[4] Seven Deadly – Cardinals Diligence/Sloth

Another end of day for the “Dame Rose Atelier”.

The doors are locked from inside, sign flipped to “closed”, the show room is cleaned up. The only person left inside is tailor.

In the back of the atelier, with rows of fabric, shelves of buttons and neatly organised equipment on the table, near sewing machine, tailor sat on the chair.

The fitting mannequin wore a draft for a suit jacket.

Phone dings, Richard notes down another appointment on his phone. He took out the notebook and signed into it the time and name of the new person.

The new person suggested by Collin, friend of Richards, was a famous male actor and big celeb

“Although Collin said that the man requires suit for Gala, it’s just odd he’s eager to get it here.” – Richard spoke out.

When there was noone around, Richard has tendency to talk to self.

Well, anticipating troublesome customers was to be looked forward to.

The next day began as usual. The assistant came in to greet any customers, help them and consult.

Some friends came to the back to talk with Richard. Some customers – to have fitting, to be measured, to have a chat.

But mainly, at the back of atelier – Richard was working. Sewing and creating bespoke suits.

Once the evening came, as sun was setting and the orange skies gave the warm feeling, the doorbell jingled jolly.

“Richard, I’m here!” – Collins voice came from the entrance.

“At the back!” – Richard replied.

The guests entered the back room. Collin, with his typical suited up look, again, most likely from another early dinner with some new top 10 wealthy business owners in the city. His brushed back black hair, the sleek look, one that gives the sense of businessman – yeah, Collin.

The other man caught Richards attention.

Tall, brunette, casual, yet the whole atmosphere around him was beaming. Once the man took off the sunglasses, he revealed his hazel-green eyes.

“Heterochromia..” – Richard breathed out, nodding to self.

The man smiled: “Is that directed at me?”

Richard nodded, scratching his forehead.

“Pardon my manners. Sometimes words leave mouth before I get to stop them.”

“What?” – Collins brows knitted. – “Hetero-what? Is that what I’m thinking this is?”

“Heterochromia – as a mutation?” – Man spoke.

“Ahaha! Collin, you’re off mark.” – Richard laughed. – “Pardon me, the heterochromia I referred to is the selectoral iridis heterochromia – the coloration of the eye. Your eye inside is hazel, but outwards is green. But otherwise that too can be referred to as – mutation.”

Collin shrugged.

“Richard, how the hell do you know this science stuff?”

“I actually came across a lady with similar discoloration, and was rude to point it out. So she, as a great biologist, corrected me and gave me piece of worthy knowledge.” – Richards hands made a gesture.

“Oh! I remember!” – Collin got excited. – “Was it Gretta Sullivan? That evening when she came with the actor Trevor, right? Ahaha! When she gave you earful for leaving your tact at home. Ahaha! That was a show!”

Collin laughed.

“I have still not heard the name of out guest of honor here, Collin.” – Richard raised his eyebrow, as he looked at Collin.

“Oh, apologies,” – Collin put his hand on a mans shoulder, – “Richard, meet Elliot Barnaby! The great star, the fashion idol and the gem of any show he’s part in!”

Elliot stretched his hand to Richard, latter took it in a handshake.

“My pleasure.” – Spoke Elliot with a smile. – “Collin spoke highly of your work.”

“Must say, he speaks highly of many peoples work. He’s just in never ending mode of acquainting people with other people.”

After the very chippy start, the measurements were taken. Once the lads got to the part of picking the fabric and design – Collin got a call.

With Collins’ typical laugh and “The adventure calls me!” – Collin waved goodbye and left.

“Would you like a drink?” – Richard exhaled loudly, right after the door shut behind Collin.

“Do you have any good gin?” – Elliot asked, absorbed in checking the designs in portfolio.

“Gin?” – Richard said surprisedly as he turned to face the guest. All the while standing next to the door, leading to kitchenette.

“Oh, did I surprise you?” – Elliot looked up at Richard.

“By a matter of fact.” – Richard tapped the door frame with a finger. – “Are you by any chance from Britain? Most people I met, who prefer gin, tend to be from Britain.”

“Surprised how you pointed that out explicably well.” – Elliot smiled. – “Actually, I was born in another country, really, just spent most of my life in United Kingdom. Gin is a part of the evenings in good company. And the Christmas special in any pub -”

“Sloe Gin!” – Simultaneously said the two and laughed.

“Yes, yes, nowhere without the Sloe Gin in the winter time. Ha-ha! I’ll go grab that gin.” – Richard laughed as he went to kitchenette.

Once gin was in the glasses, placed on the table in the backroom of the Atelier, the gents were talking more about the Gala and right selection of materials for the greatest tailored suit.

Elliot brushed his fingers against the fabric, then again. He approvingly nodded.

“I’d love this to be the fabric for the suit.” – Elliot nodded again.

Richard took a look and smiled.

“You sure have a good taste. The fabric is 68% cotton and 32% silk, guess the lustre did the magic. It always catches the eye.”

“But I want to have really dazzling embroidery on it. Like, the Alexander McQueen or the Elie Saab, or the Chanel embroidered pieces. So that suit is captivating. I want to be like a King, from Versailles – in least.” – Elliot took gin glass, having a drink.

Richard was stunned. Unsure where this was going. Eccentric outfits – he made those, yes, but embroidery was of even higher level of creativity. To him, at least.

“Don’t you have a wish to make something that makes any other attire look like the shabby imitation of true art?” – Elliot eyed Richard.

“I agreed about the suit. But embroidery…” – Richard tried to divert it.

