Library in Suggestion (R)

Original poetry
Rating – R

His grip tightens around her
The highlight of moment requires more
Sweet mewl escapes lips
He smirks as he grips

The chatter on background
Fills halls with the echoes
Your wish to be bone bound
Leaves no space for “let go”s

You came in knowing the consequences
To actions that kill any morals
The thrill of the old school provinces
With stories possessed with the quarrels

All fulfilled with scorching fire
The fumes reaching heavenly liar
One who deemed this a sin
Wearing the widest grin

His thrust makes body bend
The touch heaves to the land
Finest of ladies in hand
Reaching the peak of her end

Trembling and gasping for air
She looks at him in despair
Silently begging for more
The words that come as “encore”

But he fastens his belt
He knows the damage he’s dealt
Fine lick of the lips
He smiles and retreats

She will wait once again
For the sin with a man
In restricted section
Of library in suggestion


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