“In Ravens Shade” [poetry]

Shadow on earth stretching slowly
The cloud densely filled passes by
Parks sheer joy and folly
Can’t really remind me “why”…

Although simple act of observing
Could be absent minded at such
Yet there is something unnerving
The shadow that lingers in touch

Piano keeps playing inside me
The daily, the usual… empty
They walk, talk, play, simply happy…
Somehow “a part of”, yet not there

It’s like a new taste of mad sadness
Where loneliness envelops you regardless
And heart yanks the strings of piano
The keys playing soul in soprano

Black feathers with blue sheen
Like witches friend from far within
Approaching me in broad light
Like darkened soldier in a fight

Making a few circles around me
Like drawing something to set it free
No matter “what of” it was made
It made me crawl and hide in ravens shade

Wings shadow on earth stretching swiftly
Not leaving a trace below sun
You too disappeared in dark lightly
Taking my heart – as I’m gone


Art by Yuumei

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