“Be honest, Richard,” – Elliot began, – “I can see it in your eyes. You SEE the suit already. I told you about my idea. But you already pictured it. You have talent and skill. I’ve checked your designs in that notebook you left. Say, let’s make a deal. I’ll wear your suit, I’ll make them all notice you, and you – you make a full on collection. For the Fashion Show that you’ll put up a little after the Gala.”

Richard smiled, downed the last of gin.

“I’m not entirely sure if you’re really that eager to help, or that eager to conjure some storm.”

Richard leans on the back of the chair more, closes eyes.

“I’m not toying here. I’ve got craving to make your works shine.” – Elliot shrugged.

“You sure are of unique build.” – Richard laughed.

“I sure am.” – Elliot smiled.

Month later.

The mens restroom at the Gala venue. Three gentleman are squeezing into a single cubicle.

“Lemme try it, my turn.” – Greg pushed.

“Babe, you trying to feel me up?” – Owen smirked.

“You dorks are too vanilla for me to handle.” – Elliot snorted.

Greg pushed his fingers inside back pocket of Owens trousers, then pulled out a small pack with pills.

“Ladies, don’t crowd.” – Owen pulled Greg into closer embrace. – “Are you being too familiar here or just that thirsty for some?”

Elliot laughed, covering his mouth.

“I’m gonna die from dear ol’ joy of laughter, before I get to have “it”.”

Owen looked at Greg, winking.

“Babe, push them fingers deeper next time.”

Greg pulls out pill from the pack and swallows it, then he holds one pill in his lips, the rest of the pack is handed to Elliot. Two pills left inside.

“Thanks for hook up girls, I’m off.” – Elliot squeezes out of the cubicle.

The other two kiss, as Greg pushed the pill into Owens mouth. The door is closed behind Elliot, but not before Elliots eyes meet Richards.

“Upsy-daisy. Well, shall we find another place to hang out?” – Elliot approaches Richard, wrapping his hand around his shoulders, pulling him along out of the mens’ room.

“That was…” – Richard was not quite sure what he saw, be he knew that is was not something that he should have seen.

“I have a splendid idea! Fantastic plan! Adventure that requires your company! And there is no “no’s” taken for an answer.” – Elliot pulls Richard into elevator.

The two go up to the top floor, with the apartment suite of the hotel. There was the apartment suite where Elliot was hosted for the period of time during which the Gala was hosted.

Gala was the annual venue for the great celebs to come together and enjoy their fantastic achievements throughout the most of the year. That also hosted a great opportunity for any and all to be discovered or re-discovered.

Once the suit that Elliot wore was on the named man – the whole Gala was his show. The attention was on him, the questions of who was the designer were raining down, the compliments were flowing madly, the atmosphere around him became on-par with a royal persona. He was a King that ruled this Gala.

The suit was truly as he desired: the embroidered sleeves, the half cape hanging from the shoulders, the high rounded collar, the gems embroidered, the sheen of the whole outfit and the royal theme picked – it became the talk of the venue.

Richard outdid himself with this suit. Working full days into late evenings and even nights – to make this truly worthy of King. Hours and hours spent with hard work, patience and a lot of love.

Richard did already feel that this was him expressing his artful side. Usually he kept on producing designs of simple suit composition. Just playing with the form, not adding the great bizarre tweaks of embroidery to that level.

But he did have a wish to produce a proper show with designs he crafted at some point. They appeared, right after few trips to the god forgotten lands.The impression they made though – made Richard draw designs throughout the night.

Now one of his great works was on the body of the most famous man at this point in time.

And this man was dragging him along, like white rabbit pulled Alice to Wonderland, Elliot pulled Richard to other sort of Wonderland.

“Now, let me see…” – Elliot fiddled with the fridge that held selection of drinks.

“So your adventurous idea was to drink?” – Richard let out short laugh.

“Actually, yes and no.” – Elliot pulled out a bottle of champagne. – “The idea included the drinks, but there is more to it. You don’t learn do you?”

Elliot poured champagne in the glasses, then took one to Richard, who already watched out the window onto the scenery below.

The buzzing of the big city. The evening lights, taxi and cars, people and madness. But as it was so far, it seemed like a part of another world.

Richard took the glass.

“Come, let me show you the greatest view.” – Elliot tugged at Richards sleeve.

They both went upstairs, to the open roof balcony. The sky in orange red, with other side darkening, the bright light… It was somehow so familiar, yet new.

Richard let out a sigh, as he looked at sunset.

“To great beginnings, to mesmerising art, to magical beings and never being apart.” – Elliot raised his glass, looking at Richard.

Latter smiled. Champagne was truly good. Two spent time sitting on the couch in the balcony. Cold breeze was ruffling hair softly. The chat went on and on.

“So, as a tailor you gotta be ye-ey good with a touch, right?” – Elliot sneered at Richard, having already a strange idea creeping up.

“I wouldn’t exactly put it that way..” – Richard was shaking head.

“So how about you close your eyes and I get you to touch things. And you guess what they are.” – Elliot excitedly pulled Richard back inside the apartment and pushed him down on sofa.

“Oh goodness gracious..” – Richard breathed out.

“So that you don’t cheat in this – I’m having this around your eyes.” – Elliot took out his long kerchief and wrapped it around Richards eyes.

“God, I hope you don’t make me touch some odd fish of sorts.” – Richard sighed.

“Don’t give me ideas.” – Elliot laughed, as he went off to pick some pieces of clothing for this make-up trial.

