“Tiger Wonder” [poetry]

Faint strokes of brush catch the ear
So delicate, so easily to disappear
Then there’s shuffle of soft socks on the floor
The owner of house came to open the door

Observing it daily became my routine
I guess from the age when I turned sixteen
But somehow this ritual became meditation
That calmed storms and withered frustration

Sun shining, birds cheeping,
Rain falling, snow creeping
And here I kept sitting, so glued to the process
So very melodic, soft touch and the flawless

He aged and aged I in return
The grey in his hair were my tune
He barely was thirty when he fell to the floor
I knew it was sudden, so I rushed to the door

But body won’t move, no matter the struggle
I wept and I cried, wished to help, yet my rugal
Kept being stone cold. My eyes were there – watching
Found short after by neighbour. Word catching.

I was glad seeing him pulled in by the ambulance
I truly hoped they’d pull him out of pain
Yet during night, as breath held the rain
He appeared to me, hugging tight in somnambulance

And it was the happiest I’ll ever be
His spirit came to merge with me
My heart and his as one for night
That truly was the great delight

Days passed, his relatives in sight
Cleaning, taking things from side to side
But to my great soulful thunder –
He painted me – his tiger wonder

As canvas was turned around for me to see
I was further in love with this person dear to me
And I’ll never forget, as I crumble
That I, as a statue, will forever hope to stumble

In rebirth, as his lover and dearest to him
So that finally happiness filled to the rim
Will live on in our art in the future
For I’m in love only once – that faithful creature


Art by Joëlle ITEMA in ArtStation

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