“PARALLELS” characters insights/cut outs


Wrong is the song to play here – WRONG – put on.

The evening transcended into the night. The sounds of the music were echoing in his lonely mansion.

The maids, the butler, the staff – all sent to have a day off and the evening went into the depths of hell in minutes as Adrian reached out for another bottle of the whiskey he possessed.

The music echoed in his ears, making him take turn and turn again remembering the past.

He hated in general the moments he would remember any possible glimpse of his past. That fulfilled heart with intense hatred, despair and endless cry for help.

The kind of cry you let out when you’re near death, on pique of pain and torture. When blood goes cold, body numb, the fear seems out of every orifice and it is still not near the possible madness that can openly absorb you inside deepest hell of a limbo you can perceive.

He was holding onto windowsill – looking out the fine trimmed garden, the shrubs and flowers blooming beautifully, the scents barely reaching through the window.

“You may…” – the hollow echo of Creatures voice reached Adrian.

“I won’t be the darn monster!” – Adrian shouted, looking around, trying to make sure there is no one else around him. But doubts keeps going past.

The flashback with him being in the labyrinth keeps seeping through the alcohol enhanced openings:

“You were me, before you became so obsessed otherwise. Do you feel that the freedom I gave you was the best advice?”

The echoes of long lost creatures voice was reaching Adrians ears as if the intensity was too much to hold, like the darn demon was here, next to him.

“You are wrong. I’d be happy with my fa…” – Just before he could finish, the feeling of telling the lie stopped him.

Although it was not a lie, yet the mouth could not produce the words.

The echo of a Creature spoke again:

“You, for all I know are just best without them. You know it too.”

The faint ghost of the Creature spoke again, as the embodiment transcended into this reality:

“My dear Adrian, my dear… Me. There is more there to what you can see. I can taste you, in ways you despise to recon, but I assure you – there is no way you can meddle in my expertise of a judgement.”


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