He brought out the silk shirt, cotton one, the suit piece Richard created and with a wide smile got back into the room.

“So, let’s begin.” – Elliot held silk shirt next to Richard.- “Now put out your hand and touch it. What is the material?”

Richards hand stretched out, feeling the material.

“This one is easy. Silk. Shirt.” – Richard replied.

Elliot pulled that shirt away, pushing another in front of Richard.

“This is 100% cotton.” – Richard replied. – “I am wondering how far you’ll take it.”

Elliot have out a short laugh, then put the suit piece in front. Once Richards hand touched it, it made tailor smile.

“Really, you’ll be pushing my own work onto me asking what it is? You wore this piece throughout the whole day and evening.” – Richard was about to take off the blindfold, but Elliot interrupted him.

“Oh no-no! We’re not done yet! One more to go.” – Elliot came closer, putting Richards hand on his bare torso, shirt already unbuttoned.

Upon the touch Richard flinched in surprise, but Elliot held tailors wrist tight. Latter couldn’t escape.

“So, what material is this?” – Elliot cheekily spoke, looking at the puzzled reaction of Richards.

“I’m not sure if I am capable of describing such fine work.” – Richard smiled. His fingers tracing the torso inch by inch, lead by Elliot.

“Say,” – Elliot pushed the hand lower, Richards fingers reaching the belt, – “undo this for me.”

“You sure are one very spoiled brat.” – Richard let out, as he undid the belt buckle.

Elliot then grabbed tailors wrists again, pushing them onto his hips, letting the fingers push the pants down.

“You better play nice. I like it rough and kinky.” – Elliot licked his lips, as he kept watch of blindfolded man in front of him.

Silence in the room was penetrated by the music that was playing. Only now there was enough of a moment for them to notice that little thing – music.

Rock was playing, seeping through the cracks of drunken mind. Wrapping it, as the thick texture, paint-like, covered each and every crevice of what was left in that consciousness.

Slowly and surely music seemed to grow louder.

Hands that pulled pants down, pulled the boxers too. Still blinded, Richard was pulled closer by the neck. Lips feeling the hot skin.

“Be nice.” – Elliot spoke in this kinky tone.

Richard was about to refuse, but it was too late. Elliot pushed his finger in Richards mouth, opening it, pulling it wider.

“Stick your tongue a bit. And don’t bite.”

Soft skin, hot and pent-up was pushed inside Richards mouth. Slight salty taste, the smell of Elliots skin. Richard bobbed his head, licking the hard dick, pushing the length further inside his mouth.

“Fuck, you’re good.” – Elliot said, his breath hot. Eyes glued to the view below. It was somehow mesmerising – to see the straight-laced man suck him off, skilfully at that.

“Guess you’ll be ok whichever way. Perv.” – Elliot mumbled.

Morning the next day.

The alarm set by Richard the night before was disabled few minutes before the time. Standing beside the window, watching sunrise, cup of coffee in hand, Richard was mulling over his actions.

So easily led by Elliot, enjoying the time, drinking, having sex, being this careless. Richard felt that having such relationship might backfire in ways. The paparazzi for Elliot, the questions for the Richard. In case if anyone finds out. In case Elliot will wish for this to be official. But there was one issue – Richard did not want to engage in any and all serious relationships.

Yet the main uncertain issue would be the thing called “affection” or “love”. There’d be no way to sort it out, if any or both would fall for one another.

Elliot walked out of the bedroom, towel wrapped around the waist, body right out of shower.

“Morning sunshine! Care to make one cuppa for me?” – Elliot smiled at Richard.

“Morning. Why up so early?” – Richard went to kitchenette.

“Well, unlike some people, today I have half day off, the evening busy as hell and more plans on the new…” – Elliot observed how Richard prepared coffee. – “Oh, that’s right – new series that are in production. We’re about to start shooting it.”

“You’re sounding neck deep in the work.” – Richard handled cup of coffee to Elliot.

“Honey, don’t panic. If you’re ok with us having some fun once in a while, no strings attached, I’m totally for it. Also – your tight ass is just perfect for my dick.” – With a smile said Elliot.

Richard sighed. As he put his cup down.

“You better not get me in trouble.”


Throughout the next year – the work in the designer business went mad. Producing new designs, creating them, having workshop, managing huge team and workflow – it somehow got Richard off-guard at the start, then he began managing it, as he got a decent assistant.

“Marcus, did you schedule out the meetings for the week?” – Richard was in his office, sorting out the paperwork, fabric samples and notes.

Tall fit man walks in. His perfect posture, dark brown eyes and chocolate hair with perfect styling – were the point of attraction of all the staff in the workshop. Marcus was as handsome as they come, yet as cold blooded as they get – when it got to business. Richard was convinced that Marcus would kill without moving a single facial muscle. Yet this man did his work efficiently and very attentively. Great man.

“I’ve planned out the whole lot. The new wholesales brand rep will come to chat on monday, then the shoot schedule and plans are on tuesday. Wednesday and thursday are the models interviews, then there are requested bookings for the Elite Members. They all require a tailored suit for the venues that are coming up.” – Marcus calmly listed all. – “All the details are down on the planner. You are able to see all on the phone. I also inputted the notifications, so that you’ll have reminders.”

Richard looked up from the mess on the desk.

“Thank you.” – Richard let out a sigh. – “I’m so flooded recently.”

Marcus closed the door of the office. Leaving him and Richard in the privacy from the rest of the team that is working hard next room on the sewing machines, creating new fantastic pieces.

“How about we get drinks today? My place.” – Marcus said, eyes locked on Richard.

