“Morning Sunshine”

Early morning in your heart
Winds pulling curtains part
Sun shining through to veins
Blessing embodied remains

Your eyes upon the view
Heart holding life anew
The coffee in the cup
The merry jolly start

Pens stacked in holder
Notebooks piled on tabletop
Your new creative blunder
Is here to reach the top

Short stanza for that fluttery warm love feeling.


    1. Writers block? Oh, that is a hard one. Usually there are multiple ways of dealing with it: to give self time to relax, have time spent on some activities that do not involve writing and then it strikes.
      There is also the “pushing through” way – where you take pen and start writing whatever comes to mind. Like “cat, outside is sun, people chat” and just note down mundane stuff. Then as it goes, maybe pivk theme or object and write about it.
      For each writer it is fought differently.

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