Chapter 10 – Parallels Book

– Hey, you free? – David spoke as he heard receiver on the other end being picked up.

– If you wish to come over to my place maybe? Don’t forget to leave a note before you go. – Voice plainly said. No emotions, no enthusiasm. Absolutely nothing.

– I’ll be there in an hour. – David said before hanging up.

Roar of car engine. Classical music playing on the radio. It’s Schuberts piano sonata number 16. Surely this piano gives off some chills, but in a way – gives you feeling to strife push and for something – as if you’re on your way to greater manifesto. Really close to achieving it.

Road ahead is packed with vehicles – all doing their best to keep up with flow of traffic. Pedestrians flooding streets with their presence. All this mass – so many people.

In a way I could relate to each of them, yet we’re all so distant. We’re strangers to one another. We can talk in between ourselves – yet we’re unable to be close in ways to be able talk about our spirit matters. To be close on different level, in a different way.

Sensing what is beneath our masks, which we put on daily – faking how we really are, hiding worries, sadness, faults, hate and oh so much more. We can not find as much as an accomplice in daily crimes we do. Just fugitives – running from and to.

Abstractly looking at things. Playing dumb. Most of the times – actually being dumb. Have you noticed the amount of stupid and oblivious people? Consumers who could not care less about others? Who fuss about simple things as they lack “common sense”? Or moments of comparing with one another on how much or how many piles of unneeded junk they possess? All they care about is money. Therefore they are cheap.

Because of continuously relying on money – they lost most valuable qualities: compassion, love, self-development, ought for art, restlessness for life. Have you seen how many are dissatisfied with life? Oh, and then there is much obliged questioning of self-purpose:“ What I’ve been created for?”; yet not a single step taken forward to look at what one can do with life, or for good of ones life. Not even an inch taken to try.

Then there is no appreciation for what one has. Filthy dissatisfaction, greed and craving for more. False beauty standards, false impression of needing to live as told, fear of what others will think of one’s actions. They forget to think – they trust without a doubt to the ones sitting at the top of money chain.

Why? Because all of them are under the impression that top folk are “wiser” ones, because they got so much money. Forgetting that usually they get this wealthy by ripping off others – lying so confidently that all seems like truth. Yet all is a farce, staged farce.

Just many lies and usage of fear to their advantage. And what are we left with?

Oblivion with masses so blindly believing in freedom they have – whilst living in cages, fearing more and more daily, questioning every action they do, distrusting their gut, forgetting all and converting to new religion of “money” which by popular ideology – rules planet. Why can’t they get off each other’s throats?

All this, in a way, makes me sad. With each generation degrading of nation falls further in pit of empty mass. Knowledge lost more and more. Truth hidden further away. So that in the end – there are masses of food stock of people who are led by ones at power, or ones who know more. And filthiest part is that masses let and allow to be led into further hell created by someone somewhere.

I parked outside apartment complex, looking like detached house block. It is about two and a half stories high. Person who I seek – lives in house, so it’s quite decently even called “penthouse” really. Looking at this building makes me think of some modernism gone slightly off.

I got out of car, beeped alarm, then with keys showed into depths of my man bag, that hangs over my left shoulder, I walked towards door with number 11 on it. As always it were – door opened as I turned the handle. Owner always left front door open when expected me. That was mostly the unspoken rule between us.

Inside the spacious home played Griegs Cello sonata Op.36. Owner sat on the garden porch, pens and paper scattered around. Typical chaotic workspace. She was looking at the sky – it was getting darker.

I approached her – now standing less than a step away.

– This annoying weather makes me think of some depressive bits that I’m not fond of. And by looks of it, heavy rain is on its way. – Niko looked around to find her mug with tea, – Did you at least leave some kind of note before you got going?

– I did. Don’t worry. He won’t know I came over or that I saw you. – David replied.

– So, you are so much in need of something – you remembered about my existence. By the look of such despair – you need it bad. You even came all the way here. – Niko looked at David, her greenish eyes empty of any emotion, as if soulless puppet.

– Favor. I need your favor. – David took out manuscript from his bag and held it out to Niko. – Can you?

– Let me guess, it is something you aren’t fully sure of? – Niko took the manuscript, then had a bit of already cold tea.

– In a way. I want it to “bloom”. Possible?

– Let’s see what you have here. – Niko flipped through pages, then got back to front page that read : “Petal on Lips”.

David looked at how Niko started reading manuscript. He breathed out weight of the world, which lifted the moment when Niko took manuscript. He went to grab a cup of tea and took a seat on sofa in living room – it had direct overview of garden, slim figure with bunch of papers, grey sky all filled with clouds with sun unable to find a hole to shine.

