“Eating Moth Balls” [poetry]

With update shift in emails
At the pace of glistening snails
Some work takes place
In salt lamp room case

The pointers are put into system
All done and created for sake not to miss them
The puff of smoke raising upwards
Ashtray oozing with lards

The plants were watered just yesterday
Clothing still soaking in bath
Work takes daily far away

To the pit of sleepless wrath
The body already rotting
As the roommate cat seems to be plotting
One way ticket out of this hole

His hair grown long, eyes are damaged
Each day can’t flow for it’s challenged
He’s eating moth balls like insect
That cares to exist in the sect

The dark path that holds one at leash
Afraid what could words come, unleash
He no longer cares for himself
His soul soon be rested on shelf


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