“A Witchy Dream” [poetry]

She – holding thousands of words in her head
Thrill in her blood, journey in her stead
Beauty in soft touch,
Dream to be reached in such…

Year after year held by great power
Something that feels great,
Yet, as it stands like great tower –
The fear of the bite…

Makes her touch feel the fright
And insecurity mixed with sorrow
Giving another tomorrow…
Breath held in dimmed light.

Charming, so great and so light,
Touch or hug she shares in delight
Makes it crumble and fall
As heart tangle comes undone

There’s things I’d love telling you,
Things I had, things I knew,
But the sky darkens in sight
And I crumble in spite

To the call of the world.
Held by greater unknown
Body and heart drawn
To you in silent call.

You’re my perfect witchy dream
Feels like I rip by the seam.
As the need comes out to say –
That there’s demons yearning to play.


Made with you in heart, Roberta . . .


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