Then bit by bit it started drizzling. Rain slowly was gaining more and more power. All sounded like Mendelssohn Piano trio and violin concerto. Then David noticed that manuscript was read out aloud. Slowly, quietly, with calm narrators’ voice.

Whole picture made quite an effect that gave goose bumps – devilish chills wrapped Davids whole self. “I felt like in a twisted dream.” – ran through his head.

“Heberra appeared during the darkest night. She was twisting little strands of fabric on Yrres work desk. Dresses were made to the tastes of Lords and Ladies – they soon became grim drapes. Embroidery withered, looking like tears.

Heberra moved her pale hand softly above the fancy shoes, with silk laces, sewn-on gold – they turned into horrid heels with thorns and claws. “Yrres will regret what he did to me!” – she said as she left master Yrres tailor atelier. She walked back to her home victorious – happy about her vengeful deed. “I’ll have you mocked, Yrres, I’ll see you crumble. You shall regret what you have done to my Mistress.”

Next morning Yrres cried to heavens: “Gods, why? What have I done to anger you so? Why had you ruined my work? This dress and shoes! Work of my life! Coronation gown for princess! Oh I am doomed!”

With no time at hand, Yrres made his best attempts to recover the gown which before had bloomed and sparkled. Now ruined. All his attempts – useless. When thread touched the gown – it decayed instantly. When needle touched dress – needle rusted, silver was breaking and laces were tearing apart. Anything touching dress broke apart. “So this is the retribution for what I’ve done to Nellaidas? Curse you all!” – He shouted as he ran out. Full of despair he hopped on his horse and galloped away.

Townsfolk saw him scared – dashing out the town gates like mad on the horse. News of this sight spread across town like wildfire.

Kings squire at the moment was knocking on Master Yrres atelier door. With no reply – he walked in to see most dreadful gown one could imagine. Yrres apprentice stood shocked beside gown – unsure of what will happen now.

Squire asked where coronation gown was – apprentice just silently pointed out to this monstrous gown. Nothing valuable came out of apprentices’ mouth, just stuttering sounds. With nothing left – squire took this horrid dress with thorny shoes to Kings castle.

“What on earth is the meaning to this?” – King Alland shouted madly at sight of the outfit that squire brought. Bloody tears, drabs of cloth, all decayed and barely holding together with some shoes wrapped in thorns and animal claws.

“What did Yrres think of him as? How dares he humiliate his King and royal family? Making such atrocity for my daughters coronation? Has he lost his mind?! Find him and bring me his head!” – King was ranting with rage.

Squire bowed and ran out on mission to deal with Yrres.

News of horrid dress spread like plague – becoming the talk of the town.

Meanwhile – Heberra was squealing from happiness, as she observed situation unfold. Smiling, in high spirits, she took outfit she made with outstanding shoes and set out to present her work to His Majesty. Her carriage smoothly drifted through streets of Old Kanningsworth making way to the castle. Birds cheeping, sun shining, sky brightly blue, people cheery on streets – all made her mood better and better.

She got out of carriage in front of main stairs, which lead to the castle Dorain. Taking dress along with the shoes, Heberra gracefully walked up to request for King to spare a moment of his time, to present him the problems solution.

The moment King Alland heard that there is woman who brought gown for coronation – he was perplexed. That was such a fast solution of problem – it was crazy. King asked guard to present him this woman which claims to have brought him a great “present”.

Heberra, looking her best, presented King Alland the gown that she made. King Alland was awed with the beauty of gown. This gown was stunning a beauty he saw once before.

The memory long forgotten appeared in his head – that moment when he, young boy with his mum, stood looking at Queen sparkling brightly like goddess, in gown with in-explainable might. The beauty of gown he never before saw. Queen Nellaidas birthday it was. She was the mightiest Queen that ruled the lands far and wide. Never again in his life has he seen anything as amazing as the gowns Nellaidas wore. Not in the whole world.

He never got to know who the royal gown maker of Nellaidas was – she kept it a secret from everyone. Throughout whole life – not a single soul got to discover that dress maker of Her Majesty Nellaidas.

And now – standing in front of this dress – he knew that that is what his daughter Lenaria shall wear.

Coronation day went smooth and was a success. The beauty of new Queen Lenaria became the greatest talk of the land.

Heberra was pronounced royal dress maker from that day on by the Queen Lenaria herself.