“Huh?” – Richard was surprised to hear that from his assistant. Well, Marcus is attentive and does notice all the little fluctuations in the mood of Richard, but this is the first time in more than 7 months that Marcus actually proposed something that was of such matter. Usually he’d leave any party or make sure he’s not dragged to one.

“You do deserve to have a little holiday. The preps for the show are almost done. You should have a bit of a rest. I propose dinner at my place. I’m actually a good cook.” – Marcus slightly blushed.

Richard was caught off-guard. But the sincere worry made him agree.

“Sure. Then right after work off to yours?” – Richard smiled.

Marcus was now surprised to hear agreement – he nodded, as he let out a soft smile. “Whoa, this dude can actually smile sincerely.” – Went through Richards head.

After work they drove to shop – getting all for the making of dinner, then the wine shop to pick up a few bottles of good drink.

Richard leaned on the kitchen worktop, as he kept watch of how Marcus was making food.

“Holly shit, you’re really good at cooking.” – Richard watched closely, ensnared in the moment.

In reply Marcus laughed.

“Thank you.” – Marcus replied with a smile.

Dinner was really good. Richard leaned back in the chair.

“Dear heavens, you cook better than my mom.” – Richard gave out a short laugh.

“RING-RING” – Richard saw his phone ringing. The caller was Elliot.

“Oh really?” – Richard let out.

“You should answer.” – Marcus spoke.

Richard gave him a look, then turned off his phone.

“I rather not spoil today with this call.” – Richard replied, as he put his phone aside.

Less than a moment later – Marcus’s phone started to ring.

Marcus answered, not thinking twice.

“Hello… Oh… Sure… Yes, I’m home. Huh?” – Marcus got dumbfounded as he looked at Richard – “Grace called asking if I’m home. She said she was just checking if I enjoyed my day. What a weird girl.”

Richard let out a sigh. He knew that Grace had known beforehand that they’re off to Marcus’s place. But having that call to “be sure” did not sound like Grace at all. That woman is not interested in the small things of personal lives of others.

“I feel like it’s Elliots scheming.” – Went through Richards mind.

Marcus got up, cleaned up the plates, having Richard stand next to him, checking the wine fridge.

“Should we go with the red then?” – Richard spoke.

“Chateau red on the bottom left would be perfect.” – Marcus replied.

The bottle was out, the glasses too. Once the red liquid was poured, and as they were about to hold glasses, the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” – Marcus was puzzled.

“Oh no… Don’t answer that.” – Richard placed his hand on Marcus’ shoulder. – “Trust me. That is the trouble that won’t leave easily.”

“Do you know who that is?” – Marcus was perplexed. Also disturbed, as the bell kept on being annoyingly rang.

“Most likely Elliot.” – Richard shook his head. – “Trust me, he just has that… thing. Most likely bringing trouble with him.”

Marcus made a face, but the disturbing ringing was not ceasing. With serious expression Marcus walked towards the door with intent to send off the trouble another way.

Once he opened door, however, the drunken Elliot burst in, pushing Marcus aside.

“You take so long to open one teeny door. Geez man!” – Elliot wobbled to the room ahead, quickly noticing Richard inside. – “Oh, ri-ight, you! Yo-ou!” – Elliot pointed finger at Richard.

Marcus came in, trying to place hand on Elliot to get him to sit, but the hand was thrown off with Elliot angrily hissing “Don’t you touch me!”.

“You!” – Once more Elliot pointed at Richard. – “You being such a douche! You were tellin’ him to not let me in, innit?” – Elliot gave Marcus a glance. – “And you, big boy, be touchy to me again and I’ll break your hand. Also, the two of you here, have you done it yet?”

The rumbling drunken mess kept spouting harassment at the owner of the house and his guest.

“Why the fuck aren’t you replying?!” – Elliot shouted at the two. – “Being the holy-goody-shoes now, you fuckers, m?”

Richard just shook his head in disappointment. This sight was pitiful. Also – it was first time since gala, that Richard is seeing Elliot again.

“You should go home. You’re drunk.” – Marcus coldly remarked.

“Pfffft! Ha! Oi, big boy, are you…” – Elliot eyed Marcus and then turned to Richard. – “Has he been in you ass yet?” – Elliot looked back at Marcus, grin on his face, – “Just so you know – that place is tight as fuck. You’ll love it. He also moans like whore, if he is in much ecstasy.”

Marcus could not tolerate more of this obscene behaviour. His restraint wore thin and he punched Elliot in the guts, making him fall down, hugging stomach.

“Fucking prick!” – Elliot hissed angrily.

“Stop being such trash. Don’t you have any decency in you?” – Marcus spoke coldly, looking down at Elliot.

Richard was in a surprise. He was not expecting Marcus to reach fuse so soon. Now slight worry was aching in heart, growing by the moment.

“Say something, you asshole!” – Elliot rumbled as he looked at Richard. – “If you keep silent, it does not mean you’re not part of it!”

Just as Elliot said that, Marcus punched him in the gut with his foot, sending Elliot flying towards the windows across the room. The strength in Marcus was really beyond normal. He was in fact, the ex-kickboxing champ.

“Don’t you wear out the words towards Richard. You’re the one spouting shit. This is the last time I suggest you to shut your trap and go fetch taxi back home. You’re making me sick, just by looking at you.” – Marcus reached his limit.

Richard approached Marcus and placed hand on his shoulder. Marcus looked Richard in the eyes.

“I’ll take him home. He won’t calm down otherwise.” – Richard spoke.

