Chapter 11 – Parallels Book

There was once a story. It is about one insane King, wise but unstable Emperor and their shared love interest – Rose. King selfishly snitched Rose, looked after him, cherished and protected in ways he could. Emperor was not fond of such atrocity – he wanted Rose for himself, so he went to face King and retreat Rose. But once Emperor got to Kingdom – Emperor got sucked into the void of events inside Kings castle – strangest mind twisting games.

Emperor became lover to both – Rose and King. He was unsure how it turned out this way. But all three characters had utter beauty. They devilishly swayed anyone or anything. The whole fog of crazy in castle was held by Ary – demon bound by King, who helped captivate Rose. Minds were flowing like crazy in the thick fog of lust, in the strangest yet messes and unpredictable whims that were allowed.

Days went on, things were getting mixing up more and more – eventually becoming fiercely strange.

One day, Rose had thanked King and asked him to be released. Rose would like to go back to “normal life”. He had a live before meeting King, after all. Oh, Rose was naïve. Kings fury was dense – that led to a fight between him and Emperor, as Emperor supported Roses freedom and will.

King ruined his own kingdom, putting it in ash and despair. All mess was left for Rose to handle. Emperor left to rule his lands and to protect what is left. With turn of events Rose came to love his King whole lot more. That lead to Rose taking a step further into darkness and murdering King. So be it death out of love. Ary, demon, now helped out Rose – staying by his side.

All this while Emperor waited for Rose to snap out – come to Emperors side – yet nothing. Later so it happened, Emperor snapped – taking forces and army, leading it all to conquer Rose and his kingdom. In the end of the war Emperor found Rose on thorned throne – eyes insane, pleading his endless love to deceased King – his “true” love.

Emperor tortured Rose for a long while, eventually making Rose bow to him, follow him, as well as belong; yet Rose still went pleading about his strange love. Though not as much any more.

Story showed between lines – how Rose was first of all stolen by King, then due to time spent “tamed” by King, even though Rose had not much liking towards King at first – time spent together made Rose get used to King, get accustomed in Kings created captivity – slowly falling into this fake love.

Little by little Rose found bits about King that were similar with Rose himself – that made King more humane. The love King had towards Rose went great lengths to show his affection, odd love and appreciation for Rose. Communication between them that was kept at all times – also showed as they began to share emotions, feelings. Incredibly, Rose also took part of insanity from King, which ultimately led to Kings Homicide. Although Emperor spent time with them too – he did not get deluded by farce. Although he was crazy in own ways, his flaws weren’t close to insanity.

And so, to understand: insanity spreads over onto person of affection – if forced upon day and night. So that eventually there are tow or more minds sharing same “reality” of insanity.

Due to Emperors lack of “affection” towards Kings Insanity – Emperor turned out “normal”.

Love works weird ways. Perhaps that is the moral of story.

Adrian was pacing on his favourite path in the park. He noticed Merin waiting him on bench – typically where Adrian tended to rest. Merin was observing great scenery – thick morning fog. Not so rare for this region.

– Do you remember to sleep at night or did you select path of becoming utter insomniac? – Adrian asked as he approached Merin.

– Quite miraculous occurrence, but miraculously, actually, I sleep at night. But right now I’m not here to discuss my sleeping regimen with you. – Merin got up from warmed-up spot on the bench.

– Sure has to be something of great importance – if you came out in such early hour. – Adrian walked as he spoke – Merin followed.

– We have few issues to clear up. What exactly happened during your meeting with Erick four weeks ago? AIO is spiking when it comes to him. – Merin was punching holes in ground with her heels, as she walked.

– This sure is of no concern to you. – Adrian cut off. – Why won’t you just walk with me? If you decide to do just that – be silent, alright?

– You are a rude ape, although my husband. – Merin fussed then kept on walking in silence.

Adrians coat open – trendy trench coat in black. He wears his shirt underneath always has two upper buttons undone. It’s a black shirt with thin white stripe in the middle. Navy blue jeans, black shoes. Strangely classy man. He is in his late thirties, his hair – raven black, with glints of blue, short, with fringe spiked up. Facial features strong and sexy, body muscly fit, brown eyes with slight hints of grey in them. He was quiet devil at soul.

His escorting friend Merin was more of a high end lady. Long wavy hair, chestnut colour, blue eyes, wine red dress – knee-high, boots lace-up type in red and black, bronze coloured long coat wrapping her figure like a present wrap. Beautiful and tight.

Two of them, although married couple – live apart. They do their own business, meet once in a while – if there are faulties within plan. A sort of plan – that promises to corrupt everything. By all means.

Silently they walked to the end of the park, then off to parking lot with single jeep parked in there. Adrian took a look at Merin:

– Let’s talk over breakfast, shall we?

Merin looked at her husband giving evil eye, yet agreed to proposal. She hated this obedience, but with him to co-operate that was the only way.

They both went off to Adrians mansion, where the daily Grande breakfast was prepared. Parking under the mansion was spacious and had quite a variety of cars. Enough to satisfy man’s needs and whims.

They walked inside – being greeted by butler, who in short reminded Adrian of his today’s schedule and walked them to the dining room. Breakfast was already prepared on table. Merin was a bit surprised to see that somehow in short there was all for two.

As they sat at the table, getting on with Italian omelette, thin pancakes and breakfast tea, Merin reminded of her issue regarding Erick.

– I spoke to him about David. Reminded of his physical attractions and issues. Also spoke about the girl that’s staying at his place now, her name – Elyon, as I recall. We saw through the flaws of him giving away his ideas perhaps a bit excessively, to his co-workers and few students. That all triggered the reaction within AIO. He sorts it out by staying with David now. – Calmly spoke Adrian as he finished his food and was enjoying tea.

