“Panda-eyed” [poetry]

Working days early in morning to late at night
Wishing more to me belonging somewhere in life
Even though now I look greatly frail
My manifesto and work online will prevail

Being pushed beyond limits of time
Thinking that eventually having bed-time
But screen filled with files and data
Make me keep eyes wide, doing meta

Then back to filing reports from LTD to all sorts
So that they send finance online and don’t get fined
And I keep myself awake, eyes wide, so much to take
Then getting paid wiring from bank to online bake

During day there’s deliveries
Post services work, then courier mysteries
Of them having work even at night
There goes seeing sunlight

I feel like we all are remarkable
In own ways traced or plainly traceless,
With some facing fame, while some are faceless
We all continue being very capable

I hope one day they find me here
Glued to PC with no shit to care
Body giving off dreadful odour
The skin on bones gristly colour

But for now my might will prevail
I will continue my work without fail
Shall be the glittery-sparkly online guide
Although real body most likely is panda-eyed


Art by Maximilian Madsen on Artstation

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