Overture – BJ Phyos

Original Story
Inspired by “J”
Rating – R – NC-21
*note – “BJ” is Broadcast Jockey . A popular (or so) “streamer” online.

Her eyes were glued to monitor. Every day at 10 in the evening. She’d silently, hiding in her room, door locked, just in case, be onto the really desired relieve.

Headphones in, patiently and slowly, just as required, she’s fall over and over in danger zone. Hands touching herself, softly, fondling the parts with required strength and care.

Muffled moans escape her lips.

“Now, be sure to get this in fully, my dear…” – Online stream with a handsome broadcast jockey.

He had the charming looks, the manly voice, the needed lust in the eyes and absolutely unbearable teasing nature. He’d show his fine chiseled body every day like this, toying with the audience like he pleased.

Speaking words of actions he’d so sweetly do to a fine lady. At times he’d tell the stories of how he had encounters – all in steamy details.

Her fingers inside her – pleasing, teasing, just as he’d require, just as he’d describe in all the small details. His voice would make her hot, each word he spoke.

Body trembling from overload of desire – she pulled out a toy, somewhere in described size as his beast in pants. Oh how she desires the actual, real Him inside her.

“I’m pushing in…” – His voice in her ears, piercing through her, as if he’s here, whispering in ear, as making this passionate love.

He sets the tempo, she moves her shaky hands, barely keeping up with the pressure. Then climax. Her moan loudly escapes lips, body trembling, insides twitching and her wet self is all over the chair.

“Stream Finished” – says the screen.

He checks the programme once more – to really know that all is off and he is free to be at ease again.

The donations each stream gives him are great – that keeps him going with extra income, besides his boring office job.

He found this new sort of escape accidentally. He was randomly searching up bits online and came across the online streams of great Jockeys. The different styles and ways the broadcasts were set really amused him.

With doubts he observed for a bit, before giving it a try. The response was really unexpected – so many viewers, so many donations. It was the first time that got him thinking of continuing it.

Each next he gave it a little more. Before he became number one broadcast jockey on this site.

The online site contacted him to properly sign contract. He still mulled over it.

Another broadcast is over. He is feeling the soft exhaustion from playing the requires BJ Phyos on channel.

The name is somehow from a random research he saw. “BJ Phyos – Cure for your Lustful Soul”. That became the name of the Channel.

Another day past the hours of work in office. On the train back home, packed with people, he noticed that the girl next to him, wary of the surroundings, yet properly hiding the phone screen, was watching something kinky. It could be told by the uneasy shifting of legs, her red burning cheeks and that slow, heavy breathing.

They stood in the corner of the train – she was right in it, he stood with his head up, and just his eyes kept a curious watch.

Her hand slowly, sneakily shifted towards her crotch, pushing around that hot spot covered by office dress.

“What makes her so hot?” – He thought to himself as he decided to turn slightly to see the phone screen.

Once he saw what was there – it gave him a proud smirk. Although, as shocking as it was, he felt really cheeky.

On her screen, making her so hot – was recorded stream of Him. But she was not really noticing Him, in front of her – as her hazy eyes were really locke on him on screen.

Smile spreading wide, he kept on looking if she’d notice him, but no. She was too preoccupied with observing.

“Fanservice it is then.” – he thought to himself.

He lowered his head and spoke in her ear, which had no headphone in.

“Seems like it’s really stuffy in here. Hot day today.”

She looked at him, startled. Her hand away from her dress, she was confused. She looked up on him, then down on screen before looking up again and gasping for air in surprise.

“I’m glad you enjoy it so much.” – He smiled at her.

Frozen in place, she stood awed, reddening more, as the realization kicked in. Now she got the full specter of the situation they’re in.

Train abruptly stopped, making everyone inside falling, shifting and barely hanging.

That made his body pressure her down, as many other passengers shifted. His leg in between hers.

Her hot spot against him.

“Oh, apologies.” – He said softly. As her body pressed against him – now he noticed a small vibration below. – “Oh…” – he exclaimed softly and looked at her. – “That’s cheeky.”

She was crimson from embarrassment, but her body was aching for. He pulled back a bit, but she pushed herself on him.

“Oh?” – He softly spoke.

“Um,” – She looked aside, reaching for his hand, then leading it to her lower self.- “I…”

She did not need to say more, his fingers brushed against her. Her body slightly arched, as if electric current went through her from where he touched.

The train began moving again.

They got out at the stop where he decided, went to near public restroom. The one in here had no cameras around, as well as this specific “men’s” was most of the time not in use by anyone. Quite the empty type of a restroom.

Last cubicle. The two inside, she in a desperate rush. Feeling like this is a dream, she kept on being unlike her usual self. Desire made her this lustful.

Outside world was still audible. The people passing by, the trains going on.

She raised her dress, revealing the panties that had a small vibrator attached. His fingers reached her hips, pulling her panties down, revealing the hot wet spot.

Her juices flowing down her tights. He watched this mess, as his fingers softly felt her perky dot, then slid further having a feel of that hot wetness.

“P… Please…” – She kept looking at him, hazy eyes, truly thinking that it all is a really great dream.

He smiled, pushing his finger in, then another. She was sopping wet. His fingers play made the sounds that silently echoed in the cubicle. Her moans were like her hard breathing – she held down the volume.

All this mess turned him on. He turned her around, making her bend. Unzipping the fly, taking out the hot flesh, then searching for that condom in the jackets breast pocket, when she said softly:

“I’m on pills and clean. Please go raw.” – She moaned up to him.

That turned him on.

“That prepared, huh?” – He poked her slit with his end, slowly pushing it in. – “What a dirty girl you are.”

She arched her back, pushing her rear onto him, to make it go in faster. But he held her in place with his strong hands. No way she’d have her way. He was too sure on how he wanted this to turn out.

His hands holding her tights, fingers pressing hand on her skin, his end slowly pushing in – she was really tight, he was really hot.

“Mmm!” – She grit her teeth, – “Please, I want it all in!” – She moaned.

“M?” – He stopped mid-way, – “Then you better be a good girl and beg for it properly.”

“Please, Sir Phyos, I want that sweet big dick of yours inside me. Pounder me hard, please, I can’t hold it any longer… Please!” – Her voice so sweet as she kept on pleading for something so lewd.

That did it. He really could not hold back his smile, his temper shifted a bit. He pushed it in hard, rough. She was wet enough to take it up. He started to move like a beast, having her hard. She pushed the end of her dress in her mouth. Muffled moans were filling the restroom.

They spent there a while. Changing positions, shifting up a little. Then he pushed her to extreme – he opened the door, having it like an open cinema for anyone who’d come in. She was on top of him, spread out so that any passerby would see it all.

Her body trembling, her moans louder and louder. She squeezed him inside madly. She climaxed over and over again. Then finally he reached his closure. He pulled out and shot the load into the toilet.

All finished. He helped her dress. She was too exhausted to move now.

“Then I’ll take my leave.” – he threw her way as he closed the cubicle door behind him.

She still sat there in absolute ecstasy from the event.

Once back home he was really pleased to have a good story for the audience, as well as have a fine and kinky encounter on his way home.

She got up later on, when trembling legs started to numb from sitting, she went to clean up more and headed for the taxi. There was no way she’d use the train again. Not in this condition.

“Dear viewers, today I have another great experience for you. Your BJ Phyos will cure your lustful soul.” – Another broadcast began filling up the desires of many.

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