“By Octopus Ink” [poetry]

My body is often referred to as Art
The beautiful painting created in that
Each part made by needle to stick inside skin
I made myself art piece – flowing art from within

Yet it was not this way great years ago
I have battled friends that turned foe
My idea back then was not really that complex
I just needed to have a reminder of prophets

Something that I’d see every day
Something smiling my silly way
Something that will tell me again
That hopes can be crushed, that I can face pain

And one after another, the colours have bloomed
Back filled with feathers, marvellously groomed
Arms became colorful extensions of dreams
Legs hosting faces of piligrim teams

Each stroke of my art is my link
Crafted and painted by octopus ink
Bearing great message for me to remember
That there might be day when I will surrender

Body blooms with colours – dazzling
Each one of us being the host of puzzling
One of a kind art that is a reminder
Of story that’s written in our own binder



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