Ultranumb (Poetry edition)

Inspired by the music of BLUE STALHI


Dominated by all you’ve hated
Will this make you ultranumb?

Feeling up your innocence
Lighting up the room incense
You’re tears rolls down as one
You are open to my harm

Dominated by the hatred
So determined by belated
To become my only one
When so truly gone

Rearranging your own surgery
Pulling into dawn of me
Trying last of liquor sadness
Running boldly into madness

I’d love you more
Yet your unheavenly runaway
Casted my wish aside
Drawn to metamorphosys
Crying for heaven bliss

Now solemnly obedient
Licking on my wound
Trying to seem confident
Being truly bound

I won’t cast you away
Just obey, Dear Slave


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