“Singing with the Fireflies” [poetry]

Midnight dark night
Lights twinkle bright
Frogs grunt, storm brews
Not ever she’ll forget those views

Soft wind and caress of the air
Some hay straws tangled in her hair
The dress is light and feet are bare
She slowly walks into nightmare

There’s not a soul that is outside
Not even elf which could reside
In depths of forest with old might
She walks barefoot, to faint nightlight

Those flickers lead her to their bay
The precious stones, the month of May,
Even the ones who’s counted “lost”
If found in this forsaken coast

The joy is filling her completely
She stumbled here so ever freely
The river made the hum melodic
The singing started by exotic

The tune so known, the words so easy
Her ears are piqued by something breezy
And then it clicks in heart, in skies
She’s singing with the fireflies

And months on end she sings this tune
Voice hoarse, face sullen, body blue
Can’t stop her song no matter what
She’s claimed by lost, the exit – shut



Artwork by Rostyslav Zagornov on Artstation


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