“Addictions” [poetry]

Daily I hear the vague depictions
Of horrid, sullen, dark addictions
Of people falling in despair
Once they get “hit” on something “fair”

But they just so neglect the other
The endless faces of the smoulder
That rises in the breaths of ought
Which comes to life, that’s cheaply bought

We struggle daily in the wheel
Of looking good, of being “real”
The fake that covers our body
Becoming veil of great somebody

That lives the life of super star
The glimmering, the wealthy – scar…
Is being daily torn and opened
From hopes forlorn and dreams unopened

Then all becomes the great adventure
From healthy life, to newest venture
Indulging in the peak of life
They all sit down, they’re all so high

Yet to myself I also speak,
When coffee in the cup is weak,
When craving for the book is high
And work consumes most part of life

The eyes keep darting towards fashion,
The heart tries something new with passion
But mind demands of equal ration
Towards all things that need compassion

Addictions for the goods consumed
Addictions for the tale resumed
Addictions for the better life,
For coffee in the cup, for feet to dry

For head to rest, for mind to travel,
For endless journeys, drama unravel,
For having love, enjoying sex,
For home, life, kids, adults, my specs

For driving car, for walking road,
For petrichor and feeling cold,
For cleaner air, for clothes be new,
For trees to grow, as once I grew

For all of us to really SEE,
To OWN UP to addiction tree,
To speak, compare, come closer maybe
So that world stops feeling so shady.

Yes, my addiction is my curse
I live and breathe, as I still use…
The only thing that pulls my rope
Is greatest drug – to feel the Hope.


Art by Alena Aenami on ArtStation


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