An Assorti of Poetry to your E-reader

Dear Readers,

Must say – your attention to my writing makes each and every day. But have to share a little story, which made me sweat and worry.
A friend of mine asked if I’d ever publish, which drove me to think over this disorder.
Some panic moments, edit pits and here we are at our wits…

May I present to you my baby, which I’ve made pretty well (If I may say).
Creation to support my making, my freedom to write and sway.

Here is the book I’ve glued together :

“Shadow Frolic” – is the name of the matter

Here is link to it on the site called Amazon Kindle [ “SHADOW FROLIC” ]

Hope I made post quite simple.

But to share some of worry in heart – I truly wish that I’ll start, making more hard ground with my writing, so that I can be full time maker, creator, writer, poet and relations maker.

To all of you out there in the world, taking time to read my words – I have to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

With just molecules keeping us apart,


Your ArcDreamer

Shadow Frolic Cover [1].jpg

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