“Dream Voicemail Fright” [poetry]

Dream that made me feel the chill
You called me, leaving voicemail
With words spoken in tears
Making my heart squeeze with fears

Where are you gone? Will you come back?
Will you, perhaps come tell me that?
And fear that seeps from cracks
The daily things, mundane – distracts

Please, lords and gods out there,
Protect that soul – no matter where
The love she needs and she deserves
Please, give her heavens serves…

“I’ve been meaning to tell you…”
The phone in hands is trembling
“There’s just no way I can…”
And rain comes down at night

“There’s no way I can handle…”
“Oh please don’t die tonight!!!”
I shout from heart in dream
And tear, that I’ve might missed her cry…

But morning comes and wakes me up
I feel perplexed from all of that
But in my humble heart I still know sure
You are alive, there’s so much more…


Photo by Ant Mclean

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