“Dinner in Eden”

Authors note: This is free-flow-write. It’s part-poetry, part-rhyme. But it’s with deep meaning of being sort of a “bystander” – the hidden realm of behind.

“Your eyes are glued to window. Much on your mind?”
Voice of best friend shook silence.
“Just thinking.” Words left my mouth.

My mind was awry,
Out on the streets of old pavement,
Looking down the waterways,
Soaking up on flowers that I cared to not miss.
The sound of the rain kept the feeling more vivid.
I hoped it’s “ok”,
But the memories livid.

The path was still there,
And the tapping on petals,
The sound of heartbeat
And the menacing metals.
Your presence concealed,
As you stare from the shadows,
Your figure received the wet kiss from my matters.

I still gasped real tight in my hands my faint heartfelt
Soft eager demanding shout of love for your soul.
I knew how unsettling were the occasions,
I knew that I should not have craved for that lost…
The place of my standing,
The your assigned post –
It’s not that I’m mending what’s lost.

The rain keeps on tapping,
The gems hung up glinting,
The Garden of Eden gives less than the rest
My heartbeat in ears,
Drumming harder by moment,
I see you in tears,
But your eyes keep on smiling.

My friend finished dinner,
I’m still midway through.
It’s once more the inner…
The demon of “you”…


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