“The Masquerade in Manse”

The Masquerade in Manse
Fells like all’s in trance
Although by just a glance
You see pretentious prominence

Of great and fallen in a dance
Reminding pain-filled battle stance
Like this grotesque night reverence
A morbid pitfall expectance

Will give you way for slimming chance
To conquer wast expanse
Of endless ignorance
To draw all ’em to penance

For will to grab the lance
To kill the last annoyance
To draw the hidden poignance
Of once existing fine romance

True gist of flamboyance
Of splendours dissonance
Of your fake smiling glance
That falls to Muses dance

Not one will be of chance
To flee the blood pit ants
Unless you change your stance
To conquer ignorance

(c) art by Luis Avila “Bloodbath”

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