Breathe – Night Air

Original Poetry

The breath of wind in the chilled air,
Soft breeze during night flare
Darting up to the stars at eleven past
To become like a mist for the mind at last

Small terrarium on a windowsill
With plants covered in glass shards of will
Faint buzz of electric block
Cars in distance find roads to flock

Lavender with faint aroma in night
Flowers and greens breathing in fright
Old witch of powers dark and bright
Slowly conjured the love for the fight

Engine oil tickles with its aroma
Echoes of beasts held back over
Hills in silent watch they keep over
And earth growling with power

Clay branches locked in a cover
Crushing sound of the metal lover
Seems like summer soon will be over
Dragging feet of fallen clover

Breathe – chill that runs through the marrow
Pacing dark town paths so narrow
Maybe the love for tomorrow
Will give wings for the thieving sparrow



    1. Thank you!
      I prefer to write with rhyme. Can’t really manage to write without it – when it comes to poetry.
      So, really appreciate the comment!

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