“The Memory of Balcony”

Small room, devoid of love and familiarity. Just needed bed, table, clothing, and few spots holding bunch of piles of sentimental goods.

The room lead towards balcony. Long, not that wide, old curtains, wooden interior, the view to the land below. The empty houses, small and built for usage during summer time mainly. The long spreading forest was afterwards.

Smoke rose from the end of the cigarette as lighter was ignited at last.

Standing there, smoking were two people.

“Kai, you sure have a thing for being an asshole.” – She puffed smoke out.
Latter, male, smirked and turned to face his friend.

“I didn’t really think you’d have anything against it. You were always the one to actually love it.”

She gave him a tired look.

“You, my handsome man, are a walking trouble.” – She took a toke, – “But I still love you nonetheless.”

He put his hand around her shoulders.

“Say, have you seen Rei lately?” – Kai leaned his head towards her face. She turned cigarette towards him, so he took a toke.

“I think he’ll come out of that room any moment now.” – She replied.

Kai pulled her into embrace. Hugging her from behind.

Door opens and Rei walks in, behind him is another man.

“Oh, what do you know, did your hiney decide to bestow it’s holly self upon us?” – Rei sarcastically remarked.

“So it seems.” – Kai smiles back at his fellow.

“Guess some of us actually come together at times.” – Man pushes through and comes to girl, taking out his cigarette.

“Gimme some light.” – He requests, as he leans against the wall next to Kai and girl. She pulls out lighter, and clicks it for fire to show. Man lights his cigarette.

“So you got to come as well, huh?” – She remarks.

“He’s the really attentive one, is he not?” – Kai murmurs.

“Nop,” – Rei comes to Kais side. – “Adrian is a high gent who’ll keep being a dictator and egotistical asshole.”

“There will never cease to exist the shit your mouths conjure.” – Adrian puffs smoke out.

Girl snorts.

“If you keep fighting like this – there’s going to be nothing left. I’m already quite sad that some are leaving, or just showing up so rarely, it seems they’ve gone.” – She leans her head against Kai.

“It’s quite surprising that Kai is here. He was the one to slack off to fuck around the most.” – Adrian puffs smoke.

“Bull-” – Kai tries to backfire, but Rei cuts in.

“That is true though. You did disappear for quite a while. That’s how I ended up in here.” – Rei shrugged.

“Do you still miss him?” – Adrian looks out to the moonlit forest, observing exactly what She is observing.

“Yeah.” – She tiredly replies.

“But he’s an asshole for leaving!” – Rei interferes. – “That guy! Just leaves all of a sudden, saying some bullcrap and what? Is that all we’ve to say about it? Aren’t you mad?”

Kai glances at Rei. Silent remark to “Shut up”.

Silence hangs. The chirping of cicadas outside, faint barking heard from far off. Then the chugging train is passing into distance, through that forest ahead.

“It’s…” – She breathes out.

“He wanders to find what he lost. Just like you all.” – Adrian cuts in. – “It’s also the reason I go off at times as well. Don’t give me earful about crap you make up about having it all. You’re in same pit as me. As all of us.”

“You do know she’ll be upset.” – Kai hugs her tight.

“You do know she won’t hear you soon.” – Adrian sadly says.

She lets out a sigh.

“Yeah, I know I’m losing it. Sadly. But me too – I can’t bind you to me.” – She looks at them all.

The sadness and warmth of the heart is felt in the moment. They all know that soon it might cease to exist.

“I still think I won’t forget you all. But I will eventually stop hearing you all. Not noticing you standing there, not feeling your presence… Sad.” – She lights another cigarette.

“You are still watching the same sky, are you not?” – Erick speaks up.

“I still am.” – She replies, her fingers holding the cigarette.- “And you? Still searching for that special something?”

Door opens and Erick walks in.

“I think I might have to stick with you to find it.” – He replies, landing a soft touch on her cheek. – “Did you already…?”

“I did,” – She gives a small nod. – “I did cease to feel them just now. Almost all of them.”

“You exerted yourself in maintaining so many.” – Erick softly says. – “So now it’s only what? Three? Four of us?”

“You, David, Adrian…” – She says, as her eyes keep being glued to the view of the snow covered land below.

“So there is just us three…” – Erick looks at her.- “So what now? You’re pulling out what is left just to keep us here?”

“Guess so.” – She opens the window and throws out what’s left of her cigarette.

“Not even seeing us now?” – Erick says.

“I can only hear you. Faintly feel your presence. Although you’ve got no clue how hard it is to…” – She looks at where Erick stands, seeing nothing. She lets out a sigh.

“Yeah, so that’s how it is.” – She turns around, looking out at snow lands.- “You’ve all been there for me. But I can’t even hear your voices. All that’s left – knowing you’re somewhere near.”

She walks back into room, closing door behind her.

On the balcony are standing eight people.


“She totally does not feel us.” – Orin says.

“Drained all just to keep at it. As mad as it gets.” – Rei sighs.

“She’ll regain it.” – Kai looks at the rest.

“I don’t doubt, but that’ll be the question of time.” – Mello shrugs.

“I just hope little one makes it before she’s old as me.” – Grandpa Mottoko chuckles.

“You there, don’t you dare say crap.” – David glances at old man.

“Oya, you think you can defy me, little boy?” – Grandpa smirks.

“Don’t. It’ll hurt her more if we’ll fight.” – Erick places his hand on Davids shoulder.

“I’m eager to know how many more she’ll conjure before she’ll see us again.” – Adrian smiles, as he lights his smokes. – “You all know how she is – even without knowing it, there will grow to be a full town of us. Question is: Will she be able to maintain all of us at once to see it manifested?”

The rest are stunned for a moment.

“You mean…” – Erick says, worry plastered all over his face.

“I mean, she’ll grow. Just like us. And there will be more. She’s that good to make more. Her craving won’t cease to amaze me.” – Adrian laughs.

Back in the room, devoid of love and familiarity, in pajamas and under covers sleeps Her. Still a kid, in the terms of the Worldly matters, already a grown up in the matters of Otherworld.

“Keep on making me excited, you little thing. I’ll find the way to make you conjure it all alive for you to see with own eyes.” – Adrian places his hand softly on her head, then leans down to kiss her forehead.- “Make us live this life together. Even if we walk through hell.”



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