“Masterpiece Caption”

“Ah! What beauty!” – I exclaim in delight
The photograph taken might give you a fright
Yet, darling, don’t worry,
I’m not even sorry,
You are really piece of great Art!

The pleasurous shiver
That poison in liver
Your gasps as you quiver
Choking down on sweet air

My hands tightly holding
Your delicate neck
Whilst you’re struggling silly –
What wreck!

Nails digging in skin,
Oh, your body so thin,
And the chances are slim
For your futile survival.

Ah, how limp and stiffened you fell,
Your rolled eyes, changing smell
The tongue blue and swollen
The True, Real, Great Masterpiece!
The faithful threads woven!

With strings, hooks and passion
I’ve pulled out the fashion
The Masterpiece Caption!
Of body in action of Death!


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