“Ransack worlds Apart” [poetry]

Right under another place of trust
Once lovely, once dirty and full of disgust
The things that are voiced by the silence
Could only try meaning thy violence

There’s bits that my mouth wants to devour
The words like spewed venom fervor
Can’t really be fine with this ride
“Get in my bed, give me taste. Tonight.”

Real thoughts being covered by falseness
But the ever reaching me closeness
Drives me mad to achieve dirty goal
Put that balm, that new taste for the soul

Day bleeds words, as land of promised wonder
Gets my heart ripped and torn to the plunder
Body bent in the shame to desire
Yet you say words to me – “I admire”

Then I stomp last of sanity greatly
Taste of lips sends me right down the drain

I can’t stop picturing you mewling lately
But your own words let me get all the blame

Guess my wish to be tainting you sweetly
Reached like something in game of the dark
Fall into my warm hands so completely
I’ll make sure you’ll enjoy every spark


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