“Midnight Princess” Otome Game Fan Fiction

Midnight Princess Fan Fiction

Rating – R
That little moment in the story that got me a little out of proportions mad. Well, this is how it escalated.

The misunderstanding with the Stein lead to Louis jump on the horse and dart towards border.

Louis! Get back this instant!! – Princess shouted.

With not even a look back he just galloped away.

– Honest to fuckin’ god – I’ll deal with him in ways no human ever did… – Rika, Princess of Wisteria puffed out.

-Oh, what a foul thing to come out of the mouth of Princess. – Sid showed up.

Princess turned around, facing the tall fine spy.

Guess you’re a lost lamb. – Rika breathed out, – Off you go. I still have this bloody mess to deal with. Bloody irrational and hurrying twats. Jesus, and this is my dear Prince to be. Blimey.

Sid laughed out. He walked over to Rika, grabbing her hand.

-You dear need a fine escort, not a person of rash decisions.

-Question my selection and you’ll end up in hellish rotten hole. – Rika smiled. – If you wish so much to accompany me – off we go.

She pulled him along as she was getting on a horse.

-I might be… – Sid was about to say something, but her eyes looked at him almost as if she’d find him amusing.

-Oh, dear me, are you chickening out now? – She waved her hand. – So much for a fine man with that brute strength I’ve heard so… Touche.

Sid got on a same horse, just behind her.

-I don’t appreciate such smirks my way. Even from you.

They galloped to the border.

Louis was hard to catch, as he did his best to get in that mess now. Even though Giles deliberated with Rika the issues about how it got all mixed up. She explained the encounter with Niko and how that Stein spy was flooding the information.  So now going on from here to catch that rash Prince Consort was quite the development.

-Princess, – Sid hugged up from behind, – Might I ask?

-I would rather not listen to it, but I assume I’m in no position to. – Rika held the saddle, as Sid held the reigns

-Do you truly need Duke Howard? As prince I mean.

-I really enjoy how you try to question my judgement, but I must admit – I rather choose him, than anyone else.

-But you were so close to Byron, – Sid kept the eyes on road, as we got through the forest, starting to see the Wysterian soldiers.

-I’d say you’re pushing self into the den of things you wish not to.

Alyn was seen. The horse was stopped by him.

-Alyn, have you seen Louis? – Rika shouted.

He glanced over to the field – ahead figure of Louis surrounded by the Stein knights could be made out.

-Are you shitting me?

-Princess, watch your mouth. – Sid spoke from behind.

-I’d rather mind own business, Sid. Unless you want your head on a pike.

-Stay. Going there is reckless. – Alyn spoke in cold tone.

Rika turned around, giving a smack on a shoulder to Sid – he got off.

-Right, give men all the joy of the war and they’ll grab onto it. Bloody twats. – Rika was absolutely furious. – Alyn! – She roared, – Get the men and back to patrols. I’ll deal with this!

-Absolutely not! – Alyn protested, his voice cold and stern.

Rika glared at Alyn.

-Do you defy me? – Her gaze was piercing daggers at Alyn. He never seen her in such a dreadful and colossal fury.

Alyn turned around, making sure the knights and soldiers heard his commands – the men turned around, walking back.

-Rika, I hope you know what you’re doing. – Alyn was cold.

I presume that I know even more than you. Now I’d suggest sir Sid to give you the story, whilst I manage this bloody mess.

Rika turned her horse and went galopped towards the Stein soldiers. By now they took in Duke Howard, and that was absolutely understandable. As she approached closer she was greeted by Albert – the smart man, the fine and logical.

-Princess, are you lost on a battlefield? – He pointed out.

-I’d rather keep the jokes to self. Let me speak to Byron. About time to sort this madness.

-I’m afraid I can’t help you. He’s right now having a chat with Duke Howard.

-Albert, you’re a wise man, do the right thing – let me meet the king, before the situation is gone off the rails for good. And I’d like to be accompanied now.

Rika was tenacious. She got off her horse and walked to Albert. Her cold gaze, about to kill, just like the tone of voice – really meant to get things done. There was no way it was same weak Princess that barely held it together whilst doing introductions.

Albert succumbed to the pressure.

-Follow me, Your Highness. – He suggested and walked off. Rika followed.

A knock on the door, then the swift movement to open it. Albert lead Rika to see Byron.

Just as they walked in – Rika saw Louis in shackles, surprised to see her here.

-Leave us! – Barked Byron to Albert.

The door closed behind him.

-I understood it was a misunderstanding. But how can we find the proof of innocence for Duke? – Byron gazed at Louis.

-Gentleman, to be frank with you, I’m about to kill one that’s chained up. But besides that, – Rika breathed out, coming closer to Byron, then giving him a slap across the face. – How dare you be of such insolence to have Niko Meier spy on me?! How audacious of you, your Majesty! Did you even know that the whole situation IS due to the daring insolence that was brought by you through Niko, m?

Baron gave a cold look at Rika. He was never dealt with is such a way. She was over the top. Not to mention Louis – absolutely shocked by the actions of his beloved Princess.

-And you? Are you a teenager of a brainiac?! Do you think that your bloody actions of a self-sacrifice would give you the rightful glory of a decent caring man?! – Rika walked over to Louis to give him a slap on a cheek.

The two man, scolded as kids, stood unable to find the right words. Rika paced around, before standing up in front of Byron again.

-Now, might we just sort out this treachery but hanging the life out of Niko? I don’t find it tolerable to have a man of his likes running wild and conjuring other mischievous deeds.

-Rika, what do you mean? And how come…

-That I’m angry? Furious? Out of my bloody head? – Rika cut off Byron. – My dear friend, even as we eventually bonded over the wine, I must say that I do get to flip my shit at times. When shove comes to push – this is the darn thing to explain from your side!



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