Writers Ego Devotion

In parroting motion
I keep my devotion
By checking for letter
Of one known creator
Who strives by the latter
Of endless propriety

In one mighty swoop
Fully indulging in scoop
Of writing produced
By the feeling induced
I absorb every word
That your mind had put
Through the pen on the paper

Once more I bestow
The feeling I know
As the worst of a kind
But it’s not that I mind
Yet I truthfully am
Really eager to tell

Every letter you send
Pokes at dark implement
Of my descend
That is bleak amend

My writers ego
Could never let go
Of your penned soul
That you bestow
In every single letter

Yet somehow I really want
To selfishly make you
Say it out loud
Proclaim it and pledge it to me
That all of your writing
Your body, soul, mind, ring
It fully and faithfully
Belongs only to me

My writers ego wants to
Claim your dreamy creative and mindful soul
And somehow I know

I would never let go
Of you and your soul
That is having its hand
Bond and flow
Stretched out to me

You keep giving me more
With each word you condone
To the letter below
Your strong hand
“Well penned”


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