Chapter 7 – Parallels Book

Running through the city, not looking back, frightened. There is something unknown chasing you. You run into small alleyway behind the nearest building. Everything your eyes look upon – broken, devastated, as if war recently finished and ruined town. I’m left with a beast that is chasing me, with urge to kill. This endless feeling of fear. Kind of fear that is gripping your throat, making you unable to scream for help, unable to let out a word, your body shaking, your mind constantly paranoid.

Right then – someone, another one of my kind, takes my hand and pulls me away – inside the building, closing doors behind. Carefully. Silently. This someone keeps pulling me further inside, holding hand. Up the stairs, hall, another flight of stairs, hallway and stairs again. Though I’m pulled by this stranger, I can’t make out how this person looks. He or she? But this person is just soundlessly floating through the halls. We reach top floor, open the door and step into hallway. I see it has curtains barely hanging, ripped from wind and all the devastation that went on. Floor covered with shattered glass, broken metal, wall cracks…

This person lets go of my hand. Goes off into hallway, just as soundlessly. I stood there – watching how she walked. All noise that was filling my head up until now silenced down. I froze. I finally heard the sound of wind blowing softly, raindrops falling together with ash, and then I make out that music is playing down this hall. I stared at the person who was more than enough away, further along hallway. I finally could recognize features. She opened the doors and walked in. The piano music became louder. Not sure of what to do – once more I looked outside the window. All windows were shattered and broken. I could clearly see the raindrops filled with ashes – falling down on ruined and burned out city. Dark shadows of unknown monsters lurking on streets – giving the horrible chills down the spine.

Finally getting a grip – I walked towards the doors – to see what’s inside. My heartbeat loudly pondering in my ears, along with piano music.

Inside I saw five figures in massive ballroom. All were in their different corners across the room. One was playing the old piano. This girl in long fluffy chiffon dress, red hair, slim figure, gesturing for me to come in.

And I’m really willing to step into the room, but something is holding me. Own body not willing to listen. I can feel that they can help me understand something, but my body is heavy, unresponsive to my commands. Thunder strikes – shaking fiercely the air. Lightning strikes – all vanishes and I fall.

Waking up in the morning in cold sweat, feeling tense and uneasy. Birds cheeping outside, sun shining through curtains. I’m in bed, covered by blanket, slightly shaking. Still feeling that thunder sounding and pounding. My heart in slight fear – skipping a beat. Deeply breathing in, breathing out. That was just a dream. Just a dream. Pulling myself together and in my thin nightie, that sticks to body, walking downstairs to the kitchen.

Smell of freshly made coffee put my heart at ease. What a strange dream. I find note left by Erick on table in conservatory: “Take care of house. Don’t make mess. Give food to Fatso. Don’t be afraid.”

My brows furrowed.

Erick sure as hell is magician. How does he even know what to say even if he is not here? Deductive skills maybe? Maybe…

I made coffee, crawled up on the chair in conservatory. Holding huge cup of coffee in hands, looking outside at sunlit porch – noticing a neighbour cat lazily stretching.

-Enjoying sunshine are you? – I said out loud.

Cat outside turned to give me an evil eye, then went back to sleeping on a porch. Enjoying the warmth from sunshine. This cat sure is fatty cat.

-O-oh, so you are Fatso awaiting the food. O-oh. – I exhaled as the “realisation” kicked in. Well, I am still in a stage where I just woke up.

I putted my cup on the table, went into kitchen to find that plate of food especially left for this cat Erick sure has some awkward perks. I took the plate and walked back to Fatso, putting the plate next to him on the porch. Then I sat next to him.

Sun feels nice. Warm breeze is calming. I closed my eyes, drank more coffee, breathed in. Such relaxing situation. Fatso got up to eat. He was chewing his food quite loudly, but finished up fast enough. He then laid down on my tights and started purring. I laid back, enjoying the warm breeze and a fluffy ball of purring on my legs. Feels blissful.

Not even realising it – I dozed off.

Evening turned out beautiful. Sunset lighting up sky in orange and red tones. No clouds up above, nice warm breeze and cheeping of birds. Definitely like a scene from romantic movie. Fatso passed by, walking back to his house. I said “Hi”, he kept going, just jolted his tail at me. Joyful scent of evening. A kind of aroma that has this little chill of the river in it, scent of forest with green warm grass.

-Nice evening indeed.

I heard voice from behind me. I ruthlessly turned around in shock – there was Niko.

-You do have that ghostly appearance. – I mustered, as I was calming down from heart skipping a beat for a moment there.

-Surprise with a chill down the spine. Sounds like it can be the joyful pleasing sort of surprise or horrified one. Which one is it?

