“Begging for Embrace”

Sweet texture that you hate
Comes to me, as of late
Unwraps upon my plate
Begging to be ate

But surely, I can wait
For perfect time to grate
What will be left of fate
If this keeps on being bait

I see as it grinds your gears
Seeping in, feeding your fears
As words are whispered in your ears
Your eyes are filled with tears

Your pain upon your face
As you fall from your grace
Begging, pleading to be in my embrace
Bare and clearly broken, wrapped in lace

Oh dear, I know I’m clear
With words I smear
Unable to hold back jeer
Yet you stay near

I’ll be discreet –
I’ll use you for my feat
So take a seat,
Don’t wallow at my feet.

Upon producing art –
I clearly cannot part
From desire inside my heart –
Murder – my favourite part!

So, as you’re entering here,
You should be clear
That all what’s left – Fear,
Love, Faithfulness and Death, My Dear.


Being lovesick…
Inspired by Artiste Stefano Valentini (The Evil Within 2) ; Tchaikovsky – Serenade for Strings in C Major Op.48 (Pezzo in forma di sonatina)

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