“Maybe I’ll teach him lesson, so he stops being such a trouble.” – Marcus spoke through his teeth. In return Richard shook his head, as he squeezed Marcus’s shoulder.

“He’s a celebrity after all. If you go on with lesson – that might backfire. He’s already coughing blood from that kick of yours.” – Richard said. – “I’ll just take care of it, so that he’ll reach home with less trouble.”

Marcus smacked his lips. With absolute expression of disgust he turned around, walking to grab his wie glass. With his back still towards Richard and Elliot he spoke:
“I leave that to you then. Just take care of self. Don’t become part of that trouble.”

Richard pushed Elliot into his car back seats, then got in and switched ignition.

“You sure are great at fetching trouble.”

“And you still keep your mouth shut, when the trouble reaches you.” -Elliot let out. – “Drive to yours. I’m really parched. And thirsty for some.”

Richard drove to his place. The two walked in. Elliot went right into the kitchen, getting out gin and pouring himself some.

“Let’s go, you’ll help me wash up. That dude hit me real fucking hard.” – Elliot groaned.

With a slight shake of his head, Richard went along with the demands of this troublemaker. Once the two sat in the dark, downing gin, Elliot just stared at the wall in front of him. It was the only wall devoid of anything.

“So what exactly troubles you so much you go full force drunken wench?” – Richard nudges Elliots side, as they sit next to each other.

“I’m in a majestic screw up of a trouble. That actress I was going out with, became absolute bitch. She ratted me out to my agency, when she found some of my drugs. Even though she smokes weed, she still rat me out. And I couldn’t backfire at all. Had nothin’. So tomorrow is announcement that I ‘left’ the agency. They did their best to cover up that issue, but yeah, I’m still out. To top it off – they blacklisted me.”

Richard was stunned. He knew about the ways Elliot was into, but he though that the relationship he had was based on mutual understanding. That both were in the “dark side” of the substance use and were supportive of each other, but that just made things look way different.

Elliot rubbed his eyes, then poured more gin for himself. Richard mulled over some own thoughts before letting out:

“That was foolish of you. Not that I’d pity you much, nor will I be there to sort your problems out. You know that I’m not the person to do so.” – Richard pulled out pack of cigarettes, pulled one out and lit it up, inhaling the nicotine. – “But what I can do for you is be here, alongside you in this mess. So you’re not so alone.”

“You’re still as annoying as ever.” – Elliot snorted. – “But guess what? I’m this annoying too.” – Elliot faced Richard. – “But what I want you to do is not sit here alongside me, but sit on top of me. Riding my sweet dick, like you did.”

Richard sighed. Cigarette smoke in air, the fragrance of alcohol, darkness of night and the slowly creeping up misery.

The soft touch of the hand upon tight, then boxers were removed, skin to skin, from within, the drunken haze rose to new level. Hot breath, as the kisses got deeper, the sweat and shudders. Elliots fingers stretched Richards hole, as the latter was drunkenly deepthroating his love.

The night went on with the two having sex. On and on. Drunken minds slowly sobered, as the passion made them sweat out. The break of the dawn, with sun shining into room, as the two kept still at it.

Around 8 in the morning the phone rang. Richard picked up. Marcus plainly asked if all was ok, then with apparent displeasure hung up.

Facing sleeping Elliot was something new, that felt oddly forgotten.

The beauty of this narcissistic beast was charming. Richard hugged Elliot, cuddling up and falling asleep again.


“I am so NOT working with this twat!” – Mia was pointing at Elliot. – “Have you any idea how demanding this man is?”

Richard nodded silently.

“I get your point, but the job is the job. So we better make it worthwhile.”

New collection was debuting and the models were lining up. Due to the lost bet to Elliot, Richard had to place the latter as a model for his catwalk. Also, Richard was aware that in case Elliot would not get it – the calm at home would be disturbed times and times over.

From the moment that idol fell from grace, he stayed at Richards place. Not willing to get out, not doing anything. Just being a couch potato.

But at the same time – for Richard it meant constant sexual pleasure. So he was not as saddened by it, as he had to be.

The one who was displeased by such situation was Marcus. For the whole thing lasts a while.

“Prep him up. He needs the make-up and hair done. The outfit is ready.” – Marcus coldly remarked Mia.

With a grunt and an evil eye, Mia pulled Elliot by the shoulders to sit down. With clear frustration she began work.

“I still am not sure why’d you let him into this.” – Marcus was standing next to Richard, as he checked the last of needed papers.

“Not sure if you remember, but it all started with him. So his reappearance should not seem so odd.” – Richard checked the outfits.

Marcus placed hand on Richards shoulder. The two looked at each other.

“I still am not giving in.”

With these words Marcus went off.

Music played, lights had switched to illuminate only the catwalk. Models were nailing the pace and the rhythm.
The critics and celebrities sat watching the beauty of suits unfold before their eyes.

Richard put in the time, love, craft and gore into these outfits. Catwalk was blessed by the most astonishing pieces of suits made of thinnest materials, with gems and embroidery, patterns and cuts that are hard to not look at.
The awed crowd was mesmerised. Photographers made shot by shot, shutters sounding like crickets.

Whole place, whole event was designed to remind of the classics. The ballet, the mystery, the beauty of the story telling in visual approach.

Collection was dazzling.

The lights went shut. In full darkness the highlight was cast on a figure that stood at the beginning of the catwalk. Elliot, head held high, stood gracefully like a statue of art, with the magnificent suit. Golden threads, embroidered diamonds in the collar and cuffs.
Like a prince from the fairytale he started to walk the catwalk. His steps light, as he kept his smile dazzling. Eyes were glued to him and the suit.

