“Loving your face”

Dwell, you should dwell on it
Breathe, as lungs fill with chill
Catch, last of thin tail of it
Your dreams and goals – make them real.

Can you feel – feel the warmth of sunshine
Rays of light – seeping through the window
Plants in pots, plants in green
Covering atrium in magical feel

Strong urge to ask them “kneel”
And shielding nerves of steel
Yet eyes glued to the view
That you have shared with few
Whilst leaves covered in dew
Them memories you knew
You threw

Outside the window, the fire is ablaze
Something that easily could amaze
Yet not able to faze
Your loyal warm gaze
As mind comes to trace
The bridge, maze and race –
All up in this blaze

I won’t wither in craze
As your heart keeps a trace
Of my life in a maze…
I keep loving your face
As I know your embrace
But still isn’t the case

You keep furnace ablaze
Drowning deeper in craze
Leaving all without trace
Falling down from your grace

Just Embrace
Our madness in lace
A tale of lost days
Lovers maze


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