– Are you sure that did not make the reaction go the opposite way? The AIO is going even higher, with this intensity rising – we might get to the problem of being discovered, . Sure as hell we don’t want that! You do know how risky it is within this environment. – Merin was generally concerned, as this got her too – and if not dealt with quickly – could bust everything they worked on for this whole while.

The footsteps were heard outside the room, in the corridors of this great mansion. Maids and butler working hard with upkeep of this huge place. Huge windows of dining room overlooked the garden outside. Massive variety of flowers and trees. The flowers in front were the hydrangea and peonies.

Merin looked at her husband – waiting for him to continue – but he leisurely looked at morning newspaper – reading some business articles that were within competence of his work. Just at the moment when Merin was about to speak up again, butler came in bearing news:

– Lady N is here to see you. Should I call her to come here or you’re willing to see her in other room?

Adrian, still looking at the newspaper, drank a bit of tea and spoke:

– Invite her inside here and bring her some coffee.

– Yes sir.

Butler disappeared behind the door. Few moments after – a girl walked in. Red and black hair, shoulder length, dressed in tight black jeans, dark blue platformed shoes, porcelain flower printed chiffon blouse of white and royal blue, black jacket on top. Her dark green eyes took a look at Merin and girl spoke out with excitement:

– Oh dear! Merin, haven’t seen you in a while! Or is it that our dear Adrian is finally becoming more of a “loving husband” type? Hard to picture that, but guess the love makes people change. Ha-ha!

– You are still as horrible as ever. – Adrian looked at the guest, – Take a seat, you’re coffee is on its way.

Girl took a seat at the table – eyeing her hosts. Adrian was still taking deep interest in article, while Merin was burning up with some anger. She generally disliked this creature of a “guest”, she even hated her. For the reason that this “guest” was that single person with deepest connection to Adrian. That was more than enough for Merin to hate her. Yet there was even more that triggered all the rest of receptors to be despising this girl to ends of the world.

– Adrian, – said guest, her voice now serious and cold, – did your wife bite her tongue off?

Adrian took a look at his guest, then at his spouse:

– Merin, be nice and reply when spoken to.

– Not a slightest pleasure in hell to see your face, – said Merin in hateful tone, – I wish I wouldn’t have to see it ever again.

– Oh, the tongue’s intact. That’s good to know. – Said guest. – Adrian, I am here to say that you have to talk with David. Be gentle – he’s freaking. Regarding the observer Erick has – I took care of that. Most importantly – I’ll be off for some time. Need to go to the other side. Make sure everything is under control.

– Understood. – Spoke Adrian. – Enjoy your time in there, Niko.

Niko let out a chucle and left.

Few minutes passed after Niko left before Merin spoke up again:

– And you’re telling me that you’re the boss? She is few years younger and bosses you around like muppet! No respect towards you what so ever! Rude! – Merin was throwing a tantrum.

Adrian looked at his wife:

– You better shut that mouth of yours. If you keep on with these “anger shows” – our separation legally will be a matter of time. And do keep in mind – I respect you, yet I respect her more, she is the key to our programme. If you keep on going like this – you’ll be disposed of. You’ll fade in nothingness forever.

– Just say it! Say it! Admit that you love that thing! Admit it! – Merin slapped her hand against the table. Adrian looked up at his wife.

– Yes, I love her. – Said Adrian without blink of an eye. – Will you shut up now? Your tantrums are not changing anything – just making you more of a miserable woman in my eyes, and eyes of others. Have some respect for yourself.

He, no matter how much pestered will still keep silent about his feelings.

She will burst out at each opportunity she gets.

Forgetting how lonely they both are, and how one is drowning his sadness in wine, another is changing partners every week, as no man can satisfy her thirst.

Even in this life, they still have to keep appearances. Marriage that was never meant to happen, yet became real just to cover up each other’s messes of a life. Every world has it’s lies.

Merin sat looking outside.

– I am still annoyed that she is only one that physically is capable of going through ECHO. – she blurred out.

– Believe me, – spoke Adrian, – you should be deeply grateful that you’re not her. She already became insane. ECHO messes you up, well, messed every other up, she just somehow got out alive, faking being fine. I would never in my life swap places with her. I had my little bite of that experiment. I would never try it again. But that also is what’s appealing. How she keeps up being this “fine”.

– Knowing this makes me happy in a way. – Merin downed her tea, leaving lipstick on her cup.

Then she got up to make call and left blowing a kiss. He watched her go. Doors closed. He exhaled, looked at his phone, then at the wall, out the window.

– I’m sorry, all of you, that you’re dragged into my hell with her. – Adrian threw newspaper against the wall.

Engines roaring, mechanisms keep on blasting up, engineers run around like ants – panic is spreading bit by bit. AIO is reading out some code red disturbances. Engineering staff are doing best to computerise the data and find intel about the object of such drastic change.

Few seconds later system shuts down, restarts and runs again without fail. All data, information and bits about faulty and code “red” – lost, all is deleted. Engineers – puzzled about such system occurrence. This bug is not the first time. Yet somehow it flicks up like crazy, making alarms blast out like sirens, and then it all shuts off like nothing happened.

No one can prove the problem, as there is no record left of it. On the system all looks clean. In the research – engineers are left hanging. No matter what they say – without proof it’s not going to go anywhere.

The sound of car passing by at high speed, chat of people around, cheeping of birds, sounds of the city. They finally reach the ears of Niko – all is back. Senses react perfectly. All seems intact.

– Hey world, I’m back. – mutters Niko to herself as she starts walking on the side street in Leicester Square, London.

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