Music seemed to fade in that moment. The audience was completely silent and immersed in the moment.

Once Elliot went back, at the start of the catwalk stood Richard. Elliot took Richards hand and walked with him on the catwalk. At the end of catwalk, Elliot stood on one knee in front of Richard, taking his hand to his lips, as if kissing the hand of the King.

The shutters were going off in a maddening rattatat.

Applause broke the silence like thunder. Cheers and “bravo” were similar to the madness of performance that finished.

As Elliot got up and walked alongside Richard to the backstage, the cascade of the applause and cheers were around like a sea.

Backstage the models and the staff cheered the designer. This was indeed one of the greatest catwalk shows this year.

Richard looked at Elliot with admiration and concern. The bold move on the catwalk could backfire times and times again. Knowing the paparazzi on the edge about the issue of Elliot being out of the industry, not showing up anywhere for a long period of time and then like phoenix rising from the darkness and ash onto catwalk with designer that he pulled into industry with light swoop of his influence.

Marcus paced around the back of the atelier, drinking the whiskey in the dark. He was waiting for the Richard to come in, as he knew latter had tendency to come to atelier after show. But what he did see caught him with a lump in a throat, unsure how to say a word.

Elliot was already few drinks in, jolly clinging onto Richard.

“Have you seen their faces? So fucking stunned that lot! And so damn surprised to see me again!” – Elliot laughed, then forcefully turned Richard to face him and kissed.

Richard mentally sighed, as the sudden turn from Elliot was right after he closed the entrance door. It was dark inside, so no one would be able to see them.

The typical forceful touch then eased up and the softness with possessiveness of a touch was pressing onto him. He knew where this was going, so he easily let himself be handled.

Elliots hands went softly into Richards pants, fondling the backside, then fingers went in, which made Richard let out soft mewl.

“On edge already huh? Me too.” – Elliot pressed himself against Richard, letting the boners rub against each other, as pants were constricting the pent-up force.

Elliot kept kissing Richard, undressing latter as it went. Richard was already at his limit, but once the pants were down, boxers pulled off and Elliot put that boner in his mouth – moans were not able to hold back.

Marcus was glued to his spot in the doorframe. He observed Elliot giving blowjob to Richard, fingering him. Moaning Richard was definitely the sight he wished to see. He wanted to be the one making Richard bend and moan to his touch, but somehow the whole picture of Elliot being the one who pleased the person Marcus loved – was conflicting in itself. He could not bring himself to hate Elliot for some reason.

“Just put in in. I’m at my limit.” – Richard let out with growl.

“Can’t wait, huh?” – Elliot smiled, as he got up, turning Richard around.

Hard thrust inside Richard made him let out loud mewl. The wet sounds of bodies and the quiet dirty talk filled room, along with moans and one silent observer at the end of the room.

Marcus kept on watching. He could not avert his eyes. His hand just raised up, to bring whiskey to his lips. The feeling of being stunned transcended into sexual desire. He began feeling pleasure in watching Richard moan so sweetly, body bending to Elliots will.

Yet Marcus was surprised to find that he was turned more from Elliot, than the man he loved – Richard.

With a loud growl Elliot came inside Richard.

“You idiot! You filled me up again.” – Cried Richard. – “I’m going to have stomach pains again.”

Elliot kissed Richard, as he touched his stomach, pressing inside – Richard shuddered.

“Your innards are aching with pleasure right now. Once we’re home I’ll help you clean up.”

Marcus stood outside the Atelier. He left through the back door, that lead into inner driveway.

Somehow he caught self thinking of seeing Elliot bend and mewl in pleasure, as Marcus pushed his dick inside Elliot.

“I’m going mad.” – Marcus let out. Head rising towards night sky. – “…The devil is dirty and god is clean, we see ourselves as somewhere inbetween.

..” – Marcus sang softly to himself, as he went to his car.

The song by “Will and the People” played on in his head all the way until he fell asleep.


Sizzling of the breakfast in making, the buzzing of coffee machine – it’s new morning.

“Gish I’m tired..” – Richard thought to himself. – “Ah, I have to go to Atelier today. Still work to do.”

The heavy thought about keeping Elliot here, is still quite far fetched for the reasoning. With fill understanding of the situation, still agreeing on keeping this human here is troublesome.

Like having a stray cat at home, knowing that at any time in any moment – this cat will go off into streets again.

But yet it is so damn human-like – to get attached to the cat.

Richard kept his gaze on the little dot – the bird outside the window. Weather was quite satisfactory, due to warmth and sun.

“Spacing out again?” – Marcus brought Richard back from the daydream.

“Ah, right, right. I’m already at the Atelier. Many had left and I’m once again with my assistant. We were discussing something, were we not?” – Richard looked at Marcus.

The rough pieces of cuts were pinned on the mannequin. The requested piece of attire for the frequent customer – car sales broker. The gentleman of quite the skill set of chat and persuasion.

Recently having these jobs of making the typical attires for the people, and leaving the branded collection to the team in the other Atelier, as they already have the designs and make them come to life.

Right, Life.

“Are you sure that you don’t need me to listen to you? I’m all ears to have you pour that out. Whatever is bugging you.” – Marcus was leafing throughout the documents, his eyes raised up at the dreamy Richard.

“Hmm” – Richard mulled over for a little bit. – “Maybe you are right.”

