“Red Feathered Cardinal” [poetry]

They make legends, stories
About beauty and beast
To explain their worries
To make hopes and believes

Such a story told by my grandma
About greatness and life of unrest
About being highly in power,
And high-headedly, scarred, bearing crest

It was red feathered cardinal
The bird with great stature and mast
The rights and wishes it cast
Were that influenced marginal

Bringing love, making feelings grow
Flaming romance, passion, dance
With hearts thumping “Viva la Resistance”
And love casting warm glance

Although bird knew nothing of it
The meaning which was given to it
Persisted in its existence
Making hearts burn love as resistance

But once the believe scorned upon it
And heartbroken, horrendously sullied
He caught the innocent bird
For lies that believe had had brought

Birds feathers burned,
Wings torn and ruined,
Cardinal died painful death in believe
That blood it shed could give grieve

To the broken and sad, lonely man
Who in tears abused birds freedom plan
Shouting angrily, painfully… poor man…
May love find his heart again.




  1. So well spoken. Just this weekend we see in the USA there are people who believe that blood shed will heal their grief. Yet, the grief does not go away, it just transmutes into other forms, into other ways of viewing things and we continue to dilute the free will (a gift from God) given to us to an obsession of hate. The Energy of the Divine is of love, compassion, joy and abundance. Namaste!

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