the “go out” thing, so I will make you do the right things which I ask by adding that – they have only until midday tomorrow before the gas is leaked and they die. Does that motivate you enough?” – Samael was still calm, smiling and still with same subtle voice as ever.

“Will you end it then? Will you let them go?” – Troy asked.

“Sure. Only if they comply and do all 100 of the requests. Make sure that it becomes fun, otherwise it’s really not that entertaining. And remember – selfish. So, something they’d not really agree to do. So you better think carefully.”

Troy was having chills from all the thoughts about how this could be. What would they do, or would be able to do.

“Oh, just so you know – there are different types of aphrodisiacs and drugs on the kitchen top in the box. Mixed up a bit, but hey – you work with what you have. Make sure they try it all. That might be more fun.” – Samael sat back down. – “Also, Troy, don’t forget that Nate will be in this position throughout all the time they complete 100 requests. Make sure you think of things and fast. I think Nate, although tough, won’t handle 12 hours on that thing.”

Troys heart sunk. Body began trembling knowing that there are three human beings captivated by maniac and at the mercy of insanity. He looked at Nate.

“Oh, you want him more lively?” – Samael took out a small controller that looks like car keys – he pressed it and the wooden horse began buzzing. Nate started to shiver and moan. – “It began vibrating inside. So he won’t feel left out of the action. So now, Troy, proceed with requests!”

Samael looked lively and happy with what he was doing. Troy, bound to chair, unable to move, unable to solve it, had to comply. There was no escape.

First requests were about opening the drawers, randomly taking out piece of clothing. From what he saw – they were being spoken to through the speakers inside. He could hear the girls in his apartment – they were not happy to comply, they had to be persuaded over every small thing they did. And that was all the smallest requests. Taking out beer, drinking it, lying down, getting up.

Then Samael got bored and pressed the controller – Nate whimpered.

“What the hell?” – Troy shouted.

“Oh, this?” – Samael held up controller. – “This thing has option of sending electrical shocks. Quite small ones, but enough for body to weaken. With enough of them – it can damage organs. As you can guess they’re sent from the thingy up his bum there. Haha.” – Samael looked happy to answer the question. Then he looked back at Troy. – “Go on, no one’s holding you. You’re only on number 22. Still a way to go.”

Paralyzing fear started to get body in fearsome cold. Hands, feet – numb. Troy shivered from cold that was coming from the knowledge that all this will be done – once he’s done with all 100.

Next requests were more diverse – they had to take pieces of clothing off. The girls were absolutely not complying.

“Need a bit of encouragement to get them do things?” – Samael smirked.

“Y…Yes.” – Troy felt helpless. He felt that only Samael held the reigns of possibility for things to happen.

“Goody.” – Samael took ot phone and sent something.

Troy saw girls checking phone, then fear froze on their faces. Absolute panic. They began complying.

Requests continued. They had to be naked, they had to try the substances in the box, they had to dance, they had to kiss. Once the effect of the drugs kicked in – the rest was harder for them to ask and do – they were losing focus. But it was easier to give ideas. They had sex, were made to act out with toys provided beforehand, then requested to cut skin with knives, bite each other until blood, then take the rest of drugs.

“Oh my oh my! Look how well we’re going. Only two requests left.” – Samael was happy. – “Oh look, you must hear it too.”

Smael turned speakers louder. It was now audible how two of them were pleading. They started to beg for it to end. With meek, faint voices. They were under many drugs, sitting in the living room hugging, bleeding out, naked. “Kill me.” – was audible from them both as they cried.

“Troy, you hear that? You must grant their wishes! They tried hard, after all!” – Samael exclaimed happily.

Troy was weak, but that would be absolute madness. They just had to heal up, just get over it and live on forgetting this nightmare. But by the way Samael looked – the options were cut.

“Hm, Troy? Earth calls out to Troy!” – Samael jokingly said.

“I won’t do it.” – Troy replied.

“What?” – Samael didn’t hear.

“I won’t do it!” – Troy pleaded. Tears fell down as he begged. – “Please, let’s stop this. Please. They’ve done enough. Let them go. They had enough. Please.”

Samael looked at weeping Troy. Then pressed his lips and shook his head.

“Nonono. We had an agreement. You must keep your promises. I do keep mine. It will end once you have all 100.” – Samael stretched. – “So then, will you say the words?”

“No. Please no.” – Troy begged.

“Oh well… There goes the cooperation.” – Samael said before turning on the microphone and speaking into it. – “Dear ladies,” – Girls in the apartment looked up, as they heard the voice. – “Now is the time to last request. Die. That’s all.” – Samael turned off microphone.

Eva and Sylvie were shaking. It was seen from the camera. They slowly got up and went for the kitchen, taking up the knives. Sylvie nodded as Eva took the biggest one in her hands. One swift movement and that knife was in Sylvies heart. Eva went to grab the rope from the cabinet of handy-work – she hanged herself in living room.

