“Personal Komodo Dragon” [poetry]

Facing daily struggle of all the obnoxious
Just why must I be present? Conscious?
The nagging and yapping of closed minded duces
The shit they spout with facts they changed – it confuses

Living like human no longer is satisfying to them
Have to fit into their standards and perceptive strudel
But it hurts daily beyond believe
And I know that in this struggle – it’s not only me

“It’s psychic disorder” or “That is wrong”
THey keep on saying, so They’d belong
And we keep on fighting against this idiocy
Trying to convey that we ARE a part of normality

Can’t gasp that we ARE MADE SO BY NATURE
That we WERE, ARE and WILL BE ourselves
Even if you keep badmouthing even elves

Why does life become battle for us?
Why does the struggle keep Connecting us?
No matter your shouting and foul mouthed cuss
We’ll make you FACE US, so you’ll have to Discuss

Some of us are a rainbow in different shades
Some of us are quite magical with multiple trades
So each new person supporting comes in bandwagon
To be one of us – a holder of Personal Komodo Dragon

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