“Danced by Odonata” [poetry]

Ah, the smell of concrete after rain
The silence of the last refrain
The empty streets and broken houses
The smell of cigarette in ounces

Might be that it was all a dream
A random thought born from within
Yet bloodstains on my jacket top
Make all the dreams crumble and flop

Barely eight hours ago
I was on dance floor
Feeding my ego, as I care for
Drinking my fill and more

Looking at them idiots smoking pot
Girls drunken, being all that hot
And really, I felt like any other day
Until some random goddamn sway…

Pulled to the back of club,
Their fingers in powder – struck,
The licking, the kissing, the stupor of drug
I saw so many of them looking smug

And there she was – the queen of fallen
So lewd and beautiful, so rotten
Yet it did not take me more than hour
To be feeling the chill of rain shower

I got out, under the rain,
Slowly soaking up pain
And She too, was out there
Showing power over lair

Then few minutes – all it took
I stood in shock, anchored by hook
She slashed their veins – it was sonata
The murder danced by Odonata

She ate them feeling no regret
Then with same grace, not beating sweat
She slowly turned to me –
“Next time It’ll be you, baby…”

I ran, god knows I ran out fast
Truly thinking life would no longer last
Now, feeling like I’m emptied from inside…
Smell of petrichor, walking off with no place to hide


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