“Maybe I am.” – Marcus put aside the paperwork. – “I’m all ears.”

Richards hands traced the pieces on the mannequin.

“I am seriously considering my personal life being a wreck.” – Richard let out. – “I keep working, then come back home and there is the madness of the stray cat. The random drama and some sudden events that are not related to me – suddenly become part of my out of the blue problems. As far as some are decently small, some are so large I’m unable to comprehend where the heck they came out of.”

The silence hung in air for a moment. Marcus waited for Richard to continue.

“Then there is this little voice that says to help, but I’m way too old for all the odd drama in life. For as much as I like that person, I don’t want to sacrifice my own self for him. Quite the peculiar fellow with strange tendencies he is. As far as the beauty goes, so goes the sly thick skinned lier alongside that beauty. No longer do I wish to keep pulling him.”

Richard finished his part. Marcus approached him and softly held Richards hands in his. Looking in each others eyes, Marcus smiled.

“Richard, you deserve to be treated well in relationship. So in much concern and worry, i wish for you to leave that trouble and move on. I might be bold and sudden, but come to me.” – Marcus squeezed the hands. – “Will you consider dating me?”

Richard was caught off guard, but he felt like he waited for the normal relationship to occur. Timing was suddenly perfect.
5976161a79f684f07d7b09721f257583 - Edited (1)

Owen opened the door and walked inside the house pulling Greg with him.


“Elliot! Babe! I’m home!” – Owen loudly sang out. – “Momma bird got some really amazing new pills. The magic is way better than any!”


Elliot sat inside the study, slouched against the wall near the floor-to-ceiling window, looking out. Bottle of whiskey and a glass quarter filled next to him. Body in the bathrobe, with nothing under.


Owen walked in, Greg followed.


“Uuu, does the baby have some boo-boo? Need some magic to fly it away?” – Owen pulled out small packet with few pills. – “Mommy has the right meds.”


“You sure look like hot shit waiting for some.” – Greg smiled at Elliot.


“You bitches keeping me company and I really fucking love you for that.” – Elliot waved his hand. – “Aaah, momma bird, your sickly son needs some good meds and a sweet plump lips round my cock.”


“Oh my, does my cheeky brat of a son is trying to get a treesome? Or just seducing one of us, m? With such events I might even say it might snow in this summer day.” – Owen with all his sass, walked around the room, checking bits and bobs. Then he came closer to Elliot.


“Baby bird wants some?” – Owen dangled the pack next to Elliots eyes. Elliot Nodded, making sad face. – “Then my baby has to be the one to do something for me first.”


Greg came up to Owen, hugging him from behind. Kissing nape of neck, biting it, fingers running down to unzip the fly, having pants fall down. Caressing body softly, kissing and biting, pinching nipples and touching up Owens dick.


“Momma bird wants you to suck that worm, before you get any meds.” – Owens softly said, looking down on Elliot.
Greg bit Owens ear. “I want one.”


Owen pulled one pill and pushed in Gregs mouth, another he ate himself. The rest with more was once again dangled next to Elliot.


“Come on, if you want some.” – Owen smirked.


“You sure are one naughty thing.” – Elliot rose to his knees, his nose and mouth touching Owens dick through boxers. The boner became rock hard.


Greg pulled boxers down, stripping lower half of Owen naked. Holding with one hand the boner, making it look right at Elliot.


Elliots breath on the hot flesh made Owen mewl, once the tongue touched it, Owen tried to pull back, but was pushed in from behind by Greg. Elliots hot mouth made Owen moan out hard. A sort of dream come true – to have Elliot suck at that piece of flesh.


Greg began playing with Owens ass, pushing fingers in. Owen began to tremble. The drugs and the senses heightened made the whole lot of a process more sensual. Once Owen was stretched well from behind, Gregs hot dick pushed in.


“Oh no! No! No! I’ll come soon! Aahh!” – Moaned Owen, but Greg pushed in, all the way to the end, making Owen tremble and moan uncontrollably.


Elliot kept his tongue and lips around that cock, but as soon as Greg bucked his dick inside Owen, the process became easier and in seconds Owen came hard. Elliot spat out aside the thick cum. He never enjoyed the taste of semen in any way or form. No matter who it was from.


The pack of fills fell from Owens grip next to Elliot.


“Enjoy.” – Spoke Greg, as he pushed Owen off to the nearby couch to continue the sexual pleasures.


Elliot took the pack, pulled a pill and downed it with whiskey he had.


“Bloody fags…” – Silently muttered Elliot. He kept observing the actions of sexual pleasure next to him, as it kept on unfolding. Greg kept checking on Elliot, from time to time making Owen open up more – having a show for Elliot to watch.


Whilst the sexual pleasures were on, eventually having Owen cry to go to bed to continue, Elliot soon was left in his study alone again.


The scattered clothing of his so called friends, the cum stains on floor and couch, and just this void of silence that devoured the space.


Elliot kept watching the view outside. Evening, sunset, the hues of orange illuminating the world in warmth of summer tones. Loneliness.


“So that’s what I’m feeling – Loneliness.” – Exhaled Elliot. – “I’m one sad fuck then.”

With such shabby statement Elliot began laughing.

For even if he was lonely – there is not a thing he’d do to change anything. With Richard gone, with friendship withered, with soul be kicked and smithered. Elliot kept just laughing.


It took two calls and soon enough Elliots home was full of girls and guys that came to party. The whores and madness, the sweet life and sadness. Elliot dressed up to party, but was pulled out to balcony by this unknown guy.


Two more pills each. Staring out into the sky, drinking more and more of whickey.

