Carnival – Poetry

Original Work
Rating – PG
Note: Enjoy the read! ❤

Summer once again conjures early feast
On the wheels and cheery, comes the hungry beast
He is really driven to devour populis
Quite the eerie thought – but all are up with this

Another park becomes the beacon –
The lights, the music, freedom call –
It all becomes about the joy here
And joining band of jolly folk.

The Carnival’s in town again!
May people cheer in sheer delight!
The young’uns get already at it
With preparations for the night

Take up a ride, enjoy the night,
Become fulfilled with the delight.
Fun token made a crease
The crowd feels some unease.

Grand Mater comes to meet you,
To greet the yearning crowd,
The chair, the earth beneath you,
Will soon be swooped around

They conjure fearsome magic
That draws the dawlding in
Makes them the easy target
And kills all that’s within

This Carnival is marvel
Of many great unknowns
That pulls your soul as harvest
For bards who play the song

Just like the silly token
That’s given when you enter
Is creased and put in pocket
Forgotten, showed in centre

The same goes for your last cry
Which you let out in terror
As Grand Master is closing
The Chest that keeps the bearer

The soulless then go wander
The streets of town that fell for
The magic and the beauty
Of Carnival of Dead

Another silly populis
That yearned for happy days
Will be forgotten dreadfully
Like ones who’re lost in maze.

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