Once, during fitting, Lenaria asked questions to Heberra about her past and how come that she, so young looking is so talented in making such wonderful gowns. Heberra took word from new Queen that she shall keep all the answers a secret, otherwise Heberra will leave. Then Heberra told story about how she served queen Nellaidas long ago, how she is an elf, and so-so much more.

Time later the bond between them grew stronger. Becoming one passionate secretive love.

Rain was rumbling crazily, hitting glass roof with great might. David sat looking at downpour outside. Garden trees shaking, leaves trembling. Perhaps a good part was lack of strong wind. Yet damage to garden was quite harsh. Niko got up from her warmed spot on porch, holding manuscript. She walked to sit down next to David. Her slim figure had nothing more than just oversized shirt and underpants.

– This story is filled with bits of revenge for broken heart of Nellaidas and tangled love stories. I like how you made Heberra pursue this dirtbag Yrres to return “favor” of what he did to her Queen. All seems like evil done for good. Heberra avenged in means of love. I like the story. Perhaps you might question it, but it has “life”. So, would you now tell me why exactly you came here for, without bribing me using fine stories? – Niko put manuscript on the table, then turned to look at David.

Storm outside finally was slowing down – becoming silent. Rain stopped. The smell of downed heat awed senses. David finally looked directly in eyes of person next to him. These eyes now looked alive but tired. These eyes – he was used to. The look he felt were closest to his heart. Eyes of person who understood him.

– I am not sure how, but Erick seems quite close to being exposed. If he gets caught – it will be quite a mess. He said that there was someone who asked too many questions. As much as I got it – he refers to this girl that’s right now staying at his house. Have you dealt with her yet? Is she causing trouble? You know how worried I am about such issues. Not making me happy at all. Such things are very bothersome. You know it.

– Don’t worry. I’m keeping situation under control. This girl won’t be a problem. She’s getting flustered with new sort of things. Soon she’ll leave Erick be. – Niko kept eye contact. David did seem worried, but not to extent of being too concerned. Just very perplexed.

– AIO also has to be under control. Will any system reproach be shown? We need – keep it clean. Foremost to keep it silent. If there are any issues – we’ll need this girl to listen to us without any fuss. You know that what we do is nothing to brag about. Niko, it’s dangerous to act without thinking. Not now. Also, you know that Adrian isn’t the happiest person when there are issues occurring.

David was truly a worrywart. Situation which is going on right now – isn’t of best or safest. It is about Erick – dear lover of David’s. Things can stir up a lot of chaos, if Erick draws too much attention to himself. He is right now under a kind of observation, which in itself is a bit trouble. Like walking with a tag on oneself.

– David, – Niko held his cheeks, – calm down. It is alright to panic, but there is no reason to. Everything is under control.

Niko drew closer to Davids face – their foreheads touching.

– Da-avid, my magical white rabbit, our Alice will be alright. Why can’t you worry this much about me instead? Am I not as important?

-Close your eyes. – said David. She went along with it.

He hugged Niko, pulling her on top of him, both laying down on sofa. His hands are holding her waist – pressing her body tightly to him.

– You are as precious to me as Erick. If not more. – David smiled.

– Liar, – said Niko with a faint smile. She was now standing on her elbows. Her hand next to Davids head – holding on, with other her fingers were brushing through his hair, she looked in eyes she loved a lot.

Davids left hand softly brushed up to Nikos head, holding it, pulling it closer.

– Liar indeed, – David said as their lips touched, his tongue pushing in. Deep kiss – French kiss. Passionate. Then she pulls back.

– I am jealous of Erick having you all to himself.

– Ooh, honey, don’t be. Why don’t you think about right now? You sure would love to do more to me than just a kiss.- David smirked.

– I would.

Niko laid down, her head on Davids shoulder. The feeling of bodies burning up from desire was shared. She at least hoped it’s shared.

– You haven’t changed. – Softly spoke David.

– Neither have you. – , she let out a sigh, – You still like to tease me. You’re horrible.

– Yet you still like me. – He giggled slightly. – As much as I feel – you like me more than anyone. I love that. I love that you want me so bad. – David smirked.

Niko got up on her elbows, her eyebrow raised.

– You’re arsehole. Can’t stand your horrid nature. – She said whilst trying to get out of White Hare’s tight grip.

– Oh, you don’t have to be rude. – David pulled Niko back, pushing her down on sofa, getting on top of her. – Wouldn’t you like special treatment from me, or do you rather act mad and unhappy?

David started pulling Nikos shirt up, softly feeling her body in his hands. She just turned her face aside, looking in space, not moving.

