Story Debut : “Cathedral” – Prologue

Dear readers,

Thank you kindly for keeping up with my works. Today I wish to share something I’ll be working on for a while – a new story with a name “Cathedral”.

The story is genre of Mystery, a fiction with a dark side. The story will also debut on Inkitt. The chapters will mainly be uploaded there. But once I make it there – the follow-up post will appear in blog.

Below you’ll find the Prologue to the story.
Many thanks and enjoy ❤ 

Prologue “Cathedral”

…piano music playing, keyboards reciting a lonely melody…

“There’s a legend about this Cathedral…” – A ghostly voice calls out to reader.

…piano melody softly playing…

“That if you sing a song known in tale, as you pass Cathedral by – you might be asked to give 5 ro.”

…melody playing…

“It’s told that if someone is out the window, asking you for these 5 ro – give them.”

…keyboards reciting the melody…

“It might not be much of worth to you. But that might save another soul. Those 5 ro.”

…piano keeps playing into the distance…


Running against the puddles, splashing sounds. She’s out the breath, gasping as she turns around seeking for that couple that gave her 5 ro, but they’re nowhere to be seen.

Then she stops, as if nailed to the old rocky pavement. Suddenly she falls to the ground.

Her face in utter terror.

“Whaaaaa!!!” – She screams out loud, tears running down her cheeks. She clutches her body, as she weeps.

The memories come back flooding and realisation hits her hard. Though she just escaped hell, she is no longer among living.

Rain falls down. The pitter-patter of the drops hit the pavement. The town seems at its pace. Late evening in summer.

The piano melody keeps on playing.

*note – “ro” is a type currency in this case. “5 ro” are a bill by the size of 5 British pounds, but of thinner paper.


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