“Watching Butterflies” [poetry]

I make a step, and then another one
Legs tired, feet bleeding
As demons keep feeding
On my leftover arm

On concrete slabs
As pain frustratingly stabs
I walk in the field of butterflies
The land of promise and lies

Each step leaving trace
In this forgotten maze
Yet my eyes wonder off
To see beauty of love

And eyes gaze at them, glued
As their wings flutter, with faint sound of flute
Wind flows ever softly, dress flutter in wind
I raise hands, try to scream

To beg them to take me along
For the traveller is tired and no longer strong
But there is no sound of my voice
Just silence that gives me no choice

Lips dry slowly, as tears wallow in eyes
Unable to flee, unable to fully rise
Just watching ever so light butterflies
With love and care bringing demise



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