Parallels Book 1 : Chapter 19-25 + UPDATES

Hey there! (the book/ story updates; also writing news) 

All the Chapters 19 to 25 are edited and published on Inkitt.

Here is the link to Chapter 19 – Chapter 19

From there you can access the rest of the book.

To finally announce – The BOOK 1 of PARALLELS series is finally done!

So now the first part is accomplished and the work on the next book has begun.

On a side note – I have applied for ScreenCraft Contest for Cinematic Book 2018 . They’ll kindly announce the details of winners in April 2019. *please pray for my dear book to succeed. AS I literally do with all my might believe in my writing.*

Here are few resolutions I have thought of that I must complete during the next writing period:

  1. The story “Cathedral” – will be edited and completed into a wholesome book
  2. The series – “Seven Deadly Cardinals” will be completed  (pushed to be a wholesome book)
  3. The story “Entry 43” will also be edited and made into a wholesome book
  4. Make “Parallels” series Book 2 and Book 3 – as otherwise my silly self is going to make my mind go rampaging for sacrifice to all the gods of writing

The “Entry 43” will be updated here also. As it was the entry for the “Writers of the Future” 4th quarter works of 2018.

It did not win a thing – because I had worked on Seven Deadly Cardinals [3] for so long, that when I realised that contest is there and needs work – I made Entry 43 in less than a week, with more work in last 16 hours than throughput the week. SO the work is not completed properly, there is a lot left out from the story and much to be sorted with it.

That is why I’ll publish it as it is in here, then make a sweet passionate love to it and make it a great book.

To the “Parallels” series

I have decided to make each book that comes after Parallels ( I ) [ aka Parallels (II) ; Parallels (III)  ] the sequel with a twist.

Idea is that you get to know more of each main character (for those who don’t know – there are few mains who appear often and hold the plot together : Erick, David, Niko, Adrian, (& spoiler alert – The Mad King – once you read the story, you get to know his real name) which is basically where the demons crawl from).

So each next book will be divided between the view point of the main characters, as well as the continuation of the events in the general story.

I get it, it’s like fillers, but those are to will explain how exactly are the happenings of “now” get to be & the way they pan out. Also – the poop judgement of the characters, if there is such to be seen.

Yeah, that is why I have love-hate relationship with my characters (OCs). I already have a favourite, actually few of them, but yeah… They all are twisted in ways.

There will occur the “migrating” characters, who get to appear in “fillers” of few of characters, but under different circumstances. Yeah, glitches.

But I must say – This work is my great baby and I love it to bits!!!

And then there are readers – You Wonderful Folk, who stumbled across this reading, who make it awesome!!!

I know that some might hate it, some might love it – the perception of tastes yo.

But in any case – I thank every one of you who reads a chapter and then another, having some thought about this writing.

Thank you all.


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