[short story] “I’d be dying from embarrassment, if a handsome guy would do that…”

“I’d be dying from embarrassment, if a handsome guy would do that…”

The talk at the table wavered off that way and this sentence was the end of the conversation.

It was hard to breathe.

Must admit – damn hard to breathe. Although it was nothing much, or even serious. Just asked by a friend to come and help with a few things.

Well, “friend”, more like a very handsome guy that I got to know recently. How recently? Less than a week. Yeah, I know, don’t blame me and my curiosity.

Just an hour ago we were sitting at the table with around ten people from production and cast talking about the project, drinking and laughing. I’ve been hoggled by this amazing actress, she’s a great lady. We bonded straight up and were on and on about random things.

One of them being the topic that made me say the words I’ve said. And I must add – somehow most of the table got to be part of that topic at the end, having attention paid to me during what I said.

Did I mention I was beet red during spouting of those words? Well, I was.

Now in this apartment, having this handsome man, just there, changing… And simultaneously raising my blood pressure by leaving the door to his bedroom open – letting that view slowly be devoured and seep into my mind.

It’s not that I’m a creeper who likes to observe guys or girls change, not my sort of kink. But right now – it was sort of enchanting to the point of me looking and averting gaze, trying to calm the heck down, then back to sneakily checking out… The striking body and muscles, the new shirt he put on, the hair that got slightly messy and oh god, just his small gestures, mannerisms that he slips. Like brushing his finger over his lower lip, as he thinks of something.

Damn, damn, damn, girl you have to leave asap. No kidding. Before the brain does the thing and you begin talking nonsense, as he just asks or says something. You don’t need extra embarrassment in your life. Think about all the heart attacks that you can end with due to the overload of beauty in one moment.

Calm the heck down…

I manage to walk to the laptop presented, check the files, start with adjusting. And for a moment there I really have my attention at the piece of work.

Then it crumbles to smithereens.

He walks to me and gets his face close to mine, as he looks into the monitor, checking the progress.

Too close, boy you’re too close dammit! I can feel your breath on my cheek close!!!

My face burns. I can feel it. Even though my eyes are plastered to the screen, my face burns red from the blood that’s going the wrong damn way. Excitement will be my demise.

My heart does the dancing ta-ta-ta, that increases tempo. Not good.

I try my best to preserve what is left of my calm, to say that I think I must go.


Just now noticed that his hand is behind my back on the couch, too damn close. And his face is close… Shit, I’m in trouble and need to escape.

But his hair seem so soft though, would it be same soft to the touch… maybe it would be soft on the skin… I catch myself on the wandering thought of seeing him in between my legs.

No-no-no-no-no! Mission abort! Escape route! Need escape route ASAP! 

I manage to get up, try not making eye contact as I explain that I must go and make way to the exit door.

Guess he’s having another thoughts, as he leisurely gets in my way. Damn!

Critical points hit check! His charming smile is to die for! Dammit!

“Maybe you can help me some more?” – he sweetly asks.

Argh! I can feel my heart tighten up, heart doing some beat that begins to ring in the ears.

Oh no you didn’t! It’s too much to my dear heart and I might die during this mission… Goodbye my dear collection of books and my great works of art stacked on shelves.

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to help. Really tired from a long day.” – I try to squeeze through, towards the door. Ah, end goal close enough.

But as I try to get through, he turns to me, his lips near my ear, as he speaks seductively:
“You can stay over.” 

K.O. I hear in my head as the blow makes my stomach squeeze.

Yes, I pause for a moment, standing like an idiot – gotta admit, his voice is what makes me weak in the knees, and I can’t blame the guy for it. He’s just so much of a handsome all over type. Aagh, I so wanna kill him for that, yet I can’t. Freaking Kryptonite.

I swallow. “I’d be a bother to you, rather go to my place.”

“Not at all. I’d be my pleasure if you stay. Maybe we can chat some more?” – His voice is enchanting.

I know how it’s not right and morale of this soldier is dropping. I’ve already pictured him going down on me, had a glimpse of a mental preview to the main course that follows after that idea. I should abort the mission and go.

He takes my hand gently, pulling towards him, giving me soft hug.

Flee goddamnit!! Why you stumbling?!

Oh shiii… He smells nice. His body feels nice even through the layers of clothes in between us. Oh no, no, no, no. I’m succumbing to the ways of seductress male. May may legion mourn me for my devastating end.

“Please?” – he whispers in my ear.

Meek. I became meek. Boneless. I saw how my sanity flew flapping its wings in the night air. My imaginary battalion held out the three fingers into the salute, as they left me to this death by Embarrassment.

“Alright.” – I say. – “But I’m taking over couch, if I am staying over.”

At least somewhere I must stay strong!

“Take my bed.” – He says, as he peels off and goes into the kitchen.

“No I won’t be taking over master bed. Couch is fine.” 

“I can’t let a guest sleep on a couch.” – He softly protests.

“Yes you can. You will.” – I stumble in defeat to kitchen.

“Then I will sleep with you on the couch.”

“No. You have your bed.” – My moment to protest.

Honey, deary, not on my watch. Not so soon. I don’t want you to discover my beastly side of a sado-masochistic lady. No-no.

“Then can we both sleep in bed?” – He looks at me with cheeky-innocent look.

“No.” – I try to keep my cool here, goddamnit!

“But what if I want to sleep comfortably? You can’t sleep well on a couch.” – His cheeky smile will really kill me soon.

“No means no. You sleep on bed. I take the couch. Dare to say more and I’m leaving.” – I make tired, serious face. He agrees.

Hour later, after we shared between us a bottle of wine, then another, we ended up talking a lot. And I mean A LOT.

He’s quite the trouble, quite the cheeky thing. But he’s more surprised by the unfazed me, who is not surprised by most of the stories he says. Yet he gets shocked from some of mine. So innocent and beautiful. Really don’t wanna taint this cute thing. 

I push him to go to his bedroom, he pulls me along. I laugh and push him on the bed, he falls. I try to flee, but he grabs me by the hand and pulls along. Hugging me as we lay together on the bed.

“Gosh you’re cheeky.” – I let out with a giggle. My boozed self is slowly not containing self.

“I like you.” – He cutely lets out.

Talk about checking this dude with a surprised look. He is adorable. Being serious, trying to pull off puppy eyes.

Hey, boy, you know you’re sexy and you use it too much and too heavily if you really want something. You evil thing of a beauty. 

I can’t reply to him. Not what he wants to hear. Maybe… I let out a sigh, as I smile. 

“You’re just too cute. Ah,” – I look at the ceiling, – “I did say that I’ll die from embarrassment.” 

“I haven’t tasted you yet, so it’s still coming up.” – He lets out, slowly, next to my ear, for me to savour every damn word.

“I’ll slap you silly.” – I try to be menacing. Not a chance in hell that I…

Quite the surprise, as he pulls and turns me to share a kiss.

Ah, dammit, he is too good. Why even lips are so sweet and soft… Ah, his tongue is hot. Hands around my body…

Well, mission failed. We failed our battalion.

But I got to be held by this handsome gent… 

I guessed right about his hair being soft, as it brushes against my skin… Inner thigh, as he is in between my legs. I’m so going to die from embarrassment someday soon. 



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