“Can you imagine what this heart is seeking for?” [poetry]

“Can you imagine what this heart is seeking for?”
The grey in streaks,
The purple bleaks
And faint resounding made-up lore. Would you ignore?

Best to leave and shut the door,
Draw curtains closed – do not explore!
And wanderlust that inches close
That hardens breath, which might expose…

Dark secrets.
In a mudded mess.
Scattered along lines of shelves
With little to none to let you know where to seek what you wish to explore.

Grabbed by the collar and slammed against the wall.
“You did say you wish to know more.”
Dark smile, heart sinks to the floor
“I’m done for…”

The eyes glisten with devilish demise
And better for you to feel surprised,
As fingers lock around the neck
And softest lips land a gentle peck.

“Why you scared, little one?”
The yearning to hold the dreaded one
The trembling body gives free to fear
Yes, that surely is dark nightmare.

Hard yank and another smack against wall
“What the hell did you come here for?!
Are you ready to beg and crawl?”
Head manages to turn to “no”

Fist smashes next to head, on the wall
“Dare come again and I’ll feed you to boar.”
But the darkness inside you makes me come for more…
“Can you imagine what this heart is searching for?”


Photo by : Incredible how

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