“Roses in Scripts”

Body slowly submerging in bath
Although mind festers wrath
That’s not todays’ path
His mind does the math.

If decision comes forth for today
They’ll face the mistaken array
The deceitful and fruitless betray
During typical time in cafe.

But that is not how he’d play.
A body in bath, that of prey,
Covered in rose petals, slowly turning grey…
This piece of story with grace of ballet…

He looks at his piece of dead art –
She was unwilling to part.
Wailing and pleading from start
Unable to change his heart.

Music keeps seeping through cracks
He is finally able to relax…
Eyes looking outside in the blacks
Night holding the crime scene climax.

Smile graces his lips,
Eyes look at eclipse,
Then he finally slips
His fingers to her hips…
Another prey strips
Making more clips to his scripts.


Art by Dong-gun Yoon (ArtStation)

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