“Feathered embrace” (poetry)

Sitting and guessing, mulling it over
past midnight in terms of exhaustion.

The sun set a while ago, the rain is a grey drizzle.
Just understood that I’ve not listened to music for quite a while.
Must be the hectic of the nervous time spree.

Heart does seem to be more at ease.
There is no longer need for someone to please.
It’s like, fell off a part of grey grease
That was there, could not miss

The idea is there, at the back of the head
If my guardian angel would take me to bed
Let me rest my tired self on his wings
Put off and erase the load of things

Softly hum something for me
Without song in particular
Just something he’d seen
In the tavern for mages and angels within

So I could imagine a wide screen
And me sitting on a chair next to him
Just head rested on shoulder
His heart soft ponder

Touch of his soft fingers,
The feeling that lingers
His lulling voice
And able choice

He’d say “I dreamed of a day,
When we both share the bed
Where it’s made to mend
Our torn, tired hearts
Where we’ll never again fall to parts
Which are ever so hard to glue together.
We’ll be here, heart bonded forever.
I know you are clever, so much so,
You would never dare to betray me.
I’m glad to be with you,
And it’s true for you too.
I’ll never be parted with you.
We’ll see the world bloom colours
And star dust dazzle anew.”

With my body so tired,
With my feeling of him being this admired,
I’d silently nod into his shoulder.
Not feeling any more colder.

I’d just let me and him sway
In winds of the changes of may
As another month comes to an end
I’ll keep heart on him hell bent.


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