“Tainted Crest”

I can hear piano play
Rain outside falls in ash-grey
Your hands together as you pray
Hoping it’ll help your lifes’ dismay

You twitch and shiver, as you may,
Hearing my steps, as I pace away
Past the smelly corpses that decay
Further down – to chiselled doorway

As you keep praying under your breath
I can see your imminent death
Stepping closer and closer to you
Leaving no escape, no chance – just smoke hue

Broken glass, opened window, curtains sway
I can feel, this being a marvellous day.
Old cigarettes stacked in ashtray…
Might I actually stumbled astray?

But then, soft touch of her delicate skin
Against my own, like a dreadful sin.
Hands slowly reach for the bottle of gin,
Yet her softness and caress begin…

I close eyes – this could be a whim.
But she carefully, her fingers slim,
Trace my features – restraint wearing thin
She lands a kiss on my lips – I cannot win.

Her sweet majesty Death at its best –
Giving my tattered senses no rest,
Even if my last courage could jest –
I’m pinned by her, mesmerised, messed…

Yet this intimacy makes me feel blessed.
My head resting on her chest,
After nights love, my soul is possessed,
In front of her – bare and undressed.

And her endless love gives me no rest.
Each time I become greatly impressed
As I summon her through the darkest
Most foul and gory fest

Where she comes in as a guest
Smiling, caring and loving me deepest…
Our love becomes highest crest
And in such my love is expressed.


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