-Most likely the mixed feelings one.

I said as I breathed out. Alas my breathing went steady. Nerves calmed down. Now I took a better look at her. Right now what strikes me most – is a fact that she was no ghost. She definitely was flesh and bones. As real and living as I was.

Wearing short khaki shorts, crop top in mint colour, black long cardigan, barefoot, her hair down and she’s looking at me.

-I’ll help myself to a cup of coffee. Would you like one?

She blurred out as she went inside the kitchen.

-Yes, thanks. – mustered my lips.

Watching her making brewed coffee got me goose bumps. Every move, every detail made with precision, gently. Polished skill set of tender coffee making. I never before saw someone make coffee to the extent of getting pleasurable goose bumps. Through all this work she looked charming. Feminine way of look, the feeling you get for some women, when you appreciate them as you feel their charisma, magical aura if you like.

-If you keep on staring like that, you’ll burn a hole in my back. – softly spoke Niko. She turned around handing me cup of coffee, – Please enjoy.

Warm as the morning sunshine – her smile. I took the cup, then followed her to the chairs in conservatory. We sat down, looking at each other. Enjoying coffee – slowly.

-You know you can ask me questions, Elyon. If you want the answers – you must ask questions. But some questions require no answers, or it is better not to know answers to them. I hope we’ll get along.

By the way of her look, – she spoke sincerely.

My mind turned to thinking – my eyes looking outside. What I’d like to know foremost? Connection? Relations? How does it work?

-You and Erick. What is your relationship with him? How did you get to know each other? – I decided on first question.

Niko looked around – then stopped her gaze at the vase with orchids.

-At some point in young age I figured out that I hear someone else in my head. And once I spoke to it – voice replied back. Male voice in my head spoke about interesting things. So much more different, than things I know of. Then all the pain, depression, feelings – we shared all of that. I cried for him and he cried for me. At some point I thought to myself that I want to feel this person, in my hands, hug him tight, talk face to face.

Somehow I managed to transfer myself to him. First as ghost of a sort, then like this. That is when we finally hugged, I think we cuddled up and slept whilst holding onto one another. The first time I got here. Then we became even closer friends. After – inspiration for each other. We shared some nice experience in between. Some erotic experience. Sensual experience. That deepened our bond – being physically close. Revealing secrets about each other, knowing bits and bobs, small issues hidden down below. That only made us even closer. So right now we know all there is to know about each other.”

Their relationship. So obscure in a way, strange and by all means – I’ve never seen or heard of such strange deep bond, sensual attachment. They really are so close?

-So you know everything about Erick? – I went with my questions. Can’t lose such opportunity.

– I guess yes. Except his thoughts at times. I merely know how works his logic. That helps with most bits. All the rest there is to him – is up to himself. That sort of mystery of being that open.

-And what are you? – Seemed like the right question to add right now.

-Me? Human. Just one more sack of meat and bones. With some logical processes going on. Hopefully not stupid.

-Can you tell me more about yourself? – My curiosity bursts open. I can feel that I wish to know more.

-As long as you will do the same “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine”.

Niko looked at me, smiling. Her smile was comforting, yet mysterious. She finished her coffee and got up.

-Another cup-a-coffee? – She said, as she turned to face me.

I took a look at my cup – just now noticing that my cup was empty. I managed to drink all of it within this short time. That is first time for me to dunk down drink so fast. I held out cup for Niko to take. Then followed her. She walked into the kitchen, put on kettle for boiling.

-You’re so stiff. Can you stand there for a moment? – Niko gave me a glance, then turned to take few steps towards me.

I stopped in the middle of kitchen. I looked at Niko – she smiled at me. Somehow I felt each inch of my body tightened. I was like a string. There was this odd pressure that I felt.

-Elyon, close your eyes dear. – Softly spoke Niko, making her way towards me.

I closed my eyes. I heard her coming close to me. Then I got this intimidating feeling, yet body wouldn’t budge an inch.

Strange fright. I felt like cornered animal, shaken by fear from watchful predator.

-Please honey, don’t be afraid, – Nikos voice was close. Next I heard her close to my ear, – I don’t bite, unless you say you want me to. – Her breath! I felt it on my skin!

That was a sensual whisper right there! I couldn’t stop myself from blushing. I didn’t have anyone who would whisper in my ear so sensually! Harassment!

My body felt hot, yet still the embarrassment from this situation. And I still could not move. Body wouldn’t listen! Then it hit me – I was filled with anticipation.

Her fingers, soft and firm, touched my right cheek, as she gave me soft butterfly kiss on my lips – it lasted for a moment. She has quite soft, warm lips.

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