To my dear Followers

About time I thank all of you great people who read my sweet labour of love in writing.

So here goes:


Thank you all who stumbled across my stories, who was interested in my poetry, who just randomly found my works appealing or is ready to throw rotten tomatoes to my face – I sincerely am grateful to all of you!

The comments, the critique, the “silent” followers – all of it is warming my heart.

All of you great people around the world – is what makes me feel jolly and keep do what I love to do – write!

. . .

Given that there is close to no information about me, I decided to give a little of my life story.

I started writing from the age of 12-13 , when at that time the short stories of fiction and poetry were my precious thing. Now, decade later, I still write, still love it. I enjoy reading a lot. From fiction to elaborate fiction. Am picky at what I read.

When I began writing it was mainly on the old-school blogs and diary sites. All the great madness of the fine 2006-2008, when internet was still quite the virgin.

Since then, when I was mainly writing in Russian, I kind of wandered into the wast plains of the English language… Where I found it easier to write in the latter language.

Once my life began running in mad style, as London does that to people – I fully merged into the English life. London British, to be exact.

That gave me the more influence in writing. Which, well, became something more gruesome, yet lovely.

Contradictions. Madness. Love. Hate. Life. Fails. Wins. Sobs. Friends.

Then I found my love of life and stuck to it like a symbiote. He does not really mind. *evil laugh*

And I keep writing. Years pass by, the events of life crash and go, the currents sweet off the feet, then you wander off and explore. But my heart craves for more – to be a proper Writer. Just like I wished for it when I was a kid.

I still grow, I still learn – all to become the greatest writer.

And all of that is not only for me, but for You, Reader. I want you to read the most beautiful story that I will craft, so you’ll taste, feel, see, hear and experience the world new to you.Β 

Thank you.

Sincerely, with love,


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