– You know you can’t win. I’m good at this game. – he whispered in her ear.

He went on to fondle her breasts, pinching her nipples, kissing her neck, then pulling her face towards his – kissing her, dominating over, making her reply to the kiss. Davids fingers softly found way into her panties. Fingers touching hottest part – already wet. Then forcefully pushing inside her.

Her moan shook the silence. Her body bending – mouth gasping for air. She’s looking at her beloved White Hare. He was smiling, making her feel good with his fingers – feeling her heat from inside.

– Would you now say it out loud? What you desire for right now? – David whispered to her.

Nikos body’s hot, with ache and longing to feel David closer, hear his hard breathing, as he feels her deep inside. The desire to be connected with him.

– You ass, – she breathed out, – I want you… I want you bad. Stop terrorizing me.

– Good girl. – Whispered Hare as he pulled off her clothes.

Heat and pleasure overtook her body as he pushed deeper. Moans were filling room. She reached her ecstasy as she listened to his heavy breathing, moaning. As he came, filling her up, he laid down beside her, hugging her close to him. Skin to skin, sweaty, slightly shaking.

David kissed Niko on forehead.

Eyes opened, Niko looked at David sitting next to her, their foreheads touching, he was looking at her, with a wide smile.

– You’re a pervert, you know. – David said as he held back his laugh.

– Bloody hate when you practice my tricks on me. – Niko said in grumpy voice.

David got up, laughing, went to the kitchen.

– I’ll make some coffee, you pervert. Oh, and how many times now you had sex in your head with me? Priceless! – David laughed hard.

– Asshole! – Niko grumpily went to study room to grab a manuscript.

As she returned to living room, coffee had waited for her on the table. She reached out and took mug with godlike liquid – leaving manuscript on table instead.

– So, – Niko looked at David who eventually calmed down from laughing, – You should tell me how is your relationship with Adrian? Is he still mad at you for that little wrongdoing? – Niko took a gulp.

David looked out the window, as he leaned on kitchen worktop, enjoying scenery of silent nature – sunset with bright red sky.

– Na-ah, he still holds grudge against me. Also he is envious of what we share without him around. And how madly you love me! Such tough love! Heart breaking! – David sarcastically joked.

– Ri-ight. –Niko mumbled.

She was smiling, looking at David, he somewhat made her feel different in a way. David had fine body, white hair, green eyes, looking all sexy without his shirt, well he took it off just moments ago. Hell knows why. With that exposed torso – standing there, leaning against kitchen worktop. He always looked stunning.

To his advantage he worked as a model for magazines – still works for few, also i known as a hot idol. Though his tastes are strange at times – when it comes to love life. Niko wasn’t really bothered by that – she enjoyed whatever she had with him, she liked him just the way he was. Though his usage of “trick” she came up with was annoying her in a way, because dreams of having such closeness with him were immensely realistic, yet when she opened her eyes – yeah, just a dream. Her wish to do same things with him in reality was quite to say – Impossible.

They knew one another for a very long time. At some point they discovered the strangest connection they had achieved. Each with own twist of how they perceived it, yet idea quite the same – as they weren’t from here.

Surely both were of value, and biggest value to them was that AIO couldn’t sense them. People from past, ghosts, to be able to tap into “future”. They accidentally made it here – and decided to stay here for now.

– You know, Merin is now looking after Adrian. Although that’s already a different matter. You know we’re still connected in our way. – Niko said.

– I considered many possibilities all in all. Yet I am still quite scared if they find out about what we are. – David looked concerned, staring Niko down.

Niko stood up and walked to David, stopping next to him, sitting down on kitchen worktop.

– I know. I do worry too. – Niko downed last of her coffee, – Tomorrow I’m meeting with Adrian and Merin. We might get some new intel on what to do next. – Niko looked at David to verify he heard her – David nodded.

– That sure would be useful. And dear, – David looked at the clock on the wall, – it’s getting quite late. I have to go back to my fabulous lover – Erick. Therefore I must leave you in utter jealousy as I walk out the door. – David smiled.

– Take the manuscript on the table and don’t forget to put the shirt on!

Niko spoke as David walked towards living room table.

– Thank you dear, – David softly said as he finished with putting on his shirt and taking manuscript, – I love you.

– Love you too. – Niko smiled.

David blew her kiss as he walked out the door.

House became quiet again. Niko looked out the window – plain old scenery of garden and orange-red sunset sky.

– Should I go back for a while?

She asked into empty silence.

“Soon the time will come.” – Voice of Cat replied.

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