Sudden “Eye of the Storm”

Original Fiction
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This happened to be my dream, whilst asleep. Too realistic, too vivid. The “HECK NO!” thing.

Barely in a bad mood, Ella was going back from get another work matter. The day – sweet sunny, with amazing passers by smiling at having the time to say how they appreciate you just being charming.

She was on her bicycle. That was exactly what she needed, although she was saving up on salary and had a moment before the pay when she felt again like a student – broke and alone.

As she began journey from her friends place – that had a stunning view of the river, the boats on the river where people lived and the skyhigh new houses that were reminding of Canary Wharf, London.
The colleagues threw: “Oh my, I am just spilling out my all to you. You make me work like a radio in the mornings.”
“I guess that’s my superpower then!” – jokingly Ella replied as she was on her way.

But here it was certainly a different town. Yet same type of mesmerizing progressive feel.

She went onto shortly going across the river and along to the side where she had to inspect the new staff in cafe – like a secret shopper, but a secret staff.

Her work was to check how the team is working, how they are working and how they are treating the newbies. Workplace this time was a strange restaurant with chinese-european cuisine. A very odd one.

But having spent few hours with them and checking the positivity in their work, the inside squabbles about how they deal with family members and how they have a list of methods from home remedy section to treat anything – that was really fun, but tiresome.

After the hours gone by, the girl went out and took a bus, that drove her barely few areas down from the restaurant.

Then she had to bike to her destination.

She was getting up the stairs, just when the underground had flushed people out – the bike suddenly getting easier to carry upstairs – the fine young gentleman was helping up.

Up the stairs though she realized that the blanket from the basket had fallen off. Quick check got her to find it on the stairs. She slowly went through that flow of people and picked it up before another person glued to phone stepped on it.

She looked up – the cloudy, yet sunny day was bright and prosperous.

Yet something inside felt off.

The way she pedaled through the new area, unsure where to turn, got her to be looked at by the local kids – about five little girls, also on bikes, pedalling slowly, looking at Ella.

“Is this the way to Richmond?” – Ella asked politely the lovely girls.

“Not quite,” – One stopped next to her, – “It is a way there.”

Little girl pointed out with her finger to the right. Ella looked to her right over shoulder – indeed, that area lower down the hill looked similar to where she had to be.

Then something inside Ella made her look at the sky – the clouds, although shredded up like the innards of a toy across the sky – fluffy stuffing. They looked absolutely unnatural.

Then it began – the crevice of that hill – the clouds were whirling together and the pillar of wind in grey was swallowing up the earth.

“Tornado. We have to take cover!” – Ella looked at the girl. Who still had more ballsy and laughing matter of factly attitude.

“But it’s still long way away.” – She said, directing her and Ella. – “We can go to my place. It’s close.”

The way that omen looked was no convincing. Ella started to have that trembling worry inside her.

Once they got hear a skyscraper of a duo apartment block – all glass and just the ground floor looking like concrete fortress, as they went closer through the arch that lead to entrances – they noticed another set of tornadoes closer and going towards them.

So close, that in matter of less of a minute they can be pulled inside with no coming out.

“Must hurry!” – Now little girl was being more in a panic.

They darted to the entry – the electricity was off on a password pad. Ella knew how to open door even in those cases – her apartment entry was always like that.

She pulled the side part, pulling on some of the wires – doors opened and they went in, shutting them behind.

Another set of two doors followed. Quite heavy, but seemed the most solid thing to keep them from being sucked in.

As they got in – they went into the floors cleaners department. Because concrete and less widows were the best place to be in. Less widows meant – less glass that can break and harm you.

They have found there few ladies inside. With quick shout “Take cover! Tornado!” all went to hide in the corners of a room, under the tables or anything that could be done for safe measures.

That is when Ella grabbed a little girl, pushed her in front of her and they hid under the table.

The windows were wide, but short, like ones you sometimes install in the garage.

Those were enough to show the horror dwelling inside that tornado.


As they heard the whirlpool of wind passing by, they also heard voices – people in pain, wailing from exhaustion and suffer. Ella closed girls eyes with her hand, she even pressed her own face towards her head – to blend in with the dark of under them.

The whooshing of wind – the painful cries, then the squeaking of the windows.

Dead and yet to die bodies squeaked against the thick windows, their blood smeared across. The way they have been – it would not be tornado.

Then as they passed further – she saw it – a monster that strapped bodies of humans to it, seeking for more of them. Huge monster of grotesque proportions, glueing on new and new victims, as they cry. All bent to suit his tastes of how to make shoes from them, body suit… The blood raining down, the cries of the people.

Ella felt that she had to even avert her eyes from the eyes of the people who were stranded on that monster – it felt like they would tell this being somehow what they see.

Fear froze the body. The trembling of her body got a little girl tense.

Ellas face buried in the hair of the girl and she barely whispered in her ear:

“Don’t say a thing. They’ll hear. Don’t move either. Please.”

Voice as shaken as the rest of her.


Then the squeaking and moaning of the suffering went on, the wind gusts rummaged and then the full stop of this madness seemed to come.




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