Suddenly the whole world seemed to quiet down and silence enveloped the world.


“Seems like the fireflies are below.” – Spoke young man.

“I was thinking that the sky leaked down below.” – Smiled Elliot.- “Could you comfort me, if I asked?”


The youngster turned round, looking right at Elliot. Smile on his face and the touch of disgrace.

“Depends on how you wish for me to pull you into that comfort. Would you like to stay there forever or leave?” – Fingers touched Elliots cheek, running over the lips softly.


“I’d love to be wrapped in that comfort.” – Replied he, with finger pressing against his lips.

“Forever and ever?” – Asked the youngster.

“Guess so… Forever and ever.” – Said Elliot.

“Don’t you then plead for escape, if you get tired of it.” – Youngster smirked.

Shiver went down the spine, Elliot twitched. Then it was like words were pulled out of him by force.



Touch upon touch, kiss upon kiss, Elliot was mewling and growling from pleasure. It was feeling the best. Body of this man in front of him just kept Ellot squirm and come, begging for more and more.

That is the long way of addiction. The hook that took the man with no mercy.


Morning came – the bodies were scattered around the house. Clothed and naked, pleased, passed out, sleeping and still drunk. Some people left.

With all that commotion – Elliot checked for Owen and Greg – nowhere to be found. Most likely left.


Few hours later all people dispersed – leaving utter mess in the house.

The youngster had stayed, being near Elliot the whole time.

Elliot decided to go for a drive, picking along this new guest.


Meanwhile – the house was met by the housekeepers and maids – that got plenty of work do deal with until late evening.


The streets of old town were bustling with tourists and locals. This was the same street where once Elliot had met Richard and the “Dame Rose Atelier”.

Legs took both to atelier. Met with the assistants and Richard himself.


“Cameron. My pleasure meeting you.” – Exhaled youngster that arrived with Elliot, as he took Richards hand in a handshake.

“Could you make few suit pieces for him?” – Elliot brushed his hair back with a palm of his hand.

“Sure. Just need some measurements.” – Dryly replied Richard. – “Any preferences?”

“Could you make it to fit the business meetings of highest and toughest crowd?” – Cameron smiled.


Richard made measurements, assistant took down the notes. After roughly an hour the two guests left.


“That sure was unexpected. Seeing Elliot out of the blue.” – Assistant commented.


“Indeed.” – Richard was slightly stunned.


“That boy sure is really nice. And is it me, or it seems like they are on a date?”


This idea about date that came from assistants mouth made Richard tense up a little. Knowing Elliot – did he really decide to settle down with someone, or is this someone as mad as that man?

Not like this was unexpected much, having Elliot as a wild dice that would roll however he pleased, but not seeing that man for months and months, then out of the blue he’s with someone? Surely that was a little of a shocker.


Few weeks later Cameron came alone to pick up his suits. It was then, that Richard said about his engagement to Marcus and gave invitations.

With a sweet smile and a thank you, Cameron left.


Months later – the news of the new talent agency opened by ex-idol swept the industry and media. Elliots name was everywhere. But he never appeared anywhere in the interviews. Cameron was the face of the company. His charming sweet smile made people fall and believe that the “Fortuna Media” is and will be under the rule of Founder Elliot.


Months gone by – no sign of Elliot. Cameron became the face of the company, that was prosperous, having the best training and debut possibilities for all who’d join into the group.


Year and a half – Richard tried calling Elliot just to make sure that he’s alright. Eventually just stumbling upon the lady that said about previous owner selling this house year and a bit ago. No idea where he moved.

Following calls were to ex-friends of Elliot, agents – nobody knew where he was, yet everyone said to call the media company and ask them.


Richard was doubtful. He somehow did not believe one bit that charming guy – Cameron.

Yet he called.

The sweet voice answered the call, making sure to calm Richard down and say that Elliot is out in the travels, to gasp more and more beauty for that upcoming new developments for the company. The busy Elliot had not time, but sends regards to Richard and his husband.

With calm heart Richard cut the call.


“Ah, there seems to be few who still worry. Such bunch of asshats.” – Cameron smiled at the phone. He was still in the office of the media building.

The softly playing music of piano was sounding in the car, as it drove on the highway out of the town premises.


Old house, the one you’d see in the movies about “Lessie” and those romance novels. The whole place looks exactly like the best type one could ask for.

Cameron opened the lock with a key, pushing door opened. Upon entry he was greeted by a lady in white hospital gown – a doctor.


“Patient is well.” – She said, then walked off into kitchen side.


“Oh goody, must go and check my beloved one.” – Cameron sweetly sung.


Footsteps lead to the room upstairs. Large room, with king size bed and a body lying on it.

Connected to IV drip, naked and with the temperature in the room not exceeding 27 degrees celsius. Warm and nice enough to lay on the bed naked.


Cameron came to bed, softly brushing Elliots hair aside from the face.


“Today was a blast at work again. It’s all so nice and jolly in there. Just like you’d wish.” – Cameron spoke with a smile.


Elliot was motionless. Eyes unfocused, like a doll – just existing there. With different bits attached to body – so that his urination and stool are collected and removed daily, food fed through IV, drugs administered, so that he is always relaxed. Body withering as you look at it.

Skinnier, muscle atrophy, he was like this for a year.


“You did tell me you’d never say never. But you see, as a man of word, I tend to have precautions. And you, my beloved, will be forever in my comfort.”


Sweet voice of Cameron softly echoed inside the room. Cradling the limbo inside pandora’s box.

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