All the while Troy and Samael were watching. Troys tears kept on falling down, he couldn’t stop any of this. He was blaming himself for agreeing to first presents, he blamed himself for answering the damn calls. He now blamed himself for two innocent friends dying, whilst h kept watching them do it.

“Eh.” – Samael took a breath. – “So now, it’s been 6 hours, and you’ve failed the last two requests. Ehh, what should I do…”

Samael got up and walked up to Nate, taking him off the horse, laying him on the floor. Then he went out of the room.

“Ah, ah! Nate! Nate!” – Troy shivered and yelled, Nate seemed to be passed out. His body limp, not moving. He doesn’t even seem like breathing at all.

“Nate!” – Troy whimpered in tears.

The ball gag seemed to slide off – Nate began coughing. He began properly breathing again.

“Troy?” – Nates faint voice was barely audible.

“Yes! I’m here. I’m next to you.” – Troy spoke up as softly as he could, but his trembling voice gave him out. – “We’ll be alright. We’ll be alright. Trust me. We’ll get home. Safe”

“I don’t think that we’ll…” – Nate was speaking up and then stopped – Samael came back into the room.

“I thought hard, so I decided to make you do a request of mine, so you’ll redeem yourself. It’ll cost exactly two of the left requests.” – said Samael as he started to unie Troy, leaving only the hands tied together. But the rest of Troy was free. Body was numb, bladder pressed hard, pins and needles were felt from standing up now. Then Samael pushed something into the hands of Troy.

“So then – to redeem yourself – you must kill. This is the least harmful way, but most used.” – Samael stepped back.

Troy saw in hands one small marble.

“What is this for?” – Troy asked.

“Look to your left now through the marble. That’s whom you have to kill to redeem yourself. And no, you must not say the name. If you say anything to spoil the moment – I’ll make sure to punish you harder than it’s now.” – Samael came close to speak in Troys ear. – “You give away the target, you give away the action – I’ll make sure you never forget what you’ve done.”

Troy looked through marble – on the wall photos, like on the floor was only one person – Nate.

“I can’t…” – Cried Troy. – “I don’t want to. I won’t do it. I don’t…”

“If you won’t then I’ll do it my way and make you watch.” – Samael sounded really angry – voice absolutely cold. There was pressure of fear making Troy comply.

Troy sat down next to Nate, softly brushing his trembling fingers against his cheek. Nate was cold. His face was as cold as you’d get in winter wind outside. Then hands reached his neck. Troy bent lower to kiss Nate.

“I knew that… we won’t make it.” – Nate whispered.

“I’m so sorry.” – whispered back Troy.

His hands started strangling Troy. He did his best to make Nate stop breathe. He got his hands away. He stood up, crying, whimpering.

Moment later, Nate coughed. He was still alive. Troy trembled more and more.

“I can’t…” – Troy whimpered.

“I see that, don’t worry.” – Samael said as he grabbed Nate and sat him in the chair. – “You are unable to, but you see… I did tell you before. I warned you.”

Samael pulled out small knife and stood behind Nate, who sat on that darn chair, body slumped.

“Now watch him closely so you remember each miniscule millisecond of it.” – Samael looked at Troy, monitoring him to look at Nate.

Samael held up knife, then reached to Nates neck and slowly started to cut across it, nolding Nates head in place with other hand.

“No! No! No!” – Troy tried to move, to free Nate.

“Stand and watch!” – Samaels voice sounded like thunder. He shut Troy with such force that even body froze in place.

Tears kept on flowing down, silent scream left the parted lips, as he watched. Nate gasped for air, but throat was too dry to scream, his body seizured as the cut deepened and went further across. Then blood flowed out, covering all there is, flowing out, then body went completely limp. Troy stood there, eyes glued to now dead body.

“Finally I got your attention.” – Said Samael with pleased voice, as he approached Troy. – “You’ll make requests. Every week I expect no less than twelve. Now I’ll move you to mansion. So that it’s easier. The business will operate. You better work well, there are new contracts awaiting. Also, don’t forget to…” – Samael putted hand on Troys shoulder. – “Don’t forget that I want only THE BEST for you.”

That day ended up right there. Troy was put into van, taken to mansion, cleaned by maids, then left to stay in his room. He looked outside window. Randomly onto anything.

He was broken now.

“So this is how it’s going to be, huh?” – Troys tears rolled down the cheeks, falling onto marble floor.

Three years later Troy was still making requests, now he had another great living being he kept by himself – a fine guard dog. All the while endlessly requesting food, hookers, models and random things from Samael.

It was now five years later that Troy found another man, who looked like Nate. He requested him. Wish granted.

Samael now thought of another great game that had to play out. It were the endless desire to give and give, until that whom it all is given pukes from excess.

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