“Eucharist Ritual”

This glory morning does my dues
The sky is with blue-yellow hues
As I take in these gracious views
I make amendments, open bruise

The chalice ready – filled with ooze
The sort that’s red, although not booze
Taken from body that went loose
One that was meant for my bemuse

I drink the liquid, pour it over
Feels like the dew on morning clover
I’m once again replenished, cleansed
And the new change – Yes, I have sensed

Once again – bathed in purity
Drawing more sense of obscurity
So it transcends into fine security
Of my new found holy maturity

This Eucharist Ritual
Feeling this relished, spiritual
Although their lifeless bodies scattered – habitual
Once I’m done – they’ll be just perpetual
Indecent, irrelevant, burning and visual
Beautiful, sacred and pure – Finest Ritual!


The artwork is by Marcel Wissel on ArtStation

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