Guardian Teddy(Angel)

Original short story
Rating : PG

Tightly clutching to her teddy, Mari had been looking at the sunset. Quite unbelievable – she thought. The sky had the finest hues of orange. Even better than the jelly sweets she had before.

“How dull…” – Said her teddy bear.

“Now, now, Gabriel.” – She poked bears nose. – “Don’t be so grumpy. Mama did not teach you that.”

The birds singing was cooing them. Soft breeze and the warmth. With this odd summer it seemed to be the fairest of tales.

“You be brave. And don’t forget to say “Thank you”.” – Mari somehow hugged the big bear more.

Both lied down. She, head buried in him, clenching tightly, fell asleep.

“Gabriel, the heavens council is calling.” – Michael had appeared. Wings glowing. – “Come on. You can stop being that now. We have things to do.”

Angelic being got out of the teddy bear

“Michael, you sure know no fun.” – Gabriel stretched his wings. He turned to pat Mari on a head, softly.

“I’ll be back, my dear.” – Gabriel then smiled at Michael.

They vanished in air.

Heaven calls.


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