“Word Sparrow” [poetry]

They presume it is within bone marrow
The skills and passion of word sparrow
The ability to glue words in way
That makes hearts thud and sway

Yet as words make each sentence last
Magical spells in a way are cast
From such of a kind that give power
To ones that discredit ones flower

To such that make love like a feather
Or sorrow feel like there’s no matter
There’s spells for the lonely of heart
And ones who’d never drive lovers apart

But to person called the word sparrow
The wording holds tremendous power
Affecting the very ways of matter
That keeps worlds together or makes them shatter

The scary, the frightening which it brings
Is same as the need and love which clings
So easily making it harder
For sparrow to hold back in ardor

It’s love and it’s grieve
It’s giver and thieve
It’s pleasure and pain
But works of sparrow are never in vain.



Art by Turtle 32 : https://turtle-32.tumblr.com/

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