“Watching light dust” [musings]

Ah, the day is just as annoying as it is bright.

Sun shining, sky blue, but the wind kills the mood. It is blowing hard, messing up the hairdo,

the clothes the ideas inside the head; with just on and on force of blow that transcends into rage inside of me.

Hate so much wind.

The sun ray is over my maroon shoe, with glittery texture shining through.

Tired. You can’t gasp how tired i am. Just plain tired, with legs shaky, as I can’t keep on walking, for it pains,

but i keep wobbling on.

The annoying things keep piling up and i am not sure I will carry on with “rolling with”,

as my inner self is quite against and not really happy in least.

Lying. I am quite sick of it. Withholding some information is alright with me,

for the rude words and silly whims of others should be contained by stopping with me.

Then what…

Yesterdays dust in the projector light, movie holding and really beautifully enjoying…

Then end… And as i walk out, down the stairs and turn round to watch the end credits roll –

it’s like part of another story told vanished.

Went somewhere off, tailing into oblivion of words in the top of the screen saying names

and cast and other whizzes and wizards that worked from within.

Beauty of sadness that gives this lonely taste.

Like there is something missing now, which cannot be replaced.

What does wait for me, when my end credits roll?

Will there be “thanks” to show or “dedicated to” be told? I do not know.

Right now the pony show is nearing its climax –

with ribbons of fate in the harsh wind torn to pieces on sunny day with blue sky.

I should not be blind… Or Mute… I should commute and open mouth and speak,

and make that sound, to protest or express my feeling against, or for.

Well, cannot be more than just telling what’s on mind, how caring is unkind,

how slow the progress brews and silent treatment sues each one of us for the neglect we show in freedoms respect.

Still wind blows.

The sadness of the moment, the nostalgic jerk of heart when curtain falls… Apart.

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